In today’s VLOG I wanted to discuss the topic of Why Can’t We Lose Weight?

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Hello Love,

Today I’m going to talk about some reasons you may be possibly struggling with losing weight. And I think most all of us can relate to this topic. I know, especially for myself, there were years and years and years where I was battling my body. Seems like my body was my worst enemy.

Why I Went Into Wellness

I tried every diet, I struggled and struggled, which is part of the reason why I went into wellness, because I wanted others to become free the way that I finally became free. And I just wanted to shout to the world, “It doesn’t have to be that difficult.” And this came from a lot of trial and error.

I wan to say right off the bat that one of the biggest issues is this reductionist approach to looking at food. What I mean by that is reducing things down to numbers and formulas and this perfect plan based on eating this many calories or this many grams of fat, or just thinking about numbers.

To be honest, I just don’t think it feels good, and when we tune into ourselves we know it doesn’t really feel natural. It doesn’t feel good to have to chart and obsess and plan about what we’re going to eat next. It’s not a lifestyle. And anything that’s really going against our natural way of being isn’t going to work long-term.

Long-term vs Short-term Goals

We may really dig in our heels and be super rigid and it may work for a short time, but the long-term effects, may be feeling more tired, not having enough energy, building up toxicity in our body. For a lot of people that are following high protein/low carb, they’re just eating huge, huge amounts of protein all day.

There is a very real long-term effect to that, and acidity tends to accrue in the body as well as toxicity. This is not our goal. Our goal is to be the weight that we wanna be, to feel light and energized. We also don’t wanna obsess.

Stop Counting Calories

I say to ditch all those really difficult to follow plans and programs around counting and start to understand our digestion. Then, we can embrace whole foods, have our Glowing Green Smoothie® in the morning and our SBO Probiotics, and we’ll be going to the bathroom enough.

An aid I have is Detoxy+, which is oxygen. We are just letting everything in our system work in a flow. Naturally, our body tends not to hold onto excess, it tends to be really efficient. When we’re eating, we will become satiated because we’re eating more fiber.

What To Eat To Drop Weight Fast

There’s tons and tons of recipes on here, you guys. Free recipes, plant-based recipes full of fiber, which will fill you up, give you energy.

I talk a lot in my books, but I’ll say having whole plant fats, having whole unrefined gluten-free carbs. I don’t think we should be excessively worried about carbs. I don’t think we should cut them out. I think they’re part of life.

I eat quinoa or brown rice and wraps every single day in different forms and I’m a lot more slim and certainly a lot happier than when I was obsessing and when I was trying to eat no carb, high protein.

I think this mentality creates so much stress in our body. And when we’re really stressed and really tight we tend to hold onto more. Have you ever noticed when you’re really stressed you tend to gain weight?
So I will just say right off the bat, it’s a great practice.

It may take time and effort, because we’ve been programmed for so long, but to start trusting our body and what feels really good to eat.

You wouldn’t believe how many questions I get about asking if it’s okay to eat a banana, because they’re trying to follow a ketogenic diet, or, something that says no fruit, none of these natural foods. I just invite you to really tuning it to what feels good to you and what your body is calling for in that moment.

Sometimes it may be a hot soup, sometimes it may be a big bowl, a nice big hot bowl, sometimes you need a light fresh salad. Just really start to tune in to your body, stick to mostly whole foods as much as possible.

Avoid processed foods, refined foods. And have mostly plant-based meals, or start incorporating them if that seems like a really big stretch to you.

It’s Not All or Nothing

One day you may decide that it feels really good and light and energetic to be fully plant-based the way I am. Again, it’s not all or nothing, you can really listen to that guidance within yourself.

I want to mention that I have a full program that is designed to help hold your hand through this process of losing weight in a really, healthy way. It’s step-by-step, that teaches you how to eat in a way that this becomes a long-term lifestyle.

It’s called My 30 Day Roadmap, and it’s everything from easy step-by-step recipes, meal planning, daily coaching videos, it’s been very, very effective. We’ve had dozens and dozens, hundreds of people in the community that have lost tons of weight on this program.  Note: The 30 Day Roadmap program only goes up a couple of times per year. I will be sure to post any future dates on all social areas so you don’t miss out!

It’s no counting at all, there’s no calorie counting, there’s no protein counting. Its just really trusting whole foods, and starting to tune in again to that really natural way of eating, which is a way of promoting natural beauty and our natural wisdom to come out. 

Our natural weight we were meant for our frame to be at so we feel really wonderful in our bodies. That becomes the vessel for us to follow our dreams and to show up in the world the way that we want. And to be happy and joyful and peaceful.

In Closing

Thank you so much for tuning in and being a part of the community. Please keep the questions coming. I’m listening to you all the time, and answering your questions here.

I also answer questions on my Facebook Lives and my Beauty Inside Out podcast. You can check that out as well. Sending your so much love. I will see you back here very soon.

Take great care and lots of love,