By now, you’ve surely heard the buzz around probiotic supplements. And that buzz continues for a reason. Although the hard science behind the benefits of probiotics is relatively new, each study we see coming out is good news for probiotic enthusiasts everywhere.

Your immune system lives in your gut. And within that gut, lives an intense ecosystem of billions of bacteria called the microbiome. The microbiome governs your digestive system, your immune system, and your hormones. Basically, your gut is making everything happen… or not happen, if it’s unhealthy.

By taking daily probiotic supplements, you’re giving your immune system and overall health a huge boost!

But there’s even more good news. Probiotics can make you LOOK better in addition to feeling great! Want healthier looking hair?  Shinier, thicker luxurious strands? Look closely at your probiotic supplements (or getting some). Maybe you want to grow more hair, or you just want to get past that awkward mid-haircut length. Probiotic supplements offer a healthy, natural solution.

Want Healthier Looking Hair?

And what’s pretty amazing is that the probiotic-hair link is backed by science, which substantiates the link between hair health and daily probiotic intake. We know that probiotics are amazing for the immune system, digestion, and anti-inflammation. When you take care of all these areas in the body, you look better and feel better.

Beyond that, studies directly link probiotics to healthier hair: a study from 2013 yielded impressive results on the subject. This groundbreaking study perfectly illustrates the 3 reasons probiotic supplements are essential for healthier looking hair. While beauty tips for healthier hair are often about products, probiotics are not like other products and potions, especially chemical-laden ones. Ultimately, the answer is in you—gut health is the answer!

3 Reasons Why Probiotic Supplements are Essential to Healthier Looking Hair

Probiotics promote thicker hair.

Thinning hair is a big issue for those who have it. Whether you were born with it, or it’s an unwanted consequence of poor digestion, nobody wishes they had stringier hair.

In that 2013, male and female mice were given a probiotic daily and compared to a control group.

(Note: As an animal lover and long-term plant-based eater, we are not advocates for animal research. However, in doing research for this topic, this study was found and since it was already conducted some years ago, we thought its results are useful and beneficial for you, so we reference it here. Again, in no way does this mean we support continued animal testing).  

The animals given their daily probiotic dose exhibited substantially thicker fur over time. Researchers wrote: “Radiant skin and hair are universally recognized as indications of good health. However, this ‘glow of health’ display remains poorly understood. We found that feeding of probiotic bacteria to aged mice induced integumentary changes mimicking peak health and reproductive fitness characteristic of much younger animals.”

It all starts in the skin, the body’s largest organ. Hair health and skin health are closely related, an obvious conclusion since hair follicles reside within the dermis

Yes, this does get science-y. The 2013 study found that the skin of the probiotic mice was thickening at a high rate, particularly during the anagen phase of hair growth. In the anagen phase, the root of the hair follicle divides like wildfire, adding to the hair shaft. By that very fact, the mice grew a thicker dermis which then caused wider hair shafts and consequently, thicker hair.

Hair health begins at the root. No matter how many amazing products you use, if the roots aren’t healthy, your hair won’t look as high-brow as your pricey conditioner. Probiotics are a definitive way to get that hair thicker by manipulating the beginning stages of hair growth. Forget the expensive, pretty on the surface stuff and invest in your gut health!

Probiotics make hair shinier.

Just like nobody wants stringy hair, nobody wants dull, lackluster hair either. And yes, the good bacteria helps on this front too.

Just as research has shown that probiotics thicken the dermis, promoting thicker hair, on a larger scale the bacteria play arguably the most vital role in the human immune system. And possibly most important of all, they help regulate hormones!

“Importance of probiotic effects on skin extends beyond obvious cosmetic aspects to broader host health,” says the story. “Dietary enrichment with certain ‘probiotic’ organisms activates immune and metabolic pathways that restore tissue homeostasis and promote overall health.”

Think about it. That bacteria in your gut is working to constantly detox your body. And all your systems need that, not just the digestive one. The consistent processes that happen in the gut are crucial to balancing the endocrine system, the network of your hormones. In turn, this regulates everything from sleep to metabolism and sex drive.

To point out, in the 2013 study, those fed probiotics displayed shinier hair in as little as seven days.  And interestingly, the shininess was most visible in the female mice. In addition, the scientists claimed that this was due to the positive effects of hormonal regulation. And actually coincides with a higher score of reproductive health.

For all its scientific depth, these findings are very primal. Better reproductive health produces shinier hair. Shinier hair seems to attract a mate who is lured by the promise of a healthy female. In essence, it’s a win-win for beauty on the inside and out. And a boon for overall health!

Probiotics make hair grow.

You read it right. There are probably thousands of supposed cures for hair loss out there. Later on, you can Google hair loss to find those. However, most of these methods require pills full of ambiguous ingredients or even surgery. The solid evidence that probiotics can actually trigger hair growth may completely eliminate all need for some of those products. Because again, it’s not a gimmick.

In addition to thicker and shinier hair, the 2013 study saw an astounding rate of hair growth among the probiotic subjects. As a matter of fact, they even called it “robust”. Like hair shininess, hair growth is also directly linked to reproductive health. This gets back to the hormonal balance which probiotics help the body to maintain.  

It turns out hair growth links intimately to hormones. It’s also linked to inflammation. Male pattern baldness is not just a hormonal issue but is caused by inflammation. A healthy gut acts as an anti-inflammatory factory for the body.  The less inflammation in the organs, the healthier you will look and feel. And the more your hair will grow!

We often talk about this in vlogs and blogs—when you feel healthier, you look healthier. And that is definitely true when it comes to things like hair and skin. These are natural indicators of what’s going on inside the body.

When it comes to internal health, gut health specifically, probiotics are largely unsurpassed in their benefits. With a proper probiotic supplement regimen and a healthy diet, your inside health will naturally extend to your hair, skin, and nails. Without any of the overpriced, filler-stuffed products that seem to rotate through the beauty industry daily.

Growing beautiful hair starts with what you put into your body. So, take your daily probiotic supplement, eat whole and unprocessed foods, and avoid dairy and meat. And, be mindful of your gut health. Your hair will thank you. As with all beauty—it starts on the inside.

Lots of Love to You Beauty!