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Hi Beauties,

Our topic today is, Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Sugar? This is an interesting question, because we all hear about the detrimental harmful effects of sugar on our bodies, our health, and inflammation. However, does that mean that we should not have any sort of sugar in our diet? Is that really the best way? Let’s get right into it.

Sugars Effect On Your Body and Health

Of course, we’ve all heard about white sugar and processed sugar. The average American right now consumes about 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. Excess sugar really exacerbates inflammation and can lead to raised blood pressure over a 15 year study. People who got 17% to 21% of their calories from added sugar had a 38% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

I mean, it goes on and on. Sugar is implicated with weight gain, tooth decay, wrinkles wise. This was research from my second book, Beauty Detox Foods. We know that the more sugar that you have, your collagen tends to break down faster. Ultimately, your skin will start to wrinkle and not look as healthy and as vibrant. We all understand sugar in its refined forms and its processed forms is definitely something that we want to work to avoid.

Natural Sugar vs Processed Sugar

Processed Sugar

Now, there is another category of sugar that I think is really interesting, which is artificial sweeteners. And these have been implicated in more research. Even though they have zero calories, it goes back to not just focusing on numbers. Zero calories doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

And there is research studies, specifically from the Canadian Medical Association found that artificial sweeteners had been linked to weight gain, heart disease and other issues. And they actually have been found to encourage sugar cravings and dependency on sugar.

The answer isn’t just to go to Starbucks and put a bunch of Sucralose in your coffee because you’re avoiding the white sugar. The issue is looking at it through a little bit of a different lens – where we don’t want to have processed sugar, which does include artificial sugar as well.

Natural Sugar

Another category of sugar is natural sugar. And this is a type of sugar which comes from fruit sugar, by eating natural fruits. This is the type of sugar which comes from eating organic, unrefined gluten-free grains. This is the type of sugar that I believe is an important part of our diet.

We’re focusing on the overall quality of these foods. Now, our natural diet, if we were to go into the jungle, if we look at biomimicry (which is looking at similar species in nature and what they’re eating naturally) we are meant to eat fruit.

Sugar and Candida

I believe a healthy body can and should be able to handle healthy, natural food. And that very much does include fruit. I’m a big proponent of eating fruit of all kinds, depending on your body type after you help to balance your candida.

For me, I had really bad candida, so I had to cut sugar, including fruit for almost a year. I had a very extreme case. Some people only a few months. If you’re interested in candida, check out the Beauty Detox Solution. But now fruit is a big part of my daily diet. Fruit is full of minerals and vitamins and fiber, and it cleanses your system.

Are Fruit Sugars Bad For You?

When you look at the over on the antioxidants and overall benefit of fruit, to me it’s like a no brainer. We want this beauty food in our diet. It’s the same thing with grains. Everybody’s body processes different foods differently. There may be certain foods that don’t work for you, and some that work better.

If you look at the blue zones and these healthy cultures around the world, from the Okinawans to the blue zone in the Nicoya coast of Costa Rica, they all eat grains and beans. They do soak and sprout traditionally in these cultures to help remove lectins and some other qualities. If our overall diet is balanced, we don’t need to hyper focus on removing all sugar.

Ayurvedic Medicine and Sugar

There is one of the six key tastes in Ayurvedic medicine to create balance. It’s called Medora. It is sweet. And Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that we need some sweetness to balance all our doshas, and the way that we feel in our body. There is a very physiological truth to that. I could go on and on. But the point is, as we were to sum up this blog is not all sugar is created equal.

In Closing

I do not think that we need to cut out all sugar in order to be our healthiest and best. I think we need to discern, get rid of all the processed stuff, replace, upgrade. Get your body balance, take your SBO probiotics, get your gut in check.

Don’t be scared of eating fruit, especially in the Glowing Green Smoothie®, especially when well combined and on an empty stomach. You will start to feel and look your most beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much, Beauties, for tuning in. I love you lots, and I will see you back here soon.