Detox has become a hot-button word lately. We hear people all the time talk about how they are in dire need of a detox. We read headlines on the web about the best detox methods. What’s the big idea?

What is so very toxic in our environment that makes us feel a deep desire to detoxify ourselves?

For starters, it’s in the food.

Americans get an astonishing 60% of their dietary intake from processed foods, according to a recent study from Tufts University.

We’re talking artificial flavors, hormone-laden meats, milks, and fake food colorings to name just a few.

Then there’s the sky-high use of caffeine and alcohol in an overworked and overstimulated society.

All of these things are indeed toxic to our systems, but in the modern age, we’ve become accustomed to this kind of lifestyle. (There is, of course, a notable difference between  “good stress” and “bad stress”). We’re constantly in a hurry. We’ve got deadlines, obligations, places to be. And our health pays the price.

Luckily for us, the human body is an amazing thing! Just as quickly as you can poison your system, your body can quickly adapt to detoxify or remove the toxins.

And detoxifying shouldn’t be a daunting, once-a-year all-juice cleanse that you dread. If given the proper tools, your body will detoxify itself regularly and more thoroughly, which is what really counts long-term. That’s what we should be looking for: regular, sustainable detox. Otherwise, we find ourselves trapped in a physically and emotionally unhealthy cycle of removing toxins only to put them right back in again. There is not necessarily an overnight miracle fix.


Here are 6 Detox Methods That Really Work.


#1. WATER. WATER. WATER. (Especially in the morning)

Staying adequately hydrated is probably the number one key to sustainable detox.  One of the primary mechanisms of detoxification is digestion. In order to digest foods, your body needs water. And you need to ramp up the water intake if you eat a lot of meat or processed foods, and also even good old fiber. The body requires significantly more water to break these down.

So how much water do you really need?

You can use this formula as a guide: take your weight in pounds and drink half that amount in ounces. So if you weigh 140 pounds, drink around 70 ounces. Of course, this is a general figure and needs to be adjusted for your climate, activity levels and so on. And the more processed foods and animal products you eat, the more you need. When your urine is the color of hay (i.e. almost clear), you are hydrated.

Here’s a lifelong detox tip: start in the morning. Each day, before your coffee or anything else, drink at least a full glass of room temperature water. This has roots in an ancient Ayurvedic cleansing practice of avoiding drinking water that is icy or overly cold. In the morning you can also drink hot water with lemon, or our Detox Tea, which further flushes your system with specific enzymes and vitamin C. Then throughout the day, try incorporating these 7 Foods for Preventing Dehydration into your diet.

That water first thing in the morning will flush out toxins still hanging out after sleep. Which brings us to the next method…

#2. SLEEP!

The human body naturally detoxes while you sleep.  The importance of sleep for overall health cannot be overstated, and the same goes for detoxing.  In order for your body to efficiently eliminate toxins, you need to get sufficient sleep regularly.  Pulling all-nighters isn’t just bad for your mental state, it keeps those toxins lingering around, causing you to feel even more lethargic.

The average healthy adult should get between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night for optimal health. Anything under 7 hours just won’t do for most people’s brains or bodies (a fact that many of us Mamas who have raised newborns know all too well!).  

Make the effort to prioritize sleep in your life. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re sleep-deprived, no matter how productive you may feel. Lack of sleep diminishes brain power.  So if you’re looking to detox, use your head. Get more sleep!


Ever smelled alcohol on a hungover person? That’s the alcohol seeping out of their pores.  What’s really happening is the detoxification process. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it both absorbs and eliminates toxins.

The skin absorbs pollutants in the air like smoke and smog, but it is also a powerful mechanism by which toxins leave the body. The skin acts as the detoxifying agent, effectively pushing out poisons that your body rejects. Dermal absorption and skin exposure are so important to general health that they’re a common topic covered by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When it comes to skin, sweat is good! Get exercise. Take a brisk walk in the sunshine. One of the best, most effective ways to sweat and also detoxify on a substantial level is to do an infrared sauna regularly, which penetrates the dermis and helps release toxins. By sweating you are utilizing the body’s powerful built-in detoxification system. You can’t go wrong here. Do it and do it regularly.


Beets are a great natural way to detox your system. They are packed with blood-building, liver-loving nutrients and phytochemicals. Beets are one of your digestive system’s best friends. They detoxify the liver and work to push out any foods that are lingering around your digestive tract. Beets get the gunk out!

Due to their detoxing properties, beets are used as a natural remedy for constipation and urinary tract infections. They’re potent and they taste great, especially in recipes like this stress-busting Cumin Beet recipe or this Roasted Beets & Green Pasta.

Beets are amazing for a detox diet specifically. Roast them. Juice them. Slice off a chunk and blend in a smoothie. Julienne them if you want to get fancy and put them in a salad. There are endless possibilities. Incorporate them into your diet for regular detox that will keep YOU regular.


We’re not talking about love-making here. We’re talking about abstaining from drugs and toxins in your daily life.  

Or at the very least, take a break.

The world’s most widely used drug is caffeine, and the majority of people get it from coffee.  Coffee is not toxic in and of itself, but it is highly acidic. Cancer and all disease thrive in acidic environments, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. In order to alkalize your system, you guessed it, you need to detox.  

Same goes for alcohol, which is also highly acidic. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories, highly acidic, and is toxic to the human body by its very nature.

When you abstain from caffeine and alcohol, your body will naturally remove the toxins. You’ll sweat it out.  You’ll pee it out. But first, you have to commit to getting it out.

The first couple of days detoxing from caffeine and/or alcohol can be difficult. Expect headaches, and don’t be scared of them—we have some more tips on that here. In this case, headaches are a sign your body is actually undergoing detox.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but anyway you slice it, caffeine and alcohol are toxins. They just are. Sorry! I know it is an inconvenient fact, but the fact it is. The body knows how to recover from them. You don’t have to buy anything to detox from them. Just simply decide not to partake and follow through. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Just drinking more Glowing Green Smoothie instead of imbibing an additional cup of coffee is a detox support!


It has to be said. Toxins aren’t only coming at us from the food supply, they’re being shot at us from our devices and our hectic schedules. Did you know the average U.S. teenager spends at least five hours per day on a device?

Stress has an exceedingly negative impact on overall health. It slows the metabolism and creates inflammatory responses at a cellular level. We chatted with Dr. Emily Kiberd about this on the podcast. Stress is not only toxic, but it will prevent your body from detoxing the way it naturally knows how to do.

Nature is a powerful antidote to the digital world. Take time to unplug and unwind.  It’s not just good for your mind. Your body will benefit enormously from taking a regular timeout from the hustle and bustle of life. If you’d like to try meditation and aren’t sure where to start, I have some free meditations to offer you that you, where I guide you through.


Introducing DETOXY+ to our line of healthful and vegan products was so important. It’s not a habit-forming laxative or harsh chemical. We created DETOXY+ as a completely natural and holistic aid, whether for travel or daily life, that helps keep the body running clean. It’s 100% vegan, gluten-free and non-toxic; after all, I only create and recommend things that I use in my own body.

Time and time again, simply taking the DETOXY+ supplement has proven a powerful tool in a well-rounded wellness lifestyle. This is true not only on my personal travels but during daily life for the many people who’ve written in sharing their experience. The way it works is natural, with nascent oxygen paired with magnesium, which travels through your system and gently loosens toxic waste and acids to leave the body.

It is not habit-forming, and not a laxative. So rather than irritating your system, the nascent oxygen cleanses your system, powerfully loosening toxins that can clog up and weigh down your system. It is great for feeling light and energized, all around.

In the end, with a detoxified body, you will end up feeling amazing, comfortable and happy in your own body, and even garnering anti-aging benefits. It is so worth it!

Remember, your body is a natural detox machine! You just have to be mindful of what you put in it and how you treat it. Follow these steps to gain actual, sustained detox in your life. You have nothing to lose, only a bit from your waistline, and that fogginess from your brain ☺.

Lots of Love!