My juicy, grilled Feel Like a Fungi Mushroom Burger recipe is the perfect meal to indulge in at your next summer barbecue! It has all the satisfaction of a delicious burger without any of the guilt. Enjoy the cookout with your friends and feel good knowing that you’re treating your body with the best ingredients on the grill.

If you’re trying to limit or replace meat you can totally treat yourself to this heartier, denser option instead. Opting for my Fungi Mushroom Burger means you won’t have to deal with the digestive distress or loads of acidity from breaking down that traditional meat burger. And who wants that? No thank you!

Why Mushrooms Are the Best!

Mushrooms are one of the most exciting veggies people are taking pleasure in all around the world! They are incredibly loaded with so many healing benefits. In fact, we’re still uncovering new benefits of mushrooms to this day!

Recent research has found that people who integrate mushrooms into their diets, even if only in small portions, appear to have a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment. This often precedes Alzheimer’s disease, which we are sadly seeing a steady incline of. So, eat your mushrooms to help keep your memory sharp. I promise you won’t regret it.

They also contain the super beneficial amino acid, glutamate. Studies have linked glutamate to improving learning and memory. So not only are mushrooms super satisfying, but they also come with beneficial boosting brainpower! I truly believe mushrooms are one of the best additions to add to your routine.

Nutritional Perks of Mushrooms

Not that we are counting, yet worth noting, mushrooms are low in calories. And portobello mushrooms, in particular, contain protein. In fact, about 1/3 of the calories in them comes from protein! So the next time that you get your favorite question regarding where you get your protein from, teach your inquirers something new! Tell them you’re getting a little bit of your protein off the grill today. Thanks to your lovely Fungi Mushroom Burger of course :)

If you really want to wow them away, here are a few more fun facts. Portobello mushrooms are loaded with vitamin B, C, and D.  They even provide good doses of copper and iron. And we need our copper and iron, Beauties!

Copper deficiency can lead to anemia and neutropenia. This is because copper regulates and stimulates the absorption of iron from food. It properly utilizes it by getting it released from primary storage spots in the body, like the liver. So give yourself a high five when you bite into your Fungi Mushroom Burger. The iron and copper you’re taking in are working together to help provide you with healthy bones and helping you prevent anemia. Super sweet, right?

And there you have it Beauties! A quick and simple rundown on why mushrooms are the best.

I hope this post inspires you to feel like fungi and try out my new Fungi Mushroom Burger recipe. Its super simple to make and tastes so juicy and delicious! Don’t forget to tag me in all your recipe creations on Instagram. Also, pin the picture above to your Pinterest board for all your followers to see.

Feel Like a Fungi Mushroom Burger Recipe

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Feel Like a Fungi Mushroom Burger
Serves: 1
  • 1 Portobello mushroom
  • 2 cups of your favorite salsa
  • ¼ onion
  • ¼ orange bell pepper
  • ¼ jalapeño
  • 2 leaves romaine lettuce
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 Tbs. Dijon mustard
  1. Marinate your Portobello mushroom for up to an hour in your favorite salsa.
  2. Heat up your grill to high heat.
  3. Once your grill is hot, place Portobello with stem side facing up. Pour salsa back into Portobello and grill for 10 minutes, letting the salsa get nice and hot.
  4. Meanwhile, grill your favorite veggie toppings: onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, or anything else your heart desires!
  5. Flip your Portobello over (yes you are going to lose the salsa) and cook for 5 minutes with gills facing down.
  6. Once your veggie toppings are all grilled, let your creativity shine and assemble away.
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