As we go into the New Year, I just want to remind you that a really powerful tool you have available to you is affirmations. This is something I talked about a lot in The Beauty Detox Power. It’s something that has transformed my life personally.

There’s so much power in words! I think sometimes we create goals, and we don’t really enforce them. This may be because maybe we don’t really believe them deep down, or we have some type of doubt. One really important part of doing an affirmation correctly is this: State what you would like to achieve in the positive, state that you have achieved what you want and that you are going after everything you want to achieve. When you believe in the words you speak, it then brings unbelievable power.

My Top Tip On Being Successful With Affirmations [Video]

Speaking of power, using affirmations can be a very powerful way of changing thought patterns and reinforcing what you want. I personally started doing affirmations a couple years ago. I would say them out loud. I would write them down. I would pin them up in my bathroom, and I would say what I want and truly believe them. Over time it was amazing to see how many of them would actually transpire and happen.

Does the thought of all this make you feel shy or silly? You are not alone! I want to share a few tips on how to ease this discomfort…and believe me, it is totally normal! You may even have friends, a spouse or partner that actually tease you or laugh about it. Don’t listen to all that noise! Because we know the true power of doing affirmations here in the Beauty Detox community! And you don’t want someone’s teasing to make you miss out on a very powerful tool.

I believe in the power of Your Own Personal Power: the power of our thoughts and the power of our words! We have the amazing ability to create exactly what we want. That power is already inside you.

Here’s my tip for how to do your affirmations regularly and without any worry for seeming “weird” to others! Record your affirmations into the voice memos part of your phone. Different phones other than the iPhone probably have a similar function. I make sure to record my affirmations into the voice memo section when I am at home and comfortable.

I am then able to listen to them while I’m walking, driving, getting ready for bed or getting up in the morning. Use a headset to keep judgmental/teasing family and friends at bay, and for privacy so you can really express what you want :). That way, I’m always reinforcing my goals and keeping in mind what I want to create. It is SO important to make sure you are infusing that positivity into your day!

My Top Tip On Being Successful With Affirmations [Video]

Our thoughts are very powerful and very informative in our life. Try it with your affirmations. You can write them down. Keep them where you see them, or just put them into your voice memos and listen to them often (privately!), as I do.

Again, with the new year, this is a great time to revisit your affirmations, to state in the positive all your dreams, your goals, and what you really want to create. We have some resources with more information about this on the blog, and there’s a lot more detail about affirmations and lots of tips for dealing with the root of food cravings, letting go of the past, which can influence you in the present (including your food habits), and more… in The Beauty Detox Power! :-)

So start doing your affirmations!!! They’re really powerful and use them to help make your goals your reality.

Hope you have a great day.

I’ll see you guys back here very soon!

Lots of love,




P.S. Comment below and tell me about your experience with affirmations. Do you use them? What is your favorite?