Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

I really do love seeing what nature brings to us throughout each season because it allows me to create recipes that have a new twist to them. And my Rambutan Beauty Smoothie Recipe is a great way to add versatility into your beauty routines that will get you thinking outside the box- using fruits that may be new to you.

I ate my share of this tropical fruit while on my ventures in Thailand, and now it’s time to see why adding these beauts to yours, is most beneficial to your health and your beauty!

Tropical Beauty Fruit: Rambutan

Pronounced Ram-bu-tan, this fruit is closely related to other tropical fruits you may have heard of, like: lychee, longan, and mamoncillo. And though small, it contains a good amount of vitamin C, which is a nutrient that flushes out toxins and boosting your immunity (something I discuss a lot).

Here are some stand out benefits that you’ll receive when you add these to your grocery list:

Aids digestion: The antibacterial properties have been known to help kill intestinal parasites, making it easier for your body to breakdown and eliminate unwanted waste.

Boosts energy: Containing both carbohydrates and protein (offering an energy boost when required).

Enhances skin health: The manganese and vitamin C not only hydrate your skin, but aid collagen production that acts as an antioxidant (which damages free radicals)—keeping your skin healthy, young, and fresher looking.

Thankfully we have between the harvest times of July-September and December-January to look out for this amazing fruit, which can be found in select stores and Asian Supermarkets. Call around and see which stores in your area carry them- it will be worth your efforts!

As for choosing a ripe rambutan, look for ones that are bright red with green spikes. When preparing to eat them or prepping for this smoothie, you will want to cut through the tough rind (but not the seed).

Then, slowly rotate the fruit so that part of the ring is peeled off. Now the fun part- you can either squeeze out the other half of the rind, or just simply peel the rind (disposing of the seed). Simple as that! No need to feel intimidated by the looks of this fruit. It’s begging to be eaten.

Beauty Base: Coconut Water

Using coconut water as a base for smoothies is one of my favorites. This is because it’s thin, super light, and has a sweet yet earthy taste.

Coconut water is rich in trace minerals that come from up from the roots of the coconut trees from the native islands and other places where they are grown. It’s as if you’re putting nature right into your body.

Some key nutrients found in coconut are:

  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium

The potassium is actually an electrolyte that helps to facilitate cellular cleansing and is about twice as concentrated in coconut water, as in a banana (and you know how highly I value bananas!).

Because it is so full of electrolytes, it helps to regulate the fluid levels inside cells and balance the high amount of puffiness, that may come from too much sodium intake.

If you need a little help in boosting your digestion & nutrient absorption, check out my Feel Good SBO Probiotics!

One of my favorites about coconut water is how incredibly hydrating it is. Keeping out bodies hydrated is critical for your beauty, staying vibrant, and being your most energized and gorgeous self!

Let’s check out the step-by-steps to see what other beauty ingredients are added to this delicious and easy-to-make smoothie.

Ingredients for Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Prepare ingredients.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Add the coconut water to the blender.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Add the banana.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Add the spinach.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Add the coconut nectar.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie

Add the rambutans and blend all ingredients until fully combined.

Rambutan Beauty Smoothie


See full recipe below…

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Rambutan Beauty Smoothie Recipe
  • 5 rambutans
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1 Tbs. coconut nectar
  1. Blend all ingredients together.
  2. Serve and enjoy!
Let me know what your favorite smoothie is, and don’t forget to add this recipe to your Pinterest Smoothie & Beverage Board!

Happy blending Beauties,