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Hi beauties,

Today is a very special vlog where I’m going to share right from my heart all about our brand new, super exciting Feel Good Circle program. And I am inviting you to join me!

Now, the inspiration behind this program is to fill this big gap that I feel is missing in wellness. Let me use the analogy of food. It’s sort of like how processed food is not really nourishing. It may look shiny and pretty and neat, but it lacks wholeness. It’s artificial, it’s processed, it’s refined, it’s reduced down to parts.

In contrast, whole foods are very, very powerful. All the different co-factors, the phytonutrients, work together to create this synergy that makes these foods so satisfying. And so healthy! It’s the same thing with us.

Our power and our wellness lie in our wholeness.

Our wholeness isn’t just eating well, or sleeping well, or exercising the right way. But, it’s also nurturing the emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of ourselves. I’ve found that this is a big missing part in not just our community right now, but also in the world in general. These aren’t parts that we often tune into, and nourish, and discuss.

In 2017, last year, I really started to think about my life work. I started to really shift things around when my mom passed away. And this is where things started to feel very real to me.

This is when I realized how fragile life can be. This is when I realized how much support we need to give ourselves. And how much support we need to give each other, to talk in a safe space about deeper topics.

Topics like: healing body shame, developing courage, embodying the divine feminine, finding inner peace.

Topics that affect how we feel day-to-day affect our stress. They affect our gut microbiome, our hormones, our adrenals, our kidney functions and more.

Are you following me Beauties?

Everything is connected to everything else.

I wanted to create this part of Solluna, which is our new lifestyle brand. Solluna means a uniting of the sun and the moon. It is very much related to this because it’s all about all cycles of life.

We can’t just focus on one part.

I know plenty of people that eat well, they’re super skinny, and they’re absolutely miserable. Or people that are really, really fit and they are not happy.  Instead of living life like this, let me help you focus on the whole.

For a very low investment, only $5.55 a month, you can join me in The Feel Good Circle.

It’s the part of Solluna that provides mental, spiritual and emotional nurturing that is so important and so necessary.

The Feel Good Circle gives soul nourishing nutrients. 

When I was working with clients full-time, I would always say it was like 10-15% being a nutritionist. The rest of it was all this stuff that we’re talking about in the Feel Good Circle. I am talking about things that we all deal with. Ideas like getting past self-doubt and raising our confidence. How to be in touch with our hearts and who we are. Ways of overcoming fear. Learning how to have time to introspect.

The Feel Good Circle nurtures our wholeness and the complete beings that we already are. It helps us tune in and to tap into that. Because until, and unless we do that, we’re never going to achieve our levels of sustained peace, happiness, and joyfulness that I believe is our birthright. And the Feel Good Circle is only $5.55 to join!

Every month I’ll guide you through a theme.

In October the theme is Embodying the Divine Feminine. Which is how we tap into our creative Shakti, our power, to create new things in the world. How being soft and gentle and holding in our feminine space is actually really, really powerful. And being flexible by taking our stand in the world.

  • Every month there is a new 30 minute video of me taking you through the theme. Introducing it with a meditation, and some grounding practices, we will work together through each topic.
  • And then every week you get a 15-minute audio that breaks down that topic.
  • Plus, you’ll receive a beautifully designed PDF of journal exercises and prompts. This way you can take the theme out into your world and spend time writing, introspecting, and making it real for you.

This is so important! This is your soul nourishing time.

Whether it’s five minutes a day, or 10 minutes here and there, where you really take that time, that self-care to go inward. Which, again, is beyond food and exercise. It’s this whole other part of wellness which is so important for feeling peaceful, happy and joyful.

This is what creates real health and beauty! Because the more inner peace we have, and the more inner joy we have shows in our eyes. It shows in our skin. It shows in our aura… because everything is connected!

BONUS POINTS: Along with the Feel Good Circle you will also get discounts to the Solluna store.

  • You will also get access to a private Facebook Feel Good Circle community to connect with like-minded souls.

The Feel Good Circle is a super exciting program. I couldn’t be more thrilled and more honored to introduce it to you. It’s something that’s been in my heart for a while, and I can’t wait for you to hopefully join me.

I’ll see you inside the Circle. We’re gonna go deep. So much love, so much support, life-changing material. So come join us!

Take Care!