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Hi Beauties,

Today we’re going to talk about the power and the Healing Benefits of Plant Intelligence. We are used to thinking about our food in terms of what we ingest in our body. Also, in terms of measurable macronutrients like carbs or fat, or even micronutrients like how much vitamin C something has, or vitamin E.

However, it’s really important to recognize that plants have been around at least four hundred million years before human beings. There is this incredible intelligence in plants, a self-organizing intelligence that is very directive, it’s very powerful. It works on levels and subtle levels that we can’t necessarily measure in science.

For instance, there’s a class of plants known as adaptogens which are so highly intelligent that they work in a non-specific way. They can help create homeostasis and balance and vitality in different areas of your body that need help and repair.

There’s other plants that work specifically to create rejuvenation in your liver, kidneys, or your lungs. Working with medicinal plants in an herb form is something that practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan, and other ancient healing systems have been working with for thousands and thousands of years.

Take something as simple as ginger. We can look at this and contemplate how beautiful it is first of all, but really start to tune in to the bioenergetic qualities of how this food and its self-organizing intelligence can really help to restore, again, balance, health, vitality, well-being, in our overall system.

We are benefiting from these plants’ intelligence which is, in some cases, hundreds of millions of years old.

Tip #1: Plant-based Diet

To support you in this, I want to give three quick tips. The first is to eat a largely or all plant-based diet. This is very important to make sure that we are constantly ingesting this intelligence on a daily basis to restore and protect our vitality and to protect our nervous system, our brains.

Our bodies are very susceptible to the high levels of toxicity in our world today, so we want to eat a lot of plants every day.

Tip #2: Mix Up Your Plants

Number two, you want to get a wide variety in so that we are benefiting from the intelligence of many different sorts of plants. You can mix up your veggies, fruits, herbs, spices, and all your Beauty Detox Solluna Recipes and that’s really a great practice as well.

Tip #3: Understanding Intelligence of Plant Foods

Thirdly, it’s really important to go deeper and understand the bioenergetics of plants foods. In other words, the intelligence of the plant foods and how can it really support you on all levels.

This includes emotional and spiritual, which is the heart of creating more balance, peace, and joy in your life. This will really resonate throughout your body too.

When we are stressed, anxious, or holding on to limiting beliefs, it actually exacerbates the inflammation and bloating in our bodies.

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So when we’re going through change, we are trying to release a block, a toxic relationship, a limiting belief, we want movement, we want circulation.

And since turmeric is a blood cleaner, it can help with that. At the same time we don’t want to feel unanchored. The root vegetables keep us anchored, it keeps us grounded in our body to integrate deeper change.

In Closing

Food is a very powerful ally in establishing greater change throughout our lives. The intelligence of plants can work on many levels. This can include the mind, our emotional well-being, and our spiritual as well.

I can’t wait to dive into this more with you in the new book as well as with the bonuses. So click on the link above or get to your local retailer, and start feeling amazing for summer.

Sending you so much love Beauty, and so grateful for you.

I will see you back here soon!