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Hi Beauty!

Today I’m going to talk about How Embracing the “And” Mindset Can Really Benefit You in your life in terms of your day-to-day experience of life. Also, in your levels of stress management, increasing levels of happiness, and your physical health. This goes all the way to down to your hormone secretion, adrenals, nervous system, endocrine system, as well as your sleep patterns.

Everything is so interconnected and fused together in ways that we understand a little bit. Even science can’t really understand the depth of the layers and the interconnectedness of all aspects of our health and our beauty.

The “And” Mindset

Let’s get into it. First of all, what is an “and” mindset? This is something that is of great interest to me. It’s something I wrote about in my newest book, Recipes for your Perfectly Imperfect Life. It’s one little word that often makes an enormous difference in the paradigm, in the lens through which we look at our lives, and that can make all the difference.

Think about the word, “and”. “And” is inclusive. Sherry’s coming and Lauren’s coming. All my friends are going to be there. There’s this hugging, there’s this embracing quality. The opposite of “and” is “or”, and “or” means this or that.

Stress vs a Healthy Mindset

In terms of our lives, there’s a lot of stress that we put on ourselves with this sort of illusion, this pressuring of trying to become more perfect by saying, “Oh, I’m either pretty OR I’m ugly. I’m fat OR I’m skinny.” If we gain five pounds over the holidays, suddenly we’re fat.

It’s this or-ness, this following this diet or I’m off it or I’m a failure. I’m terrible. It’s very, very stressful, and again we already have a lot of stress in our lives. And then coupled with that pressure we put on ourselves, is not good for our cortisol levels. This is not good for our stress hormones.

Your Nervous System

This is not good for our overall mentality and our ability to nourish our nervous system. It’s also not allowing our nervous system to balance our sympathetic and our parasympathetic nervous system. None of this is good.

In contrast, there is “and”. I am healthy “and” sometimes I want to eat a pint of coconut ice cream. I am a good mom “and” sometimes I still need more time to myself. So this “and” is this embracing, this relaxing, this inclusiveness, which allows us to relax because we realize we don’t have to be on or off.

When to Apply the “And” Mindset

This applies everywhere in our life. From navigating our relationships to improving our diets, we can care about health and sometimes we are going to eat our favorite treat foods.

You guys know, I am healthy and yet sometimes I still fall back on my old favorite, pretzels, because they were such a big part of my life growing up. They’re full of gluten and they’re empty calories and they’re full of crap and I get it. But you know what? Sometimes I still like to eat them. And what that does, it takes so much pressure off.

Why We Need Cheat Days

I’m often asked whether or not cheat days are beneficial. I feel like if we’re in a more relaxed environment, it’s not this and or off days and we don’t have to resort to binging. It’s more of this gentle integration. If we feel like having something sometimes, we’re on point a lot, but there’s just much more of a flow. And this opens up our mind.

Again, this can help balance our stress, our hormones. It helps to very much keep judgment in check, which is a very big divider. We can feel more connected to ourselves when we’re connected to other people, the more we embrace “and” over “or”.

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In Closing

You get the bonuses. You get the new book which is all about this philosophy of being more happy, feeling good in your body with a very grounding aspect of recipes and foods that will support that. It will also support those bile energetic, big emotional struggles, grounding and getting over past drama and guilt, and stop beating yourself up.

This is a huge part of wellness. This is why I wrote the book for you. I want you to feel good, happy, and to feel connected to your body. And I want you to embrace the word.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I will see you back here very soon. Lots and lots of love!