It is interesting too see that slowly but surely, with surmounting evidence that even physicians can not deny, veganism is starting to be promoted heavily even by certain members of the medical community. Hallelujah! Let’s talk now about Doctors Against Eating Animal Products.

I am NOT a doctor myself. But I firmly believe that being a vegetarian is great, and to reach new levels of health and beauty, it is critical to give up dairy. For more info, check out my blog, “Calcium Myths Debunked.

There is a non-profit organization called The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which currently boasts a membership of about 5,000 doctors and 100,000 lay members.

PCRM advocates that a vegan diet will help combat many different diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and can even help to prevent cancer. PCRM runs a website that collects reports of adverse health effects experienced by people on the Atkins Diet. PCRM also argues that consuming dairy products is unhealthful and advocates for improving the food served in school lunchrooms. In addition, PCRM runs The Cancer Project, a program for cancer prevention, research, and nutritional assistance to cancer patients.

It is so great to see that there are progressive doctors out there that are adopting their views on nutrition. I recently went to a health lecture out in New Jersey by a prominent cardiac surgeon and well published phD that totally changed his views on nutrition and had become a vegan. How awesome is it that after all his schooling and being so prominent in the community, this surgeon is not so arrogant to admit that what he believed in the past was wrong! At this point in his career, he puts on a lecture for the public and his patients to share with them his new beliefs that he discovered and now, after all his years of experience, wholeheartedly believes to be the truth.

The USDA’s four basic food groups, introduced in 1956, are so outdated. The health of our country is in a crisis mode, with obesity and disease clearly on the rise. We have to re-examine all our old habits, even ones that we have come to accept as being “the truth,” because we were just told so, which the mainstream also promoted.

A plant-based diet provides superior nutrition and will promote the highest levels of beauty and health. Plant-based foods digest cleanly, without leaving toxic, acidic residue in our bodies which over time is aging, brings down our energy, and make us sick- in various forms. In the past, erroneous information has spread, such as the belief that protein and calcium can only be obtained in adequate amounts from animal products. Now we know that to not only be false, but we now realize that getting protein and calcium in our diet from plant-based sources is much easier for our bodies to assimilate and digest with much less energy.

It’s NOT all or nothing though. Even if you don’t become a full vegetarian or vegan right away, I greatly encourage you to cut back, and eat animal flesh at most one meal a day. I tell you not because I am an animal freak- but because I love you and want you to feel and look your best! :)

I leave you with one of my favorite recipes that got me started on the right path, my sweet potato shepherds recipe – simply delicious!

Love, Kimberly