I went and had an infrared sauna last night then a deep tissue massage.. which was amaaaazing!! I figured I might as well work out some kinks before they come back tenfold during the long road ahead!  I’m leaving Friday to go on a nearly month-long press tour with my clients. This time I’m not touring Europe like I did this summer (check out that blog HERE!), but we are traveling to many markets nationally across all timezones and regions of the U.S.

I am so excited because I get to see so many exotic plants and exotic fruits. I always tell everyone they should take a trip around the world to get inspired!

To prepare, I’m making as much of the dehydrated foods that I can before I leave, which make up a small percentage of the diet I put my clients on. Namely, it includes flax-based seeds and breads.


It is really important to soak flaxseeds overnight, to make them more easily digestible and assimilated by the body. Here are some major reasons we should soak them, as well as our other seeds and nuts:

–       The amounts of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals exponentially increases

–       Enzyme inhibitors are released into the soak water (so be sure to rinse very well!)

–       The nutrients turn into their simpler form: Proteins turn into amino acids, carbohydrates turn into simple sugar, fats turn into fatty acids, etc.

–       It makes the nuts and seeds more alkaline-forming in the body


Here are a few other tips:

–       Sesame seeds should only be soaked about 2 hours, because they get bitter very easily.

–       Most cashews are not really raw; they have been steamed to remove them from their hard, and partially toxic shell. Therefore, soaking and sprouting cashews is futile.

I’ll write more soon as I prepare this week. The next time I’ll have a day off is (gulp) right before Thanksgiving!


I’ll leave you with one last thought:


Yes it’s true! Believe it!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly