This week’s topic is:
Best Foods and Remedies For Digestion

Our topic today is best foods and remedies for digestion. We’re getting a lot of questions around this topic. I don’t know if it’s because of all the holiday food, regardless, people are getting upset tummies and poor digestion. There’s a lot of bugs going around, including the stomach flu.

This is a great time to dial it in. We want to pay attention to our gut and tummy health, so we feel our best in our bodies. This ultimately affects our moods, our energy, our relationships, our work, and everything else.

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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Jessica – Edgerton Wi 

After listening to your podcast I’m starting to connect my feeling of fatigue with the health of my gut. For someone who is just beginning on this healing journey what are the first steps you would recommend?

Christine – Laguna, CA

I lost a substantial amount of weight due to a stressful life event and now I’m having difficulty gaining it back. I have a petite build and I’m very lean. My digestion is off balance and I’m essentially looking to boost my weight as being too thin is making me so off balance.

Kelly – Houston, Texas 

I am wondering about nutritional do’s and don’ts for stomach irritation and nausea. My doctor just wants to prescribe medication and I am hoping for a more natural solution.

Christina – Independence City, Kansas

I’m looking for suggestions for digestive issues. I have IBS and diverticulitis.

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you, the future will take care of itself.”  – Paramahansa Yogananda


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Kimberly: Hey Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday Q&A podcast where we love to hear what you beauties are wondering about, how we can support you. So, all the questions from this show and every Thursday, come right from you guys, right from our community.

Kimberly: Our topic today is best foods and remedies for digestion, and we’re getting a lot of questions around this topic. I don’t know, okay, if it was because of all the holiday food, people are getting upset tummies. Of course, there’s just a lot of bugs going around, the stomach flu, just different things going on. So, this is a great time to dial it in, pay attention to our gut health, our tummy health, so we feel our best in our bodies which of course affects our moods, our energy, our relationships, our work, everything else.

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Kimberly: We have our amazing general manager of Solluna, Katelyn, who was waiting on the line with us. She has been around since we started the podcast a couple years ago. Tried and true, steady, my anchor. I am so excited to have you back today, Kay. How is life in cold New York, as well?

Katelyn: Yes, it’s definitely got a bit cold now that we’re in January. I’m happy to be back. I’m starting to embrace it, as we’ve talked about. I’ve tried to start talking about it more positively because I was definitely feeling negative in December when it first shifts, and we’re going into the darkness. Now I know we’re heading to the light, that winter solstice has passed, and it’s only a little bit of time until spring will be here. So staying positive, but yeah, I’m excited to talk about this topic. A lot of people are more in tune to their health this time of year. It’s like an alarm goes off like, “Hey, maybe I should check in. It’s January. I want to feel good.” So, we definitely have had a lot of topics around food and digestion.

Kimberly: Well, what I think is really great about the winter is it is the season with the least amount of light. There is all this darkness, it’s cold for a lot of us. I don’t include me necessarily because I am in California, but it does get cold here at night. I have to put a jacket on. So, I know it’s like cry me a river, right, all year.

Kimberly: The idea is we tend to be outside less and there’s less outside light. So, this does become, to your point Kay, of a more introspective time where we tune into our bodies, we tune into our needs. This can be a wonderful time to really nurture ourselves and to bring in more self care practices. I think the more body awareness we have, the more that we nourish ourselves. Just the more fortified we feel, the better we feel and the better we show up in the world, the more we’re able to take care of each other and to take care of ourselves.

Katelyn: 100%. I know I definitely wasn’t eating my best through the holidays. I was having more sugar than I’m used to, and I was feeling cloudy headed. I’ve since started my protocol again and I’m definitely feeling better. So, I think we’ll have some good suggestions for the beauties to get back on track because even you and I don’t always do it perfect.

Kimberly: Oh gosh, no. I mean I was just in Thailand for a couple of weeks and I love Thai food. I mean it is challenging being in Thailand as a plant based person, because first it seems like, “Oh, look at all the veggie curry.” But you dig deeper and you realize a lot of things have shrimp paste and fish sauce. So, there’s a challenge with communicating a little bit about leaving out. I definitely could find dishes in places that I could eat.

Kimberly: Traditionally, in Thai food and I did learn this when I was in Thai cooking school a couple of years ago, there is a bit of sugar in everything. Traditionally, there’s a teaspoon of sugar here and there. So, I too was eating sweeter than usual and it’s when you’re traveling a lot you get out of whack. I mean I definitely … I think by now I randomly spilled it a couple times, but I want to share with you beauties if you don’t know the news yet, that I am pregnant again with baby number two. We are having another beautiful baby boy and it’s been an amazing journey.

Kimberly: The first trimester was horrific, and I was not feeling my best. I was eating a lot of random foods throughout. A lot of pickles, a lot of cucumber salad with a lot of vinegar. Then I was craving mangoes and grapes. Then I was also craving, you know that brand, it’s called LesserEvil. I was eating popcorn, which I don’t usually eat. Then I was eating just a bunch of veggie burgers. I wanted like food, too. So, I didn’t get nausea, but I was exhausted. It was like jet lag times 10 all the time. I don’t remember being that tired with Bubby, but I might have just blacked that out.

Kimberly: Anyways, the point is I’ve been eating not my normal diet, and I’m okay with that. I’m just going along with it. I’ve been ordering French fries sometimes, Kay, which I have loved in the past, and I’m okay letting myself eat that sometimes. I definitely take four digestive enzymes before I eat them. That’s sort of my bulletproof vest. That’s the way that I have been getting through cravings. I think especially with pregnancy and of course over the holidays and when there’s celebratory times, it’s okay to relax a little bit. Now that we’re in January, it’s a good time to dial it in and look forward and to make sure we’re feeling our best as we go into the new year.

Katelyn: 100% and I think it just always … Thank you for sharing all of that. I think it’s so great for the beauties to hear and have that reminder that we’re all not perfect and we’re all in this journey together. So, I think that’s really important. So, thank you for sharing.

Kimberly: Uh-hmm (affirmative). Uh-hmm (affirmative).

Question 1: After listening to your podcast, I’m starting to connect my feelings of fatigue with the health of my gut. For someone who is just beginning on this healing journey, what are your first steps you would recommend?

Katelyn: Yes. Okay. So, let’s dive in and see what the beauties are thinking today. We have Jessica living in Edgerton, Wisconsin. “After listening to your podcast, I’m starting to connect my feelings of fatigue with the health of my gut. For someone who is just beginning on this healing journey, what are your first steps you would recommend?”

Kimberly: So Jessica, thank you so much for tuning in. Welcome to our community. Welcome to the beginning of your healing journey. I think timing is everything and if you’re feeling ready right now, it’s the perfect time for you to dial in things for yourself. Let’s take this through our four cornerstone perspective, gut health, skin health, relationships, everything you can apply through this lens which is really our holistic way of feeling our best. It’s our approach to wellness and true beauty, which we define as our connection to our unique self. It’s our deepest, it’s our real essence. Our beauty isn’t based on just our features on the outside, but it’s who we are. We’re unique, and we’re beautiful, and we’re strong just as we are.

Kimberly: So, everything that we teach about is much more expanded. I did start as a nutritionist. I am a nutritionist, so I started with food, but then along the way I realized that there’s so much more to wellness and to beauty. So here, Jessica asking about gut health, let’s start with our first cornerstone, which is food. Here it’s important what we add in and what we take out. So from a gut perspective, one of the most important nutrients, if we call it that for gut health, is fiber.

Kimberly: Fiber is very nourishing to the gut. There’s more and more research showing how fiber actually nourishes the microbiome and creates short chain fatty acids in the lining of the gut, in the mucosal lining which in turn help to reduce inflammation in the body and help to keep our immunity up and help to nourish everything. That balance in the gut is definitely going to help with emotional balance, and moods, and feeling more calm. So, eating a largely plant based diet, Jessica, or all plant based diet, if that’s what you choose, is going to be one of the best things you can do for your gut health, hands down.

Kimberly: So, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’m not sure what your diet is like right now, but you could start having more plant based meals. Remember, only plant foods have fiber. There’s no fiber in dairy, or eggs, or meat, or fat, or anything like that in the animal products. So the more plant based you’re going to be, the better your gut health is for sure. That also helps to eliminate … There’s so many compounds in meat which have been shown to disrupt the microbiome. There’s all sorts of environmental toxins. A great new documentary is out called The Game Changers, which I highly recommend you watch, Jessica, and everybody out there. It has some great visuals in talking about the microbiome and food, and it’s an incredible documentary. So, please go watch it.

Kimberly: So, fiber is really important to add and you can get … I mean there’s so much I could say about that here, but I would check out our website, We have lots of a million articles about gut health and diet and recipes. So, there’s a lot there. Subtracting is important too, though. As you eat more plant foods, you’ll naturally eat less animal foods. I think one of the most important foods to eliminate is definitely dairy. Dairy is not great for your gut health, it’s very difficult to digest. The protein, casein, is problematic as is the lactose, the sugar, as is the fact that it’s just not intended for human consumption. So, there’s a million things I could say, but I would say that’s an important … If you’re going to focus on giving up one thing, I would definitely say to consider cutting down and then cutting out dairy.

Kimberly: Now our next cornerstone is body. Here, the thing that comes to mind with gut health is the proper supplements are absolutely critical when you’re working to build up your gut health. Number one is SBO probiotics. Again, there’s more information our website, but basically every day we’re in stress. We’re in pollution, there’s air pollution, water pollution, so you want to build up your probiotic every day by taking the right supplementation. We’ve done a lot of research. We have an amazing clinically researched formula with the best strains that come from the soil, so it’s natural and with prebiotics and postbiotics, if you’re interested, you take it every day.

Kimberly: In this day and age, we definitely need to supplement, I believe, probiotics as well as just eating fermented foods, very different, very strong, longterm impactful benefits from the resident forming strains that you get from supplementation. So body standpoint, I think that’s super important as is sleep. We know that proper sleep is very important to everything from stress, and stress does affect gut health.

Kimberly: Now our third cornerstone is emotional wellbeing. So just like I was saying from an emotional standpoint, this is the subject of my last book, Recipes For Your Perfectly Imperfect Life, there is a lot to be said for the connection between the mind and your emotions and actually bloating and inflammation in your body, bloating in your gut.

Kimberly: So, you want to make sure that you’re feeling your feelings, that you’re processing, that you’re journaling, that you’re not bottling things in. They do have healthy community around to share with. We do have something called the Solluna Circle, which is a beautiful online community for everyone to share and connect, and we have themes every month. That’s something of interest to you, Jessica. I’ll also say that just dealing with stress and making sure that you have outlets, that you are leaving enough time for your commute, that you’re getting massages or you’re doing yoga or you’re doing practices that are supporting you emotionally, because that definitely has a big impact on your gut health.

Kimberly: Then our fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. Again, when we know ourselves, when we connect inward, when we can breathe and be still, that does reduce our stress. That does soothe our nervous system and that does connect us to oneness to each other. That also is 100% going to positively impact your gut health because everything impacts everything else. The more we soothe our nervous system and our adrenal system, you’re not going to have all the hormonal ups and downs and the cortisol surges in your system. The depletion of probiotics comes with stress. So, that’s my multidimensional approach, and as I mentioned, this is a huge topic, Jessica. I could talk about this for hours and hours, but we have a lot, lot, lot more for you on our website, so I encourage you to go and check it out. Kay, maybe we can add some links to the show notes as well.

Katelyn: Yes, we definitely will. I’ll link to our four cornerstones guide in the show notes today and a couple other articles around gut health as we have a ton of those on the site as it’s something we’ve been talking about for years. We’re glad that you’re tuning in to that now, Jessica and other beauties listening.

Kimberly: Awesome, Kay. Thank you so much.

Question 2: I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight due to a stressful life event and now I’m having difficulty gaining it back. I have a petite build and I’m very lean. My digestion is off balance and I’m essentially looking to boost my weight as being too thin is making me feel even more off balance.

Katelyn: Yes, let’s dive into the next one here. We have Christine living in lovely Laguna, California. “I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight due to a stressful life event and now I’m having difficulty gaining it back. I have a petite build and I’m very lean. My digestion is off balance and I’m essentially looking to boost my weight as being too thin is making me feel even more off balance.”

Kimberly: Thank you so much Christine for your question. I think this is important because we hear so much about losing weight, and there is of course a subset of our community that also wants to gain weight. No matter what, we want to go towards balance. We want to find our weight, our shape of our body that feels fit and strong to us. Of course, we feel off balance if we go too much in either direction. So, I wrote about this in the Beauty Detox Solution where emaciation to some degree can be caused by some of the imbalancing factors that can create obesity. This has to do with gut health. This has to do with microbiome health. This has to do with our very, very core systems being in check. I send you a big hug Christine, about your stressful life event. I know that can do a lot to shake up your life and to throw your appetite off, and your body is trying to protect itself in many ways and to regain balance. So, digestion can go to the side as your body is more in survival mode.

Kimberly: So as I was saying to echo off what we were talking about with Jessica, I too want to take this question actually through the four cornerstones, because I think it’s very applicable in this case when we’re dealing with something traumatic in our lives, it’s way beyond food. So, we want to address it with food, but we want to address it as with the attention it deserves, which is a much more holistic approach, which is where we can start to gain really powerful benefits. So from a food perspective, we’ll start there because it’s our first cornerstone.

Kimberly: When you’re lean and you want to gain more weight, it’s important, Christine, to have more of the bulkier foods shall I say that are more dense but still nutrient rich. So instead of just having salads and soup, which fills up people and is great when you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight for you, I wouldn’t just have light soups, for you, it’d be great for you to snack on almonds and pumpkin seeds and more of the dense seeds and nuts. It’s great for you to have veggie burgers and avocado sandwiches and lentils and avocados and more grains and heartier dishes, of course. The key is you don’t want to feel heavy, and your body’s not going to digest foods that really feel off to you. So, you just want to shift your percentages away from the lighter watery vegetables to more dense foods, which are still in our beauty detox Solluna food groups. If you want more information about those, check out the Beauty Detox Solution. There’s a lot of information there.

Kimberly: From a body perspective, especially if your hormones are off, cortisol, there’s been a lot of stress in your life, but you do as well definitely want to take the probiotics, but I would also say digestive enzymes are really important as well, because you are not what you eat, you are what you digest. Stress can throw off a lot of things. It could throw off even hydrochloric acid. It can throw off your digestive enzymes. It can throw off all sorts of things. Scientists are researching it more and more, but you want to pull as much from the food you’re eating. So, taking two or three digestive enzymes before lunch and dinner can be a powerful practice for you.

Kimberly: Also Christine, another thing I forgot to mention is a hearty power protein smoothie might be a good mid afternoon snack for you. You can even add a spoonful of almond butter, chia seeds, protein powder, and maybe more of a fatty milk like hemp milk would be a really nice nourishing smoothie for you. Because I am pregnant and I’m working to up my protein intake right now and just my calories a little bit, I’m having something like that. Not every day, but sometimes. I’m definitely eating a bit heavier in that regard. So body-wise, those supplements, the SBO probiotics, I think are very important for you as are the digestive enzymes and sleep.

Kimberly: I brought this up with Jessica as well, but I think it’s really important that we sleep enough so that our bodies can heal and your body can repair itself from all that adrenal fatigue and everything that may have come up from the stressful trauma Emotionally processing, writing. I know when my mom passed away a couple of years ago, I had to really process. I spoke to this amazing healer twice a week, which is my version of therapy. I was doing a lot of journaling work. Feelings and emotions can lodge in our body and can have a profound impact.

Kimberly: So, we definitely want to make sure that you’re speaking to a professional if that’s warranted, friends, community, family members, whatever it is, you’re not bottling things in because that in turn will very much continue to affect your digestion, unfortunately. So emotionally, we want to process, we want to let things go. There’s a great book I always recommend called the Letting Go book by Dr. David Hawkins. You can check it out and there is certainly a lot of information in there about letting go and getting past trauma. So, I highly recommend it.

Kimberly: Then our fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. Again, everything is tied to everything else. Here, you can meditate, you can tune in, we have some great guided meditations for you, and then you can visualize your body actually starting to heal. You can imagine white light going through your body and your body cells recharging and expanding. I think visualization can be very, very powerful. There’s some great gurus that talk about this idea of imagining your body shape healthy and full. Our paramguru Paramahansa Yogananda and then his guru who’s name Swami Sri Yukteswar talk about this idea as well. So what you can do spiritually is tune into yourself, breathe, do your meditation and then visualize every day your body in the shape that you want it to be and to send love and white light through all the organs in your body.

Kimberly: To me, this isn’t woo woo woo as some people may initially think, “Oh, meditation, visualization.” I do think everything really does affect everything else. I think our thoughts are powerful and do impact our hormones and our blood and our circulation. I mean we are so powerful. So just by putting that conscious intention out there, Christine, about the way you want your body to be and how you want to feel, I think is an important way of manifesting that as well.

Katelyn: I think it’s so important that you touched upon all of these elements because health isn’t just one dimensional. A lot of people think, “Oh, it’s just what I eat or it just what I do with my body.” Really expanding. We’ve really worked to share with the community these other areas of resources that a lot of people don’t connect my emotions to my digestion, right? It just not something that’s firing off for people. So, I think adding these additional resources for them is so helpful, because similar to when you’ve mentioned stories where people either can’t lose weight because they’re holding on to things, it could be the same thing for wanting to gain weight because it’s emotional, right? So, you can be doing everything right and you’re not seeing results. You got to dig into those other cornerstones.

Kimberly: That’s exactly right, Kay. Thank you for reminding us.


Katelyn: Yes, for sure. We all need those reminders, especially at the start of the year here when we’re all trying to kick it off right. So with that, we will let Kimberly take a short break here and then she’ll be back to answer the last two questions.

Kimberly: All right beauties, we are back from our short little break, and we have two more questions for you guys on this very important topic of best foods and remedies for digestion. If our digestion is off, then our whole life is off. It’s simple as that. Everything affects, and imagine how you feel when you’re constipated, when you’re weighed down. That’s the extreme, but imagine if you could increase your digestive health by 10%, 20%, even when you’re feeling okay, imagine if that dialed in. Imagine what that would do in your body. What it would do is it would increase your creativity, it would increase your feelings of balance and calmness and wellbeing. It would increase your focus. It would make your sleep better. It would increase your energy, your skin will look better. There’s so many potentials to this. This is a big one, beauties. I hope you are listening closely.

Katelyn: 100% especially with this one best foods and remedies, what you eat can really affect how you feel. I know I started doing like a little bit of journaling if I felt sick after eating something, when I would broke out of my routine. That would help to stay on track. So definitely helpful hints, guys, to be mindful of what you’re taking in for your digestion.

Kimberly: Awesome, Kay.

Question 3: I’m wondering about the nutritional do’s and don’ts for stomach irritation and nausea. My doctor just wants to prescribe me medication, but I’m hoping for a more natural solution.

Katelyn: All right. Let’s dig into Kelly‘s question here. She’s living in Houston, Texas. “I’m wondering about the nutritional do’s and don’ts for stomach irritation and nausea. My doctor just wants to prescribe me medication, but I’m hoping for a more natural solution.”

Kimberly: Kelly, thank you so much for your question. I think this is important because we don’t want to just jump to medication when we could have the answers in our kitchens and our cabinets and our lifestyle, which is so often the case.

Kimberly: I mean, I can’t tell you how many rounds of antibiotics I did and prescriptions for my acne that never really helps anything longterm and then when I cleaned out my diet and I got my gut health in order, my digestion dialed in, my skin just kept cleared up. Thank God because acne sucks. [inaudible 00:27:21] acne know it’s just such a confidence downer. So anyways, thank you for your question. First of all, irritation in your stomach, I think this is something that a lot of people feel. You asked about nutrition, but I can’t help it, Kay. I think were to take this one through the cornerstones as well, because our stomachs are so connected to our emotions. When you got, I have a gut feeling, it means that we’re feeling. We feel so deeply into our guts. Our guts reflect stress and they reflect anxiety.

Kimberly: So if we’re really going to talk about irritation and nausea, I really think we need to talk about it holistically. Let’s run through it. Nutritionally, I would lay off the onions and the garlic for sure. It’s just going to be irritating for a lot of us. Chilies, one of the best foods for nausea is ginger. So, when I gave up onions and chilies and garlic, which of course have health benefits for sure, but they can also be irritating. So in Ayurvedic medicine, it said to flame up our pitta, which is our fire, to make us fiery, more irritable. So when I gave it up, I really switched hardcore into ginger, and ginger doesn’t have that irritating effect. So ginger tea, ginger, candy, even if you’re in a bind and you’re traveling, I certainly had ginger candy in my first trimester. I didn’t have that much nausea, but I would keep it in my person, in my pockets, just in case. I think ginger is amazing.

Kimberly: I also think that peppermint can help reduce nausea. This is something that Charlynn Avery talks about quite a bit on our … she’s an amazing guest that comes on quarterly here. She’s an essential oil expert, and if you just keep some essential oil, peppermint, like a bottle in your purse and take a whiff or put some on a piece of cotton and tuck it into your bra even or into your pillow case or wherever you’re around, that can be a way to help relieve the nausea holistically.

Kimberly: I also think that making sure that you’re getting enough B vitamins. They say that for pregnant women as well, you want to make sure you’re getting that full spectrum to help with nausea, so nutritional yeast is a really wonderful source of it or if you feel like you’re not getting enough, you could get a full spectrum B complex vitamin, but I tend to go more towards the nutritional yeast myself. I mean, right now I’m taking a prenatal, which I think is important for all pregnant women, but you just want to make sure that you’re getting enough.

Kimberly: Yeah. So, that’s it. That kind of crosses into body a little bit because that’s supplementation. So, let’s go there. Let’s go to our body standpoint when we’re talking about a nausea and irritation. I think that it’s important that we are going to the bathroom regularly. Detoxy is another supplement that we have, which is oxygen based and non irritating. Sometimes things get so backed up in our system that we feel bloated, we feel off in our tummy. So, you just want to make sure that you are pooping regularly. Taking Detoxy as well as the other supplements I mentioned earlier that are great for digestive health, like probiotics.

Kimberly: From an emotional standpoint, again, we feel so many of our emotions in our gut. So I would say Kelly, it’s really important to not hold on to anger, anxiety, but to feel them, to talk about them, to take action steps, to journal, to let yourself feel so your body isn’t taking it on. I noticed when I used to … I used to not get this at all and I used to be so constipated. I used to have so many stomach problems. I would have so much anxiety and insomnia and stay up all night worrying about things.

Kimberly: When I started to not really get … I started to understand finally after not getting it for so long that my stomach irritation was linked to my gut health, and the gut health was linked to my anxiety and my worry and my perfectionism and all this stuff that was mental. So, I wouldn’t discount the emotional part and tried to get over irritation and nausea. Just dial it in, take a look, write down, be honest about your feelings and some of the resources I mentioned earlier like letting go book and the Solluna Circle might be very helpful for you.

Kimberly: Then finally, our fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. I would say in this regard, deep breathing and tuning into the breath. Sometimes we get irritated because of the stress and not filling enough oxygen and our adrenal system starts going and our parasympathetic and our sympathetic nervous system starts to get imbalanced. So, I think it’s really important just to take some deep breaths and to let the stress wash over. Don’t fight anything that comes your way. Try to accept, try to be more mindful and peaceful. I think that can be really helpful as well.

Kimberly: I did also mention this recently on another show, but I am a big fan of certain homeopathic remedies. You might want to check out some of the rescue remedies and the Bach flower remedies. There are some for emotional discomfort that can lead … nervous tension in the body that can lead to stomach irritation and nausea, so you can check those out. They’re natural and nontoxic and great things to bring about as well.

Kimberly: I would also go back to the food one for a minute. Sorry, I’m bouncing around a little bit, but just to notice if there’s any foods like pasta sauce. I had a client that had really bad stomach irritation and she couldn’t have any cooked tomatoes at all, besides the onions and the garlic. So, just noticing which foods may really do it for you and you could try different … elimination diet processes, giving up something for awhile, seeing if that has an effect and that could be helpful as well.

Katelyn: Yeah, this can be such a big topic when you don’t feel good, you can’t live your life as fully and as happily and as joyfully as you may want to. So, I think this really affects beyond just overall our general health, but just our general wellbeing to dig in and find solutions to feel better.

Kimberly: Uh-hmm (affirmative).

Question 4: I have IBS and I’m looking for some suggestions to help with my digestive issues.

Katelyn: Okay. So, I think this last question, some of it will overlap a little bit with Kelly‘s question, but we’ll just see if you have anything additional to add for Christina, who’s living in Independent City, Kansas. “I have IBS and I’m looking for some suggestions to help with my digestive issues.”

Kimberly: Yeah, I do think this is a good one. I think that there’s a core issue of imbalance here and everything, Christina, we talked about the show so far I think is applicable to you. IBS is a very, irritable bowel syndrome, is sort of a broader issue that can take on different forms in different dimensions within that umbrella sort of term. So, imbalances is most always the root. Think about it from our four cornerstone perspective. Think about all the food suggestions that we made. Fiber is really great. Cutting back on dairy, cutting back on refined sugars and flours and meat is definitely a great thing to do for your gut health.

Kimberly: Taking the supplements I mentioned, which are designed and targeted to improve gut health, emotionally processing, I think so much IBS is connected to stress and mental health and holding in our gut. So, meditating and spiritual practices and sitting and breathing are also going to help as well.

Katelyn: Awesome. If you are listening and you’re suffering with any of these ailments or you’re not feeling good, we will definitely link to articles we have over on There’s thousands of articles there to dig in. We can only cover so much every time we have a show, but if anything sparked your interest, be sure to check out the website today and you can dig deeper and get more information that we’ve already curated and have ready for you.

Kimberly: Thank you, Kay. We often do link to quite a bit in the show notes, don’t we?

Thought of the Week

Katelyn: We do. Yeah. There’s a lot of resources. If you are a podcast listener and you’ve never visited our site,, there’s so much there that you can dig in between vlog. There’s blogs, there’s articles, there’s recipes, there’s endless information that you can find whatever you need in the health spectrum and wellness and overall wellbeing. So, definitely check it out. As always, before we let Kimberly go today, we’re going to pick her brain just a little bit more and see what you’re thinking for our quote of the week.

Kimberly: So, this week I wanted to leave us with a quote from my personal yoga guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who has been with me for years and always offers me so much wisdom and comfort and love and understanding. His quote this week is live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you, the future will take care of itself. So essentially what he’s talking about is being present and not being worried about future and the anxiety.

Kimberly: I wanted to bring this quote in because, again, I think everything is so intrinsically connected with everything else that when we’re talking about digestion, a lot of digestion can be thrown off with anxiety, with worry about the future, with all of that as well. So, if we can just be here and breathe and be present and ask our bodies what serves us, what we want to eat in that moment, and take the time to chew well and take the time to honor our bodies right now and do our best and realize that we don’t have to figure it all out, we don’t have to know what’s going to play out, we don’t have to make all these grand plans, which usually don’t work out anyway.

Kimberly: So, I think it’s just a really beautiful quote to remind us because we talk about beauty so much here. True beauty, essence, love, oneness, your uniqueness. You can be connected to everyone. You don’t have to … no one can take away your beauty and you really can’t take away from anyone else’s because we’re all unique. So, this idea of beauty and the future is going to take care of itself. It’s like patting us on the back like don’t worry, it’s okay. I think this is an important reminder because I think we can all get stressed out. We can all get anxious, including myself. So just again, this will profoundly help your gut health. The less stress, less anxiety, the more balanced your gut and the more balanced your body are going to be.

Kimberly: So, all of these practices all work together synergistically to create your best, healthiest life, to help your true beauty emerge and come out and for you to flourish, which is our goal for each and every one of you. We love you so much. Thank you so much for tuning into our show today. As Kay mentioned, please send your questions on the website. Please check out all our resources, check out the show notes. We are here for you each and every day. We also have daily inspiration over on Instagram, which is @_kimberlysnyder. So, we’ll be back here on Monday for our next Q&A podcast. Till then beauty, thank you so much and so much love.