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Hot water with Lemon

This is a simple yet powerful practice to help cleanse and detoxify your system. Lemons supply vitamin C, as well as liver-regenerating enzymes.

Heat some water, pour into a mug, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lemon, and have an awesome day!

SBO+ Probiotics

Create harmony in your gut & body for ultimate wellbeing, immunity, and beautiful skin.

We offer a powerful formula featuring clinically researched soil-based organism (SBO) strains in the proper ratios, as well as prebiotics and post-biotics.

The Glowing Green Smoothie

This is my signature elixir (that I’ve made everywhere from Dr. Oz to Good Morning America and beyond!), which gives you an incredible amount of energy and nutrition as it detoxifies toxins.

The Beauty Detox Solution

My first book baby , this is our classic community read that lays out our foundational dietary principles, including food combining and eating Light to Heavy.

We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way!

Feel Good Circle

Feeling Good is about feeling comfortable just being ourselves in our messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

The FEEL GOOD Circle is our community offering dedicated to nourishing the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of ourselves, in order to live truly happy, healthy lives.

BIO Podcast: Ep 61

Easy Vegan Recipes with Jason Wrobel & Sun Exposure Tips

Tony and I are back to talk about a topic that many of you have asked about, especially with summer […]

Tony and I are back to talk about a topic that many of you have asked about, especially with summer right around the corner: what kind of sunscreen to use and the effects of sun exposure. Today we are going to cover everything from the benefits to potential negative effects the sun rays can have on us Beauties. Tony and I discuss our ancestry and if this plays a part on how our bodies react to the sun, and how much sun exposure is actually safe to get in order to reap important health benefits. And finally, we talk about the differences in sun protection products we need to be aware of and what we should use to protect our skin.

Next, we have a very special guest today named Jason Wrobel. He is the host of the first vegan cooking show on television, How to Live to 100. He has a new book called Eaternity which has more than 150 Deliciously Easy Vegan Recipes. He is a talented vegan chef and is the host of the popular YouTube channel, The J-Wro Show®, showcasing healthy recipes, lifestyle transformation tips and culinary comedy.

Listen in to our conversation as we discuss Jason’s approach to being vegan and how he took plant-based cuisine and nutrition to the mainstream, and his initial motivation that led him down the rabbit hole of health.

Picture of Episode 61 Beauty Inside Out Podcast Image


  • How some limited exposure to the sun is actually really beneficial…
  • How avoiding the sun can actually have some detrimental effects…
  • Specific ways- and myths- on how the sun really causes sun damage…
  • The balance to sun exposure for our health…
  • What products to steer clear of and how to find a healthy alternative…
  • How Jason approached being vegan…
  • How he went from YouTube to mainstream media in educating others about being vegan…
  • Jason shares how he took a honest  look at his own eating habits and the way he was living…


About Jason Wrobel

Jason Wrobel

Jason Wrobel is a world-renowned leader in organic raw vegan cuisine, culinary education and epicurean entertainment. With a focus on radical simplicity and artful presentation, he imbues his ecstatic raw food creations with the energy of fresh, local, organic produce and the healing properties of raw superfoods, which have rendered his dishes hands-down favorites among celebrity clients, and regular folk alike, who rave about his healthy, innovative and delicious plant-based creations.

About Tony Flores, a long-time friend of Kimberly who, after graduating from Stanford University, began researching and writing professionally full-time. He has a passion for natural health, especially Beauty Detox, and loves to share exciting new studies and insights he learns with Kimberly and the community!


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Jason Wrobel Interview


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