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Hi Beauties,

Our topic for today is How To Do Meditation In The Morning. I am almost sure that you have heard a lot about meditation at this point, you may be excited about it, you may be interested in it, maybe you want to know more information, you want to know how to get started. I want to give a couple quick tips today.

Benefits of Meditation

I want to point out or remind you of some of the amazing benefits of meditation and why it’s so key to make this part of your practice. Here at Solluna it is an integral part of our morning routine.

Our morning practice includes drinking hot water with lemon, taking two SBO Probiotics, meditation, and Glowing Green Smoothie®. It is not just things we can see like food and smoothies that make a profound impact on our health and our wellbeing. Also, our emotional state and our level of calmness and peace and equanimity.

Meditation has been studied widely now in clinical research, I am very happy to say. It has been linked with everything from helping to produce melatonin for better sleep, reducing cortisol levels, stress hormones in the body.

It is linked with higher levels of health and wellbeing and a practice that is worth sticking to.

How Meditation Helps Calm You

I can say personally, it has been life-changing for me. When I started practicing meditation regularly, it’s when I learned to calm down and focus my mind. It’s when I started writing books. The first book, Beauty Detox Solution, came out in 2011 after I started meditation.

On so many levels, spiritual, mental, physically, emotionally, meditation is an incredibly powerful thing for you to do.

Meditation Tip #1: First Thing In The Morning

I think doing a meditation in the morning is absolutely key in our wellness before you get going in the day. It will help anchor you into your body and help to abate food cravings, including sugar cravings. In addition, it will help you feel more present to your body, when you’re actually hungry, and when you can start eating.

I think it’s important to do it right away, first thing. If we delay, we may go in and start reading books to our kid or get them ready for breakfast or whatever. I recommend doing it in your bedroom if that’s possible or somewhere close by, so it’s convenient.

How To Position Yourself

You may sit up and just do it in your bed or you may have a little mediation space in the corner. Whatever is convenient to you. I do recommend doing it right away, and even before you turn on your phone. If your phone’s in airplane mode overnight, it helps to reduce radiation exposure.

It also cuts back on all the rays that are beaming into the phone in our biological space at night. You don’t need that. I try to meditate right away. That’s the first thing to it, right away.

Meditation Tip #2: Keeping Spine Straight

It’s really important to make your spine is as straight as possible. In this way, you can lift your hips up with a towel, pillow, or a rolled yoga mat. Paramhansa Yogananda says that trying to meditate with a bent spine is like trying to shoot a bent arrow.

Our spine is our sushumna nadi, our central channel for energy. Our central nervous system resides here, and we want the energy to be able to flow all the way from the base of our spine all the way up to the crown of our heads.

It’s really important that you take a moment to sit up nice and tall. Make sure your chin is parallel with the mat. You want to make sure your shoulders are more or less even. You can imagine that your shoulders are over your hips, so it starts to fall like this

Meditation Tip #3: Start Off Small

Another tip, is that it’s okay to start off small. Consistency is what really makes a difference. Even if it’s one to three minutes, and then you can build up to five or ten minutes. It’s the consistency. Don’t beat yourself up or judge yourself if you only meditate for one minute.

One minute is amazing, as long as you do it consistently. You can breathe. We have free meditations. Any type of meditation that resonates with you.

Have your feet flat on the ground or cross-legged if that feels good. Lift your spine. Get into your breath. Follow whatever technique or practice you’re doing. Do it right away, and you will start to feel more present.

You will start to feel more connected to your body and less susceptible to reactivity and stress.

In Closing

I hope that this little vlog inspires you to do your meditations in the morning. Remember, I’m always here to support you, anyway that I can. You can ask questions here on the podcast. Also, our Instagram lives.

I love you, I am here. I can’t wait to connect with you more.

Sending you lots of love.