Here are some of my Beauty Travel Tips for you. I hope these are useful to you not just when you are traveling but anytime, especially when you are busy.

Digestive enzymes are a great boost for beauty and health in general, as they promote better digestion, and help improve the absorption and assimilation of beautifying nutrients into the body. One of the brands I like is the Rainbow Light Digestive Enzymes, which I stash in my purse at all times, so I can eat 1 or 2 right before a heavier meal.

I love my Mia II Clarisonic brush, which I use a few times a week to ensure that old, dead skin cells are cleared away for maximum benefit of your creams. It whisks away old cells without overly tugging on your skin.

Along the same lines, one of my favorite beauty products is the Sally B’s Antioxidant Skin Boost, which is powdered vitamin C and resveratrol which you mix right into your serum or cream right before applying to your skin, so you can reap the full benefit of vitamin C’s wonderful brightening effect. Vitamin C can lose its potency when it’s already mixed into certain creams and stored, or in beauty creams that are in an open jar container and are constantly opened and closed and exposed to the air, which can cause oxidation.

Cranberry acts as a natural diuretic by flushing excessive fluids out of your body, as you may inadvertently consume more sodium than usual when traveling by eating out at restaurants and on the go. I often keep concentrated cranberry on hand and pour into a glass fresh water with some stevia to drink in the evenings. I wake up and pee a large amount, which is a huge relief from feeling bloated!

Even when I am traveling to a place I have never been before, I try to take time out of my day to get a small workout in. Maybe I will go for a quick jog or drop in on a yoga class. Whatever I am doing, I always make sure to have a post workout snack handy with me- that way I never overeat and maintain an active lifestyle.

Totally “blacking out” when you sleep is key, as some research has shown that even small lights may interfere with deep sleep patterns and melatonin production. I cover my eyes with any old t-shirt I have on hand, to make sure little lights aren’t affecting my sleep. I also unplug hotel alarm clocks on bedside tables and completely power down my computer.

Hope these help you out! xx Kimberly