In my life, accessing my creative power is  very important. In addition to my work here on the blog, I’m writing books (I’m SO excited to finally be sharing the details of the new book next week!), designing new products, answering questions, creating new recipes, teaching and so much more.

We can ALL access our creative power. But the challenge is that, especially in our modern world, there’s so much that can take us out of the “flow” each day. Cell phone notifications, calls, stress, noise, and just the hustle bustle of our daily lives can make it challenge to feel fully creative. If you’ve ever felt this, or if you’d like to be more creative, then you’re really going to love this yoga sequence!



The Saraswati Flow

In Hinduism, there are symbols or murtis for aspects of the Divine. These aspects reside within all of us! I have a great affinity for Saraswati, who is a Hindu Goddess representing art, knowledge, nature and creativity. Historically, she was seen as a river (literally) or the Goddess of the river and she became connected to literature and the arts. She represents the limitless creative wisdom that is within us.

The series that I offer you in the video below is based on the richness of symbolism that accompanies Saraswati and her power. She is often portrayed with four hands: the sacred scriptures in one hand, the lotus (a symbol of spiritual knowledge) in her second. Then, with her other two hands she plays a guitar-like instrument called the veena, which is supposed to capture the divine sound of love and life.

Yoga To Expand You

The beauty of yoga is that it doesn’t require you believe any particular spiritual tradition or path. You don’t have to believe in, or even feel devotion to Saraswati to tap into the unique benefits of this sequence. Its poses and the overall flow between them will help naturally quiet the chatter in your mind (which takes you away from creativity!) and help you tap into the infinite or “source” energy that helps invoke creativity.

Here is the sequence — check it out and of course try it at home, especially if you want to feel more creative energy or freedom on a daily basis!