March is here and I wanted to share a simple way to make my fresh mint tea with you! I personally love tea and any time I can make it fresh, I always prefer it that way.

I love sharing pieces of my travel with you…This mint tea recipe is inspired from my travels around the world. When I was in Morocco I spent many nights sipping on warm mint tea! I did have to always had to ask them to not put the sugar, otherwise it was extremely sweet and would be super inflammatory (as white sugar happens to be)…definitely not beautifying!

Something as incredibly simple as making mint tea can be a great first step for someone being more in touch with making their own food. This is especially true for some of you that write me that you really “aren’t a chef” and that you are uncomfortable making your own food. You can source fresh herbs at the farmer’s or local market, and if you end up loving this tea, you could even get a little mint plant and grow it on your windowsill or next to your kitchen sink.

The very sourcing of the green, beautiful mint, and the ceremony of making this tea, could help connect you back to nature and sourcing your food.  As you get more comfortable in the kitchen you can move on to making your own almond milk, Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, and more! You may find that things you are always used to buying you now want to make yourself- but for now start with this simple tea recipe!

Check out this little graphic I made for you to follow the recipe :).