Happy 4th week!!! Such a wonderful time of the year when we feel the pace naturally start to slow down. Since this year, the 4th of July falls in the middle of the work week, you may not have the time to prepare for a large feast.

I created today’s post to recap a few favorite recipes, that will ensure you have a happy holiday, and feel good about your food choices!

Honestly, there is no need for you to get stuck spending too much time in the kitchen this year (or ever, really!). The recipes I have included are delicious and easy to make.

You’ll have plenty of time to celebrate with friends and family this 4th of July, after easily whipping these up!

Let’s get started…

1. Fireworks Festive Smoothie

Fireworks Festive Smoothie

If you really want to turn heads on 4th of July, make my tri-color Firework Festive Smoothie Recipe, made up of two of amazingly beautifying fruits and delicious raw beets!

Combining strawberries and blueberries into this smoothie gives the ultimate beautifying blast. Both berries are loaded with life enhancing properties! Strawberries supply vital amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. In addition, they actually help cleanse tissues by stirring up toxic residues in our body. And blueberries help strengthen vision and our beautiful skin, due to their antioxidant anthocyanin.

2. Roasted Vegetable and Purple Potato Salad

Purple Potato Salad

Who used to love potato salad growing up, but now steers clear of it during summer parties? I know I used to, that is until my I made my Roasted Vegetable and Purple Potato Salad. This salad will have you filled up on hearty veggies and beautifying healthy fats leaving you feeling good all Independence Day long! Now we all can enjoy some of our favorite staples and now feel weighted down or sluggish.

3. Savory Zucchini, Carrot & Cucumber Zoodles

Savory Zucchini, Carrot & Cucumber Zoodles

Are you ready for a recipe that is super easy to make, incredibly fresh, and loaded with nutrients? My Savory Zucchini, Carrot & Cucumber Zoodles Recipe is the perfect dish to share during your Independence Day gathering!

You can certainly make this dish with a gluten free pasta. Though, if you want to feel much lighter, and reap amazing benefits from veggies, I would encourage you to make some zoodles. So grab your spiralizer and get spiralizing. Don’t have one? No worries. You can always chop these veggies however you’d like and toss them with your prepared pasta and dressing, and bam, there you go! 

4. Vegan No-Fry Cauliflower Hot Wings

Cauliflower Wings Recipe

Sometimes the best thing to have for summer holidays is great finger food. I made my Vegan No-Fry Cauliflower Hot Wings recipe so that you have a delicious + healthy, treat that is easy to share with your community!

The more you sub in healthier plant-based options, like cauliflower for chicken wings, the more beautiful and radiant you will feel! Cauliflower works to detoxify our bodies in multiple ways. Not to forget, it is also a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other phytochemicals. Go ahead and surprise your family this holiday. Make my hot wings and WOW their taste buds!

5. End Of Summer Acai Fruit Popsicles

Acai Pops Recipe

You can definitely feel good about making my Acai Fruit Popsicles, because they are made up of the purest, most nutritional botanical on the planet, acai! Acai helps brighten skin and has powerful anti-aging compounds. It also nourishes our hair and promotes our overall vitality.

This frozen treat is loaded with beautifying fruits and hydrating coconut water. Health-enhancing frozen fruits like banana, mangoes, berries and acai aren’t typically found in grocery store popsicles. Luckily they are loaded in my popsicles! Your going to want to assemble an extra batch, and hide in the back of your freezer just for yourself!

Wishing you a safe and fun Independence Day Beauties, and be sure to share your creation with me on my Instagram!

Sending you love! xx



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