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With the holidays in full swing, I wanted to share this simple but awesome gift idea that is thoughtful yet cost effective! I love giving gifts that are homemade. They are so personal and actually mean something, you know? It’s time for the DIY Holiday Gift: Make Your Own Organic Body Scrub!

You can recreate this organic body scrub for a under $7! It is vital that we use organic and chemical free products on our skin as 70% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream and into your liver.

Giving this amazing beauty product for the holidays is a great way to introduce your family and friends to the Beauty Detox Lifestyle  and show them how easy it is to make your own products at home, regardless of your budget!

At the end of this blog, I share my Youtube video on making this scrub as well — but here I am going to share how to make enough for six 8 oz mason jars!

That’s six gifts for loved ones that they’re sure to love! :)

(And at a fraction of the cost of a gift that doesn’t come with the same love!!!)

Picture of ingredients

To get started, you only need 3 ingredients to make this organic body scrub: organic sugar, organic coconut oil  and organic essential oil of your choice – I love the brand Aura Cacia‘s essential oils.

I am a fan of citrus myself, so today I am using the Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil. But I kind of love them all. Other amazing scents you can use this time of year are peppermint, bergamot, orange and cinnamon. Oh, and let’s not forget about good ‘ol grapefruit.

Using uplifting and invigorating scents when in the shower can lift your mood and make the start or end of your day wonderful! (Pro tip: your sinus passage, through which we inhale, is directly connected to your brain. This is one reason why when you smell something good it can instantly impact your mood.

Thus, flowers, essential oils and other good-smelling natural fragrances are excellent tools for uplifting us each day!)

You will also need six 8 oz major jars and a ribbon of your choice. These items can be found at your local craft store or online. These items should cost less then $10 all together.

Below is a picture tutorial and a link to my YouTube DIY video on how to make this amazing holiday gift!

Picture of measuring cup pouring sugar into a bowl

Picture of Lemon Tea Tree being poured into bowl

Picture of a bottle of Lemon Tea Tree oil and a fresh lemon

Picture of all mixed ingredients in bowl

Picture of scrub inside open mason jar

Picture of mason jars with a red bow around the lid

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DIY Holiday Gift: Organic Body Scrub
This recipe
Recipe type: Body Scrub
Serves: six 8oz mason jars
  • 29 fl oz jar of organic coconut oil
  • 24 oz bag of organic sugar
  • 2 tsp. of Aura Cacia Essential Oil (or desired amount)
  1. Mix entire jar of organic coconut oil and bag of organic sugar. Add in 2 tsp. or desired amount of essential oil. Mix well with stand mixer or by hand.
  2. Scoop mixed organic body scrub into 8 oz jars. Clean jars up all pretty, and place lids on.
  3. Decorate with ribbon and tag of your choice!
I hope you enjoyed this short DIY tutorial!

Happy Holidays!