So here I am, in the midst of a fairly long travel jaunt. 2 hours early to JFK airport, then 5 1/2 hours to LA from NYC, a 2 and a half hour layover, then 8 hours to Tahiti, a 2 hour layover, then 1 hour to Bora Bora, then a boat ride to an outer island. Over 23 hours of travel.

Who’s complaining though?? The long journey will be well worth it- as I’ll be shooting my first yoga video for my company, Envision Beauty, in friggin’ Bora Bora!

But how to cope with the journey itself- in terms of food and supplies. People often ask me what I eat when I am in transit. The first thing is that unless I have to leave at 6 AM for a flight, I always practice yoga before I leave. I feel so much better about myself if I have done my physical asanas and had a chance to meditate before I go. Otherwise, I feel like a slug sitting on the plane for so long.

Before I leave, I down an enormous green juice or smoothie (depending on how rushed I am), to fortify myself with as many readily available antioxidants as possible to protect against all the radiation from air travel. I supplement that green juice (juice not smoothie was the case for this trip), with raw hemp protein (which has lots of raw plant protein and fiber so I stay full longer), bee pollen (for extra enzymes and bioflavenoids), maca powder (for B vitamins and to give my endocrine system a boost), and spirulina.

Here’s what I tote along, to avoid eating the horribly processed airline food (reheated and microwaved and dead as dead can be, sucking our precious enzymes to digest it that we so desparately need to deal with the rigors of travel) and the extremely limited choices in the airport terminals:

  • Sprouted bread (Ezekiel or Hemp) sandwiches with raw almond butter and organic apple butter
  • Figs- #1 blood cleaner!
  • Soaked almonds- I gave them to the girl (my new friend Bridgette!) on the plane seat next to me, and she couldn’t believe how much better almonds taste when they are soaked and sprouted. Plus the enzyme content increases 300%+ !!
  • Organic Greens+ bars- I like the chocolate flavor. These are the only kind of packaged bars that I advocate eating. They are made with spirulina and algae, so there is plenty of healthy protein and fat to feel satisfied and stave off hunger. I much prefer them to sugary, date-based raw Lara bars.

That’s it! I keep drinking tons of water 20 minutes on either side of eating my snacks (so as not to dilute my digestive enxymes), so I don’t get dehydrated and bring on “false hunger.” At LAX I did see a decent looking sushi place, so the only food I bought  was a raw seaweed salad and a tiny avocado roll. It was easy for me to sleep on the flights because I didn’t feel bloated and weighed down with gross food. In fact, I feel great!! I highly recommend always thinking ahead and packing your own travel snacks for long travel.

There are many foods that increase metabolism, so pick your favorites and start getting creative!

A bientot! Talk soon from the beautiful isles of French Polynesia. ☺