In today’s Vlog I wanted to share some Beauty Detox Self-Care Tips on how to really get back in touch with ourselves, and ways in which we can make any transformation period a little easier and less complicated.

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Hey Beauties,

Happy winter. I am all bundled up out here in the Midwest, just getting a little bit of sunshine and fresh air. I wanted to talk to you about this really magical time of year, which is between Christmas and New Years, it’s also still in this period around Winter Solstice which just happened which is this intense period of transformation where the light is less outside and we can go inside and really think about how we want to transform for the new year.

I think this is a really, really important time for self care, grounding down, really just getting back in touch with ourselves. We have a little bit of a quiet time for many of us in between the hustle and the bustle of the rest of the year where things are really, really going and going all the time. Now is a time where we can just settle in more.

This is a time to try some new recipes, to get into the kitchen, it doesn’t have to be complicated or anything that takes too much time, but a great way to bring in this energy of self care for the new year is cooking for yourself and creating the rituals of preparing food even simple food, but it’s so wonderful to take care of yourself in that way, make some hot drinks, make some elixirs, slice up some ginger, make some simple lemon ginger tea, it’s a really, really wonderful thing to do for yourself.

Also self care wise I think this is a great time to journal. I’m a huge fan of journaling, I bring my journal with me wherever I travel. Anything that’s coming from your heart, anything that you’re trying to work out in your mind, anything that you want to create there’s something very powerful about putting pen to paper, right from your heart, and just writing it all out. I really encourage your guys to get a new journal or to get into your old journal perhaps that has a lot of empty pages and take that time for yourself.

This is a really great time to maybe experiment with some DIY recipes, essential oils, I’m really into essential oils right now. Sometimes I carry the oils with me and I just like to smell them when I’m walking, they help change my mood, peppermint scents help with food cravings, they help to wake you up, so a great time to experiment with making your own blends. We have a lot of different information about essential oils on the podcast Beauty Inside Out, if you guys are interested.

This is also a really great time self care wise to take care of your digestion to get on board, if you guys haven’t tried the SBO probiotics please do so you really just give yourself the gift of happy belly, great nutrient absorption, and what’s also really fantastic for that is the digestive enzymes which we just launched which I am already obsessed with.

Of course I designed them but I love taking them out every single day and making sure that we’re absorbing the most from our food, breaking down that fat, getting all the protein that we need, also helping to break down fibers so we don’t get bloated, and helping to balance candida. That’s also really important for self care, because if our guts are not in optimal shape then we will not feel as great in our moods, in our energy, in our essence.

I really think that there’s a big difference between self care. Some people say, “Well what about being vain?” Vanity is when we’re just focused on how we look and self care is really about a feelings, it’s about what we want to exude and put into the world and how we treat people and our relationships, and what we create.

When we’re taking care of ourselves in this way, when we’re taking care of gut, when we’re cooking for ourselves, when we’re doing our beauty rituals, our DIY, our essential oils it’s a gift not only for us but for everyone else and I really do feel that.

Take advantage of this time Beauties, as the sun, the light outside is getting less it’s a great time to go within to reconnect, to journal, to do all these different practices, take care of yourself, lots more information on the website here if you guys want more ideas on self care, which I think is so important.

I’m sending you lots of love wherever you are stay nice and warm and bundled up and enjoy this time.

Sending you all my love,