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Hot water with Lemon

This is a simple yet powerful practice to help cleanse and detoxify your system. Lemons supply vitamin C, as well as liver-regenerating enzymes.

Heat some water, pour into a mug, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lemon, and have an awesome day!

SBO+ Probiotics

Create harmony in your gut & body for ultimate wellbeing, immunity, and beautiful skin.

We offer a powerful formula featuring clinically researched soil-based organism (SBO) strains in the proper ratios, as well as prebiotics and post-biotics.

The Glowing Green Smoothie

This is my signature elixir (that I’ve made everywhere from Dr. Oz to Good Morning America and beyond!), which gives you an incredible amount of energy and nutrition as it detoxifies toxins.

The Beauty Detox Solution

My first book baby , this is our classic community read that lays out our foundational dietary principles, including food combining and eating Light to Heavy.

We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way!

Feel Good Circle

Feeling Good is about feeling comfortable just being ourselves in our messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

The FEEL GOOD Circle is our community offering dedicated to nourishing the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of ourselves, in order to live truly happy, healthy lives.


Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl Recipe

What’s blue, a protein, and packed with one of the most complete food sources out there? You guessed it- my […]

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Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl

What’s blue, a protein, and packed with one of the most complete food sources out there? You guessed it- my Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

Filled with blue spirulina powder, good ole banana, blueberries, fresh mint, and hydrating coconut water- this is sure to be a recipe you’ll want to reach for time and again.

Let’s see why…

Beauty Plant: Blue Spirulina Powder

This freshwater plant is becoming the next best thing in restoring and revitalizing your overall health and well-being. This is because it is full of beautifying and strengthening benefits, which include the following:

  • Supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health, boosts immunity and energy
  • As mentioned previously, it is one of the most complete food sources in the world with over 100 nutrients, 60% protein content
  • Contains the highest levels of carotenoids
  • High in antioxidants known to promote health and longevity
  • Excellent protein and nutrient source for those on a plant-based diet

Spirulina also has all the essential amino acids in correct proportion, full of vitamin B12, vitamins, glycolipis, 17 different beta-carotenoids, minerals (especially iron and magnesium), GLA, and over 2,000 enzymes.

Spirulina’s cell walls have high concentrations of mucopolysachharids, which are easily digested and used to form protein and the building blocks of cell membranes. Also very alkalizing and healing (something not found in other algaes).

I think spirulina is so pretty but can be an acquired taste. With the right combination of ingredients, it will balance nicely. The ingredients in this smoothie is a perfect example.

One brand you can find in many places is the only Spirulina farm in Hawaii, called Nutrex and can also be found here.

If you choose another brand, be sure that it’s certified organic, is tested to be free of heavy metals, stored in a container that does not allow light to enter. The delicate antioxidants and essential fatty acids are light-sensitive and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Spirulina being an easily digested protein, alkalizing and healing, you can see why I would choose to use it in my afternoon smoothie bowl snack!

Beauty Drupe: Coconut

Yes, coconut is a drupe, which is just an interesting way of saying it’s a fruit with a hard stony covering that encloses the seed. And it’s one beauty food that comes in an array of forms!

I’ve had my fair share of coconuts over the years (to put it lightly!). From eating them all day when I was traveling in the Philippines, to drinking 4+ a day in Puerto Rico, to buying a box of them every week in Chinatown when I lived in NYC.

I love everything from their young flesh, to their water, and their harder mature meat (great for coconut shreds, coconut milk and coconut yogurt). There are so many ways this fruit can be prepared and added into various types of recipes, and it’s why I have adored coconuts forever.

As for coconuts key nutrients- they contain lauric acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. The potassium is an electrolyte that helps to facilitate cellular cleansing and is about twice as concentrated in coconut water, as in a banana (Woe, now that’s pretty amazing!).

When it comes to your skin, who doesn’t feel tired and haggard at times? When we think of dehydration we naturally may think of dry skin that has the appearance of leather (yuck).

Or, how many times do we wonder where those dark circles come from (even when we’ve had a good nights rest), or signs of wrinkles and/or collagen damage?

Well perk up ladies! In some cultures, coconut is believed to have healing, youth-promoting qualities and that’s because the soft, young meat is moisturizing, nutrient-rich, and one of the most natural hydrating fruits out there!

Click here if you’d like a beautiful reminder in realizing your true power!

If that’s not enough, here are a few other reasons why you should be adding this gem of a fruit to your regular grocery list:

  • Fatty acids found in coconut milk increase energy expenditure and help enhance physical performance
  • Has electrolytes (like magnesium and potassium) that help repair broken down tissue—growing back even stronger
  • Fills you up and helps to prevent overeating or snacking throughout the day
  • Because of its hydrating benefits, it helps the digestive organs (like the liver and kidneys), to function properly—removing waste from the body efficiently

Wouldn’t you say it’s time we all get prepping and start filling up our bodies with these beautifying ingredients- all in one bowl?! I do!

Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Prepare ingredients.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the coconut water to your high-powered blender.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the coconut meat of your choice.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the banana.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the blueberries.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the fresh mint.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Add the powdered spirulina. Blend all ingredients together until fully combined.
Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl
Garnish with toppings. Serve and enjoy!


See full recipe below…

Ice Blue Smoothie Bowl Recipe
  • ¼ cup coconut water
  • 1 cup of coconut meat
  • 1 tsp. blue spirulina powder
  • 2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 10 leaves fresh mint
  • Toppings
  • 1 handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1 handful frozen raspberries
  • Garnished with mint
  1. Blend all ingredients together.
  2. Garnish with toppings.
  3. Serve and enjoy!
Let me know what your favorite smoothie bowl creation is, and don’t forget to add this recipe to your Pinterest Smoothie board!

As always, happy blending! Have a great day and see you back here soon. :)

All love,

Picture of Kimberly Snyder outdoors.

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