Breakfast can either support our weight loss, beauty, and energy goals, or take us down…

Today I had a very interesting nutritional consultation with a beautiful, super tall ex-model who I’ll call Jillian.* She was super sweet (and far nicer than most of the models I remember from my own modeling days!), and I instantly felt like we were old pals. What is ironic is that she fully expected me to take a look at her diet, say she was doing great, and just recommend a couple of extra recipes.

Weeeeell….. it’s really not that simple. We can mistakenly think we are getting the proper nutrition or doing things “right” just because we are eating all raw food, we are taking a ton of different supplements, eating things we have read about in health and fitness magazines that tell us are healthy, or read in a few books.

The problem with most of these sources of information is that they do not take the biochemistry of the body into account, including the fact that our bodies are a hot 98 degrees, and that our bodies expend a LOT of energy in digestion, and secrete specific gastric juices to break down certain foods. We need to streamline this process so we free up energy to rebuild our skin and hair, detox our bodies on an ongoing basis, and make our bodies function as more efficient machines.

Here is what Jillian was currently eating for breakfast:

7:30 am:  2 cups of coffee, black
1 orange

9:00 am:   1 package of raspberries
1 bio-k soy probiotic drink
A chunk of manna bread with a good portion of cashew butter

My quick thoughts:

Jillian and I were together for 2 hours today, so there is a lot more to it and there was a lot of individualizing to her overall diet based on her exact health at this moment and her specific goals.
But I’ll say, that you can see by this summary there is a SMORGASBORD of food swirling around in poor Jillian’s tummy within her first few waking hours. The fruit, which digests in 20-30 minutes, is mixed in there with a mucus-forming, unfermented soy product, the starch of the manna bread (which by the way, is still heated to over 150 degrees so is definitely not raw, contrary to popular belief), and all the protein of the cashew butter. That is a lot! We don’t get nutrition or energy from our food until it reaches the villi in the small intestines. If it is sitting in the stomach for hours and hours with other foods trying to get out also (!), it will actually take our energy, not add to it.

Let’s keep it simple in the morning, so our bodies do not have to expend all its energy on digesting 50 things.

The best way to get easy assimilated nutrition into the body is my Glowing Green Smoothie. It is already blended, so our body gets the nutrients without all the work. The proper way to drink it is on an empty stomach, as it does contain fruit, and we want to let that pass first. After that, we can add more food on top of it, but I wouldn’t do it all at the exact same time.
 Recommendations for Jillian:

7:30 am: 1 cup of coffee (for now!)

1 pint of water with a probiotic supplement

9:00 or whenever she TRULY starts to feel hungry

My Glowing Green Smoothie
Wait 20-30 minutes.

If still hungry, follow with the manna bread or sprouted bread toast OR the best quality unprocessed bread you can find. Toast lightly.
Raw unpasteurized butter is okay because it doesn’t have the casein protein that other dairy products have, and digests okay with starch.

Under this plan, she is separating food groups, and eating foods from fewer food groups. We’ve removed concentrated protein at this meal, since it moves the slowest and Jillian is not active in the morning anyway. She is going to start feeling great and more energized! She will be full enough to get to lunch and won’t feel hungry, or that she needs to snack. Foods that increase metabolism are ones that are light and nutritious, to keep you going throughout the day.

I am trying an experiment. I’ve never announced this publicly, but I want to open the door for nutritional consultations at this time. I find them really rewarding, and there is so much more to say that can’t all be said in general blogs. I also can’t thoroughly answer specific health questions you may have in the comments without knowing your background or diet, etc.

Consultations involve me looking at your goals, and your current diet and lifestyle, including when you are eating and what you are eating. It includes helping you create customized shopping lists and meal plans. If you are interested in finding out about the cost and format of a consultation,contact:

Have a great holiday week, and I will write more soon!

Love and Peace, Kimberly