9780373892648_TS_prdI’ve been dying to write and share more about my new book, Beauty Detox Foods—and now the day is here! It’s so close to launch and the gifts, prizes and contests we’re running begin TODAY…

This contest has closed and is no longer active.

This page will tell you more about the book and contest—but don’t go there  just yet!

First, let me tell you more about why and how I wrote Beauty Detox Foods, and why I believe it’s so different than anything I’ve ever written or published before:  

√ 87 of My Best Recipes, in Full-Color, With Health Benefits Explained

Many of the most common question I get revolve around what I eat… how I prepare food… and my favorite recipes. So, part of my motivation for creating this book is to share the exact foods I love and eat most (and make for my clients)—and how to prepare them in fun, creative, delicious ways.

Find out how to make my Quinoa, Squash, and Avocado Timbale Stacks!

Throughout the book, you’ll find yummy, mouth-watering recipes that are quick and easy to make—with each incorporating one or more of the top 50 beauty foods.

No expense was spared to showcase just how beautiful these fresh, alive foods and dishes are, and each simple step needed to prepare them at home.

And yes, once again- lots of full color pictures!

√ SO Much More Than a “Recipe Book”

Of course, if Beauty Detox Foods were just another recipe book—there’s no way I would have gone through all the effort to research and write it. Instead, I think of it much more like a detailed health manual, even explaining grapefruit seed extract uses.

The first section reviews some of the core Beauty Detox principles, but covers new topics that were not in the Beauty Detox Solution. Please do not skip reading this section!

Get the recipe for my Raw Coconut Macaroons!

The second section breaks down the root causes of the top beauty issues, as well as the top 50 beauty foods to target those beauty issues. What are these issues I’m talking about? Acne, wrinkles/pre-mature aging, limp hair, cellulite, dry skin, dull skin and many more (Maybe some of these sound familiar to you?!).


It’s also worth noting that every single recipe in the book is plant-based/dairy-free, gluten-free, tofu/unfermented soy-free, and 100% properly beauty food paired (ie properly food combined) for optimal digestion! 

There is a mix of raw and cooked recipes for everyday, all-around healthy eating accessibility. Most health or recipe books may be vegan, but have tons of soy or gluten or consist of improperly paired ingredients. Or are super high in oil or fat, or whatever.

There are no other books out there I’m aware of that meet all of the aforementioned high health standards—yet still taste so amazing. Believe me. These recipes are client-tested and approved!

Lastly, though we’ll be talking more about the gifts and prizes in future posts, I want you to know that we’ve created a very special contest (and set of instantly downloadable gifts) for those who purchase three books. Why three?

In part, because I’ve seen so many lives changed by individuals who purchased more than one copy of my original Beauty Detox Solution book—and then shared it.

We wanted to use the potential to win prizes (like one of 5 Vitamix blenders or one of 21 non-toxic makeup bags)—along with the guaranteed instantly downloadable gifts (you’ll want these, trust me!!)—as our way of thanking those who get multiple copies and spread the love.

Again, I could write soooooo much more about the book, the prizes and everything! I’m not even scratching the surface. And I’ll be lots of cool insights and happenings surrounding book in the weeks leading up to its official release, on March 26th.

Learn how to make my Spring Vegetable Brown Rice Risotto!

For now, if you’d like to learn more and pre-order your copy (or copies!)—simply CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to the exclusive Beauty Detox Foods book page.

There, you’ll get much more info about it, along with specific steps you need in order to enter the contest and claim your bonus gifts.

I’ve very grateful for the opportunity to write and share this book with you. I wrote it from my heart, and I know that it will bring immense value to your life and health.

I can’t wait for you to actually have it in your hands—or better yet—in your kitchen… helping you achieve the radiant health and beauty that’s possible and inside you now.

Thanks again for your time and being part of this amazing community, and I look forward to sharing much more with you in the future!

In love and health,


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