I’m sure you’ve heard the term “affirmation” before, and you may already practice using an affirmation in your daily routine… but how much do you know about the power of affirmations and the strength they have to change your life?

Affirmations are a useful tool. I use them frequently to set my intentions and move my dreams from something that is just an idea, into physical reality. Since incorporating tools of affirmation as an integral part of my life, I’ve seen the power they have to help me understand my place in the world. And they’ve helped me to manifest personal success and joy.

It’s amazing when we start to tune in to how powerful each and every one of us truly is! We think we are small and little and limited…but it’s so not true. We have infinite power to create. Through using affirmations, our very words become a way to start channeling energy. They also start adding real fuel behind the very things you want to manifest.

According to Science

For some background, affirmations are statements that inspire change by the individual saying them, according to Psychology Today. Affirmations can start as positive thoughts, which then turn into words, said in first-person and present tense. (For example, “I am healthy and happy.”) These spoken words eventually manifest into actions, allowing you to reach your goals. While it may seem crazy that saying short, simple statements can really make a difference in changing the course of your life, there is scientific proof supporting the dynamic connection between words and actions.

Studies on affirmations with subjects, ranging from workplace employees to cancer patients, have overwhelmingly shown that speaking or writing down affirmations can dramatically improve a situation. For example, a study done on chemotherapy patients revealed that those who used self-affirmations reported fewer negative chemo side effects than those who did not. It is comforting to know that when certain situations seem out of your control, affirmations can be used as a tool to retain some semblance of control, or even help you manage your outlook of a situation.

Affirmations act to strengthen you to believe in the potential of an action that you want to manifest. When you verbally affirm your goals, hopes, and dreams, you can become deeply empowered to make these words become reality.

How Do I Use Affirmations?

Affirmations should be repeated daily to be effective. Pick a time of day – morning or night – when it is easy for you to build them into your routine. Once affirmations become a part of your routine, you won’t have to think twice about them, just like brushing your teeth! If it helps you to remember, write down your affirmations. Then post them in a convenient place, like your bathroom mirror, as a lovingly constant reminder.

I think saying them in the morning is super important to use them most effectively. It helps set up your day with intention and clarity. Of course, you can’t sit there and say in the back of your head the whole time: yeah right! No way! So the morning is great when your mind is more clear and you haven’t been exposed to negative news on TV or coming through your social media feeds; you tap more into yourself.

When you say your affirmations, try to be as relaxed as possible. Stay fully aware of the words you are saying. Repeat the words several times, to thoroughly grasp their impact and meaning. Don’t forget to choose affirmations that are completely positive, in the present tense and first-person.

Paramahansa Yogananda, the great yoga master, is a big proponent of affirmations. He suggests saying them out loud first in a regular volume, then saying them softer and softer. Finally say them silently to yourself, to really help them integrate.

Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn my favorite affirmations that I say on a daily basis.

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My Five Favorite Affirmations

Whether you’re just starting out your affirmation practice or if you’ve already incorporated affirmations into your daily routine, here are my five favorite affirmations to bring power, light, and confidence into your life.

Affirmation #1

I am right where I need to be, and all that is meant to unfold will do so in its own time.

This affirmation allows you to acknowledge where you are in your journey of life. It allows you to become content with your situation. It draws you away from wishing you were at a point in the past or the future. This grounding affirmation gives you the confidence to not fear uncertainty in the future. But rather to accept anything that will come, whether it is positive or negative. I love practicing this affirmation when I start to worry about events far down the road.

Affirmation #2

My life’s journey is unique and I just have to tune in and continue my understanding.

We as humans, especially women, have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to others. We live in an age where it is it nearly impossible to avoid comparing ourselves to photos and videos of other people who are living seemingly “perfect” lives on social media and TV. This affirmation brings your focus back to your personal journey, which is beautifully different from everyone else’s. It instills confidence to tune into your unique situation. And it utilizes your individuality to manifest a life of happiness and self-security. This affirmation opens you up to what is around you.

Affirmation #3

There are no limits to my creativity and my ability to give and receive love and abundance.

Creativity starts within yourself. Simply, if you believe in yourself as the source of overflowing creativity and love, eventually it will come to fruition. By focusing on belief in your abilities, you will move away from feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty, and hesitation. Instead, this affirmation shifts your focus to a mindset where you are conscious of your potential to emanate love and creative ideas. It brings you into well an openness to receive love and inspiration.

Affirmation #4

I am perfect love and light, and that is my real identity.

This affirmation is essential to say on your journey toward self-acceptance and love. It is a commitment to tap into the love and light that is inside of you and to embrace it openly. By seeing yourself as the source of light and love, you also will start to treat others according to this paradigm. You will spread love and positivity wherever you go.

It loosens the hold on getting too identified with how we look or what we do in the world. At the core, we are so much more than those things.

Affirmation #5

I am never really alone, because I am One with the whole. 

If you ever feel alone, remember that you are part of everything and connected to all. Realize that whatever stage you are at in life, you are never walking it alone. As the poet, Rumi wisely said, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” This affirmation helps you to feel supported by the world around you. It allows you to tune into the abundance of resources and encouragement flowing toward and throughout you.

As you incorporate these self-love affirmations into your practice, I hope you feel their positive impact on your life. Sticking to a routine of regularly reciting affirmations is key in manifesting your goals. Here’s to cultivating more happiness, love, health, and positivity through your affirmations! 

In love and health,


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