Think having some popcorn or treats when going to see a movie is innocent snacking? Think again! For many people, going to the movies and eating movie snacks seem to go hand in hand. But as you’ll see below, these snacks can massively sabotage your weight loss efforts. Movie snacks are high in calories, bad fat, sodium, and more. They will make you fat, which is a real shame when you are otherwise working hard to improve your diet and eat healthier.

Be sure to go to the movies after eating, so you are less tempted to binge. If you love your movie treats, carry in a bar of organic dark chocolate (at least 72% cacao) in your pocket or purse, so you can have a few squares, and not eat the expensive candy crap that is sold at the theaters.

Remember: if you plan on working out before going to movie theaters, never forget to make your post workout snack ahead of time, so your body will never be tempted to eat any sugary delights.

Movie Theater Snack Infographic

via: diettogo

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