This blog is dedicated to my mother, Sally Snyder, my first nutrition and natural health guru!

With the very unfortunate natural disaster in Japan, all across the news you’ll find major panic about radiation reaching the US. Information has been put out there that iodine offers some protection against radiation damage. So of course in our quick fix culture iodine supplements, even extremely expensive ones, have been selling out all over the place!

But here’s the thing… one of the best natural sources of iodine is sea vegetables. We need not get all the expensive, gimmicky “special” supplements out there- we just need to get to the health market and buy some good old sea vegetables, which sell for under $7! Not only are they rich sources of iodine, but they are a whole, natural food that contains many other important minerals. I talk about sea vegetables as an important beauty food in The Beauty Detox Solution! (T-12 days to launch !!!)

I also have a whole other post on Thyroid health, where I give more specific on types of sea vegetables and how to bring them into your diet. Check it out here: THYROID-SEA VEGETABLE BLOG.


One thing that warms my heart is my favorite cauliflower soup recipe, enjoy!

Take care of yourself!!

Love, Kimberly