I am slowly getting used to being in New York and all the concrete again. I am writing this from my little backyard, which I officially opened this weekend! I cleaned it up, re-organized the shed, brought plants back in, and reset up the furniture. This little 15 x 20 space really saves me from feeling claustrophobic!

I was thinking about the topic of menstruation because one off my regular clients had a doozy of a period this past week. So much so that she had to stay at home and miss work, and was in extreme pain. She would call from the floor of her apt. moaning. How awful that any woman has to go through that! Not to mention if it happens once a month! Despite the media and having a whole range of pain reducing drugs like Midol and Tylenol easily available at our fingertips, let me assure you that debilitating periods are not normal, and not the way nature intended for our menstruation cycles to be!

When we menstruate, it is actually a monthly cleanse in which the accumulated toxicity of a month’s worth of substances is expelled out of the female body. The unfertilized egg has absorbed and then passes out some of the toxicity that the woman has been exposed to that month. Right before that release it is the worst and that is why so many of us feel PMS, as that is the time of the most potent build up of toxicity in our bodies.

When our bodies are really toxic then there is more toxicity that is released in menstruation each month. This higher than natural release of poison can make for very long, painful, crampy periods where the blood has a definite and unpleasant odor.

As our diet becomes cleaner and our bodies become cleaner, our periods become much less painful and much shorter, which is the way nature intended them to be. Nature did not design a process that would hinder women for a week a month or cause the kind of pain that women in today’s toxic world deal with. Do you think the cavemen had Midol? :)

I’ve noticed a major reduction in my period span from over a week to 2 to 3 days now. It is over almost immediately, and I don’t get cramps or have any pain anymore. Of course this took time. Even when I became a raw foodist years ago (now I’m about 90-100% raw, depending on the season) I didn’t have an immediate change in my periods. It did happen however, and I do feel much better now. This also goes to show how much work and time cleansing does take. I too had a lot of toxicity in my body that I had not yet fully cleansed out. Let’s not forget we’ve been eating a certain way for decades. There is no room for ego or thinking we are “cleaner” or better than others. When we make changes in our diet or do a few cleanses it does NOT mean we have cleansed out everything. It takes a lot of time and work, probably a few years. And we have to keep on cleaning up! Pesky toxins are accumulating.

While we’re discussing things that are not natural to menstruation cycles, like extreme pain, let’s also discuss the way our society “deals” with our period. We try to “plug” up the inconvenience with tampons! Of course tampons are very convenient and allow us to go to the beach and the pool when we have our period. But we must be aware that tampons also create a reverse pressure and fight the natural flow of energy, old blood and tissue out of the body. That is why yoga teaches us that when we are on the moon cycle we really shouldn’t be doing many inversion poses- they work against the natural flow. And so it is with tampons. The reverse pressure they create may be associated with issues like ovarian cysts, and some may even believe uterine fibroids.

To make matters worse, many commercial tampons are bleached white with dioxin, which is one of the most powerful toxins known to man. Even in small amounts it can shock our system and we certainly do not want to be voluntarily putting something with dioxin into our bodies on a regular basis! The average woman could use up to 11,000 tampons in her lifetime. That is a lot of dioxin exposure. Published scientific reports have shown that evidence is growing that even low levels of dioxins may be linked to cancer, endrometriosis and immune system suppression.

“Some highly exposed members of the population may be at risk for a number of adverse effects including developmental toxicity … higher probability of experiencing endometriosis in women, reduced ability to withstand immunological challenge, and others.” Environmental Protection Agency

We are all really sisters in this worldwide community, and it is important that all of us are at least made aware of this craziness. Please be conscious of how much/often you are using tampons. I recommend switching to this great, dioxin-free and organic tampon brand: Natracare. And always remember to use organic makeup brands instead of generic ones!

Take care of yourself! Lots of love, Kimberly

PS! The highlight of my weekend is that I adopted another baby turtle from Chinatown yesterday. I couldn’t help myself! He was SO cute, and currently has a length of about 1 ¼ inches long. :)  Tiny!!! I purposely rescue them from there instead of getting them at Petco. It goes like this: I wander around Chinatown until I get to the section where there isn’t a lot of people speaking English. Then I ask a random store, “Turtles?” And kind of show them with my hands. After a few stores they go, “Okay!” and take me to the back, randomly where there will be a pampers container or a bucket with like 50 of them swimming around in a tiny space, as well as some in the front for show in a small container off to the side somewhere. I shudder to think of what happens to the others. :( I asked the Chinese man at the store what I should call him, and he said something that sounded like “Foac” with a hard “O”, which is the Mandarin word for luck. So I started calling him “Foccy,” also with a hard “O.” I looked it up and I think it is really spelled “Fu.” Oh well! I don’t care because I just love my new baby turtle!!!