How you’ll so often find me…eating a banana!


I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I am down in Florida (where I retreat to isolate and focus!) and spent some time at the beach over the last few days digging into a new book and connecting to nature during some of my breaks. With Memorial Day literally around the corner, I wanted to share a few tips for your next beach adventure. 

I really enjoyed feeling the sand on my feet and the warmth of the sun on my skin. I spent most of my time under a covered umbrella with my favorite floppy hat that I got while on one of my trips to Thailand. It was relaxing listening to the ocean and feeling the ocean breeze on my skin. I love the way it smells coming off the ocean!

I encourage you to spend time outside but always be mindful of the amount of direct sun exposure you are giving your skin! Make sure that you protect yourself from extended exposure.

Picnics on the beach are amazing. There is something about the sand, sun and water that just makes for the perfect place to gather and enjoy the day. Eating in nature, outside, is just magical. We spend so much time indoors, including eating, so why not eat outside whenever you get the chance?

You may be curious…what do I pack for the beach? Here is the inside scoop!

  1. I always make sure I bring a big bottle of filtered water, as being outside in the heat can be dehydrating. I also bring coconut water sometimes,  as my body has really been craving it lately. Be sure to use only BPA-free bottles or non-leachable bottles, as the sun and heat + inferior plastic is not a great combo. Don’t want to be ingesting extra chemicals at the beach! Glass is heavier, but that is an option too (be careful though!).
  2. I made my Cheesy Calcutta Kale Chips a few days before and packed an enormous bag of them. I love to chomp away on chip-like items at the beach, and the kale chips are great. Plus then you don’t feel overly bloated or heavy from eating chips laden with tons of vegetable oils (which are not good for your skin), such as soybean oil, safflower oil and the like. Take a little planning ahead…but try to make a big, huge batch whenever you get around to it!
  3. No beach trip is complete with out bananas. I eat a few over the day. If you are a Blossoming Beauty and have Candida and are avoiding sweet fruit, you can always pack some green apples instead.
  4. I also brought some other fruit- a mix of non-GMO papaya and blueberries (for some reason I love blueberries but do not love strawberries that much). If you are avoiding sweet fruit (as I mentioned in #3, you can substitute veggie sticks- see #6).
  5. For the main dish I packed my Dharma’s Kale Salad. I actually crumbled a bunch of the kale chips over this. It was perfectly filling but not SO filling that I felt uncomfortable or that I couldn’t play around with some yoga moves. That would absolutely suck! =) Do not like feeling heavy at the beach (duh, who does?!).
  6.  You can also make Sally’s Salsa with mixed veggies for something easy and fun to eat. Or even some hummus or guac are some more filling, good beach eats.

 Nature is something I feel so grateful for. I feel very blessed that I can spend time in nature very often. I feel the happiest! I love warm oceans like the water here in Florida- though I swim in cold oceans too (like last fall in Portugal!). Any time you are in the beach, take some time to feel weightless and float on your back. I talk about this in The Beauty Detox Power. It’s just a great way to disconnect from ego and feel really present, really in touch with your energy.

 I also love practicing yoga on the beach! The firmer texture of the sand is perfect for trying some new moves. Or practicing your faves. When you get hot you can just jump in the ocean and wash off the sand. I love it!!!

I wanted to share a few new yoga videos and photos with you from my most recent trip to the beach! Hope you enjoy.


Stag handstand.

Lotus handstand. This one take more practice, and it’s not a big deal if you ever get it or not (it’s just the physical part of yoga, which is tiny compared to the enormously beneficial meditation part, which I encourage you to emphasize in your own practice, as I do. In my own practice, meditation is the priority, twice a day).  Never push your knees into forcing this pose! If you are into handstands, practice against a wall and try to pull one leg away at a time until you learn to trust and balance on your hands.


Starting to get into Garudasana (eagle pose). This is great for your joints and your balance!

KIMBEACH2Anjaneyasana– great for the spine. To start, just stretch your arms up at the level of your ears. The backbend part can come in time. PS: I love my knees and hands sinking into the sand. Maybe reminiscent of early memories of playing in the mud? As my Auntie said I loved to do all the time! 


Natarajasana is one of my favorite poses of all time. It makes me feel really strong. You can just start by leaning forward only a few inches if you are starting out…it’s included in the yoga series I taped! Try to focus your eyes on one drishti point and breathe evenly!


That’s it yogis/loves/beauties!

Hope you had a great little beach trip with me. And have a great day, and hop you plan/enjoy your Memorial Day coming up (but we will talk before then I hope!).

Lots of love,



p.s. I look forward to meeting many of you this Wednesday 5/20 at The Beauty Detox Power Launch Party in NYC!