This week’s topic is:
Spring Detox: Practical Tips to Cleanse Your Life and Body

I am so excited it’s March. This may be my favorite month. I think it’s one of the most exciting months because of Spring Equinox – where we transition from winter energy to spring, which is coming up in just a few days.

We’re doing this show now so we can all start to get into that mode and prepare. It’s the month of Bubby’s birthday, my first child. And I just think there’s this amazing energy in spring.

I’m so excited about our show today to get into some real tips, tools, and practices that you can start to employ now so you feel amazing this spring. You can start to feel fresh and light in your body, skin, energy, your life, and in your house and really take advantage of what’s going on a cosmic universal level. This full energy of spring really is supporting you.

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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Emma – Indiana 

Can you share why spring is a good time to clean our bodies out? Does it have anything to do with the moon cycle?

Maria – Seattle

I feel like my whole life needs a detox! Where do I start when we have the Four Cornerstones to work on, and all are equally as important?

Heidi – Canada 

I’ve been trying to incorporate more Ayurvedic practices into my beauty and health routine. I was hoping to get a couple of tips I can use to give my body a quick 2-3 day detox using Ayurveda?

Angela – San Francisco, CA

Can you share some practical tips to detox the clutter in my mind? I feel like it’s affecting all of my other decisions and I can really use a boost to just get started on something.

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

“Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate nature, to love and honor who we are, not as what people think or tell us who we should be.” – Prana Gogia


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Kimberly: Hey Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday Q&A podcast where our topic today is spring detox, practical tips to cleanse your life and your body. And I have to share with you beauties that I am so excited it’s March. To me, well, this may be my favorite month to actually. I think it’s one of the most exciting months because of Spring Equinox, because this is the month where we transition from winter energy to spring, which is coming up in just a few days, on the 21st roughly. So we’re doing this show now so we can all start to get into that mode and prepare, it’s the month of Bobby’s birthday, my first child. And I just think there’s this amazing energy in spring.

Kimberly: So I’m so excited about our show today to get into some real tips and information and steps and tools, practices that you can start to employ now so you feel amazing this spring, you start to feel fresh and light in your body, in your skin, in your energy, in your life, in your house and really take advantage of what’s going on a cosmic universal level, this full energy of spring really supporting you.

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Kimberly: And while you’re at it, you can also subscribe to our show, which I always definitely encourage sort of like taking your probiotics every day or drinking your hot water with lemon, it’s just a step to take to make sure that there is an influx of positive energy coming in on a weekly basis. There is a lot of output, a lot of energetic output, there’s a lot of negativity you get that gets thrown at us unfortunately, so we want to really create as much resilience and nurturing in our lives as possible and I truly believe that our intention is that this show every week is a positive nurturing force in your life. So you can and then get all the alerts for our Monday interview podcasts and our Thursday Q&A podcasts. All right, all that being said, we have Katelyn Rush, our general manager on the line with us who has been with me since the beginning of our show. Hi Kay.

Katelyn: Okay. Hey Beauties and hey Kay. So great to be back today. I’m really excited for this topic. I suffer from seasonal depression and I’m really excited for spring as I always am every year. Early on in the show when we started, like 2015, I was always nervous so I’d always talk about the weather and it was an ongoing joke we’d always have when we started the show. So definitely happy to talk about this topic and help the beauties transition into this beautiful time of year.

Kimberly: Amazing.

Question 1: Can you share why spring is a good time to clean out our bodies and does it have anything to do with the moon cycle?

Katelyn: Okay, so let’s dig in here. We have Emma living in Indiana. Can you share why spring is a good time to clean out our bodies and does it have anything to do with the moon cycle?

Kimberly: This is a really interesting question. I love this question. I think it has a lot to do with… Definitely has to do with the lunar rhythms, the solar rhythms, the whole cosmos that we’re part of. The saying that I love in Ayurveda so much that I quote all the time is, “As is the micro, as is the macro.” And we’re coming into this time of the year where if you think about the seasons, you think about what goes on in winter where the trees have shed their leaves for the most part, except for evergreens, and there’s this stillness and this darkness that increases and the the light fades greatly. And new seeds are actually being planted and growing underneath the earth. And in spring there’s this emergence of energy.

Kimberly: So what happens in the winter is we tend to be inward, we tend to eat more comfort foods, we tend to be at home more, maybe we’re not as active. And Ayurveda will say that there’s a lot of kapha, or this earthy energy, that we all need, but it can over cumulate in the winter and it’s in our bodies and we need to work it out, we need to freshen our bodies, we need to shed stagnation. And so spring is a really great time to balance the very necessary inward time of winter. But this is when we’re shedding layers literally with our clothes and it’s a great time to cleanse and to start to harness the power of the growing sunlight.

Kimberly: And the, the moon cycle is, is part of that rhythm. And I love this because I love to talk about Solluna, which basically does mean the sun and the moon and there is a rhythm to everything. And the lunar cycle I break down more, I think about more in terms of a monthly flow, but I think it’s still related to the harvest moon and the spring moons and the eclipses. So the moon is still part of it. In biodynamic farming, they base some of the planting times on the moon cycles. And I think especially as women, we’re very tuned into the moon and we have such a higher percentage of water in our bodies, and of course we get our menstrual cycles.

Kimberly: But beyond that, Emma, I would say again from a seasonal perspective, a collective consciousness in nature, spring is just when we’re shifting, again, just removing stagnation from winter and coming out into the world, rebalancing the kapha energy in our body and removing it so it doesn’t accumulate into phlegm, sinus infections, inflammation, heaviness, excess weight gain. It’s a great time to cleanse and so in that way, I do recommend, especially in winter if you were having more heavy, hot foods, now is a great time to incorporate more raw smoothies, raw salads, just a lot of freshness, sprouts, enzymes. We talk about this a lot too in our Solluna Circle online or online community program, What To Do In The Spring. Ginger is also really great, taking Detoxy, cleansing your system, removing dairy if it started to creep back into your life, taking digestive enzymes, having some wonderful digestive spices to cook with, like turmeric and cumin and revamping your diet.

Kimberly: You might want to even try doing a two or three day GGS cleanse where you have a couple of GGS’ as a day or maybe GGS until dinner and then dinners easily digestible soup and salad. So this is the season to do some kind of detox, it doesn’t have to just be an extreme cutting out or cutting back, but it can be, as I mentioned, adding more raw foods and taking small steps, adding them into your life because this is the beginning of a whole new season, a very outward time, a very exciting energetic time where you feel that you have more energy to go after your goals and your dreams and to create more in life.

Kimberly: So on a side note, I’ll say that it’s interesting that both of my children will be born in the spring, Kay. And I’m going to have two spring babies, which is interesting, I… It’s a whole other topic, but pregnancy and then giving birth, there’s a whole rebalancing process that happens post-birth. And actually we’re going to be getting into that a little bit, Kay with our… We have a pregnancy course, you guys coming out in June, FYI, keep an eye out for that, a very in depth fertility and pregnancy course. So maybe that’s why it’s on my mind too, Kay, or maybe it’s this huge belly that’s sitting here right now because of my third trimester.

Katelyn: Oh yeah, it makes sense that it would totally be top of mind. And when we’re thinking of stuff, our brains are just pinging a million thoughts that can come in, and especially with a question like this that was broad from Emma. I was thinking with spring it almost is like a natural rhythm. I was looking up and I have an orchid on top of my desk and the flowers had fallen off in the past season. And I kept watering it because they come back and one of them just recently started opening up the last couple of days, and it’s almost like the flowers know spring’s coming. If you just kind of go with the natural rhythms of nature, we start to energetically just naturally throw ourselves into this time of year. So I think it’s great.

Question 2: I feel like my whole life needs a detox. Where do I start when we have the four cornerstones to work on and all of them are equally as important?

Katelyn: So let’s see, we have more questions around this topic of spring detox from the Beauties. So we have Maria living in Seattle. We have a few team members in Seattle, so shout out to everybody over there. She’s saying, I feel like my whole life needs a detox. Where do I start when we have the four cornerstones to work on and all of them are equally as important?

Kimberly: Oh Maria, I love this question. Thank you so much for bringing up the cornerstones. You guys know I love to talk about this because I think that it is a really key way to tap into your true beauty, taking a much more holistic approach. The cornerstones, again, are food, body, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth. And I have always found when we ignore one or we don’t nurture one or two, we obsess over the other ones. So, for instance, if we’re not processing our emotions in a healthy way, then we tend to get obsessed with food, food cravings take over, or we get obsessed with our bodies and working out and being skinnier. So thank you for bringing that up, Maria. You Beauties, if you are curious about this, if you’re new to us talking about the four cornerstones, please check out our free ebook, which you can get over on our website, which is

Kimberly: So I would say Maria, a really great approach to take is to look at the four cornerstones and to come up or commit to one step, one practice, in each of them. So for instance, again food, you could say, “Every day now I am going to drink hot water with lemon in the morning.” Or maybe, “Because it’s spring and I know that lemon water really supports liver tissue, I’m going to drink it twice a day.” So there you go, boom, there is a way to elevate the food part. Second cornerstone is body. So you can think, “Okay, what’s really great for my body right now? What do I need? Is it an extra hour of sleep? Maybe I start my sleep practice an hour earlier. Is it supplements? Do I need to start taking Detoxy again? Have I gotten off the wagon?” Which is our oxygen based supplement, which I love and I’m obsessed with and I could not live without, so maybe that’s top of mind for me or maybe it’s, , getting a little bit more natural lighting or doing a walk everyday, whatever it is for body.

Kimberly: And then moving onto emotional wellbeing, “Can I spend 10 minutes processing my feelings or journaling?” Whatever feels good to you in that cornerstone, but thinking about really nurturing mental health and stress. And fourth is spiritual growth. So, “Can I commit to spending another minute in my meditation?” Or if I hadn’t meditating at all, “Can I meditate for one minute, three minutes in the morning or at night?” So I would say, Maria, a beautiful thing as I mentioned, is just pick a practice in each of the four cornerstones that’s simple and easy and doable and that will help you feel very harmonious. This approach of picking one instead of going really deep into one, sometimes we know when we’re really off in one cornerstone and that works, but in your case because you feel like you want to work on all of them, I would say pick that simple practice and let it feel really holistic and balanced by working on all four cornerstones at once.

Katelyn: Such a great suggestion, so many times we can feel overwhelmed. One thing I was thinking about when you were talking about that is how we always talk about just taking out, if you haven’t heard this Maria, taking out a piece of paper and splitting it into four and then you can write some things down in each cornerstone and then decide maybe what you want to work on or focus on first as a form of journaling, because here at Solluna that’s a big part of what we do and we talk a lot about in our Solluna Circle online as a practice that can really help too.

Kimberly: Awesome, Kay.


Katelyn: Okay Beauties, with that maybe everybody can put their four cornerstones together while we take a quick break here and then Kimberly will be back to answer the last two questions.

Kimberly: All right, Beauties, we are back from our break and we have two more questions for you guys on this topic of detox and spring and harnessing this amazing energy that’s going on right now, right here in the world and bringing it into your life and into your body. And so I can’t wait to hear what our next two questions are, Kay.

Question 3: I’ve been trying to incorporate more Ayurvedic practices into my beauty and health routine. I was hoping to get a couple of tips that I can use to give my body a quick two to three day detox using Ayurveda.

Katelyn: Yes. So we have Heidi living in Canada. I’ve been trying to incorporate more Ayurvedic practices into my beauty and health routine. I was hoping to get a couple of tips that I can use to give my body a quick two to three day detox using Ayurveda.

Kimberly: This is a great question Heidi, and as we mentioned earlier, it’s a great time to get into the rhythms and the space, and Ayurveda does talk about spring being a very important season to cleanse. There is a type of cleanse, a five day program, typically, called Panchakarma. And Ayurveda, there’s a lot of detoxification practices. So I’ll share some that I think are quick, as you mentioned, and easy to incorporate.

Kimberly: The first one that comes to mind, and this feels really good to me and I actually do it almost every day, is tongue scraping. So I wrote about this in the Beauty Detox Solution about this idea that mucus and toxins move up your digestive canal. So in the morning you have bad breath and if you open your mouth, you look at your tongue, there’s actually a white coating on it. So it’s a wonderful practice to scrape it off instead of swallowing it and bring it back into your body. So you can get a stainless steel tongue scraper online for like $7, I think that’s how much my cost. And in the morning, first thing when you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth is to scrape your tongue. And you can do it all around. Ayurveda also believes this helps to stimulate different organs in your body. And that’s just a really great thing that you can do and probably under 15 seconds.

Kimberly: The second thing I would say, because we’re talking about the morning routine, is to try oil pulling, which is also a really highly promoted Ayurveda practice that’s part of the morning ritual where you would take some… If I do it, I generally do coconut oil, but you can do sesame oil, and you swish it in your mouth for a couple minutes, let’s say three minutes to start, one minute, three minutes. I’ve had teachers say you don’t really need to do it longer than that, although I know people that will do it for 15 minutes, which I don’t have time for. One minute or three minute you swish it around and it’s believed to help stimulate the vagus nerve and to remove bacteria from your mouth and from your teeth and from the crevices. And we know that oral health affects and helps detoxify the rest of your body. So that’s another really wonderful practice that I recommend.

Kimberly: Now remember that Ayurveda is part of… Is a sister science to yoga. And we’re talking about detoxing, we also should not forget the power of our lungs. Our lungs are a detoxifying organ and deep breathing can really help detoxify and reenergize our body. So there’s some really deep yoga pranayama practices that are part of Ayurveda as well. I won’t go into them too much right now, but I’ll say that just as simple as putting our hand on your belly and making sure that you’re breathing deeply down into your belly and taking some deep breaths whenever you remember to start your day, at lunchtime, whenever, it’s going to be a really wonderful practice as well.

Kimberly: Now, the next one is agni. So in Ayurveda, and I’m keeping these really simple and quick, the concept of ama is toxicity, basically, it’s sticky and dense and accumulates in our body. And one of the best ways to remove this ama is to introduce more fire and just to boost… When we think about heat, when you think about cleaning your dishes, when you use hot water, it’s much easier to remove grease and grime and residue, right? So we want to add, even though we’re talking about having more raw, fresh foods and herbs like cilantro and GGS, one of the things you can do is to drink ginger water a couple times a day, because ginger increases agni but it’s not aggravating the way onions and garlic can be, but you can just steep thinly sliced ginger in hot water and drink that, let’s say twice a day or so and that’s another really powerful, Ayurvedic practice to detoxify.

Katelyn: I love these quick tips. So many times there’s… When you’re trying to do something new, you might go down the rabbit hole and then there’s too many things and you get overwhelmed and you don’t do them, so I think having these practical things, and this question was obviously around Ayurveda, but to just add onto your already existing routine, give you a lot more success than being like, “Oh, wait, hold on, you need another 30 minutes in your day to do this.” And that’s not realistic, so that’s super helpful for people.

Kimberly: Yeah. Again, I keep going back to this idea of small, simple steps, Kay, because I think they really add up and I think this… The other way is that all or nothing mentality that I talked about in Perfectly Imperfect. It’s very rigid. It’s like, “I’m going to do all of this, I’m on hardcore keto, or whatever, or doing CrossFit, or I’m not.” And I think that a softer approach is more sustainable and longterm and that’s where the real benefits are to be had.

Kimberly: So thinking about how we can really just take small steps and incorporate them, like you said, Kay, and keep it consistent. And I think that there is a real power in that and we build, it’s a foundation, it’s a very powerful foundation and we just continue to build. Like we’re already doing our morning routine and we’re brushing our teeth and then we’re taking probiotics, blah, blah blah, so why not add tongue scraping to that? It’s a really easy thing to do, and that’s… The more we just add little things in here and there, then it just keeps to build and we don’t feel overwhelmed.

Katelyn: 100%. It’s a lot easier to add on a few things when you’re already in a flow, then reinventing the wheel, so to speak. So I think those are great tips for the beauties and we’ll list those out for you over on our show notes on the website in case you prefer to read, or you just need a reminder. We know there’s a lot to take in every show. That’s over on Whenever we post a podcast, we also post show notes which have links and resources and all that good stuff that maybe you’re not able to catch just listening.

Question 4: Can you share some practical tips to detox the clutter in my mind. I feel like it’s affecting all the other decisions and I could really use a boost just to get started on something.

Katelyn: All right guys, we have one more for Kimberly, here. We have Angela from San Francisco in California. Can you share some practical tips to detox the clutter in my mind. I feel like it’s affecting all the other decisions and I could really use a boost just to get started on something.

Kimberly: So Angela, thank you so much for your question. I love this question because sometimes when we think about detox, it’s easy just to focus on the physical items like paper and mail and food in the kitchen, but actually there is a lot of clutter that accumulates in our mind and it weighs us down and it keeps us in patterns and decision making paralysis. And I think that this is a really, really great, important question.

Kimberly: So first of all, Angela, I want you to… This very practical first, we’ll start outward and then we’ll go inward. I want you to do a detox of alerts and alarms and notices and emails and anything that’s coming into your phone, your computer, wherever you hang out that doesn’t need to be there. This is all mind clutter. This is where your web browser opens up to. For me, it used to open on Yahoo and then I would click on three headlines that were trending before I would get into my email and it would clutter my mind and it would waste time. Now I just open up into the Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation page and then right to my email, so it’s much more calm and focused. You can go on social media when you choose to, but if you have a million alerts going off all day long, then that actually clutters your space because you start to feel pulled and out of your task at hand and you start to think about, “Oh look at that. That just came in.” And it just is very, very distracting.

Kimberly: So first creating an environment for a clear mind means cutting out all that isn’t necessary and all that doesn’t feel great and all that does actually feel like clutter. So you can ask yourself, “Hey, do I really need this alert or is it just kind of fun to have and I’ll just go on later?” Anything that’s not necessary, just turn it off, cut it off and batch your time when you’re in those spaces, which is my next point is to batch. So instead of multitasking and having a million windows open and being between all these different things, just do one thing at a time, train yourself to answer emails, then move on to a project, then go on social media, then have your time with a friend where you’re connecting whatever it is, really focus on what you’re doing because clutter in the mind happens when we’re trying to manage and micromanage so many different things at the same time, and it starts to feel really overwhelming and it’s almost impossible to focus in that kind of space and we are going to feel completely cluttered.

Kimberly: So batch, cut out the alerts and number three, empty the mind at the end of the day and start the day with a clear mind. And how do we do that, Angela? With our fourth cornerstone of spiritual growth alone, time, time for you to be with yourself and your amazing being. So the two practices that come to mind are meditation and journaling. Journaling feels very practical to me, very personal because I don’t know what’s going to read it so I can be really honest and I can process things that I’m trying to declutter from my mind, I can work things out, I can write it down and separate the emotions from myself or the triggers or the circumstances, I can look at them on the page and say, “Oh that isn’t really me,” or, “I’m ready to let this go.” There’s so many ways I feel that journaling is really healthy processing.

Kimberly: And then meditation means we go beyond the thought, we go beyond the daily circumstances, we breathe into our body, we feel our alignment, our connection with the universe. And when we start the day like that, we are less packed with clutter. And at the end of the day when we empty the mind, when we go back into meditation, take some deep breaths just like that and let it go, we sleep better, we have emptied out what doesn’t need to be stored in there. It’s literally like cleaning out your desk or decluttering at the end of the day.

Kimberly: So those are my practical tips to get you started, Angela. And if you need more support with meditation, we have free guided meditations on our site and I was talking to the Self-Realization Fellowship. They have a whole series of lessons teaching Kriya yoga, which is a type of a yoga meditation that I personally practice. So you can go deeper as you get started. But first please apply those practical tips about batching and decluttering alerts because it’s really helpful to create that really positive, supportive, decluttered environment, especially as you’re getting started.

Katelyn: I’m so glad we wrapped today’s show with Angela’s question because looking at this topic, a lot of people think of spring and they think of detox, they think of their body or maybe their home. And to really encompass all four of our cornerstones I think is great and oftentimes people may overlook the emotional and spiritual elements of maybe a spring detox. So thank you so much for all of these practical tips and tools. And as always, we were wondering if you have any thoughts that have come in to share to round out the show?

Thought of the Week

Kimberly: Yes, so I actually wanted to end with an Ayuveda quote because it’s come up a couple times on this show and because spring is the season for Ayurveda and because Ayuveda is the sister science to yoga, which is very dear to my heart. So here’s the quote guys, and then I’ll tell you how deeply I think it relates. “Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate nature, to love and honor who we are, not as what people think or tell us who we should be,” by Prana Gogia.

Kimberly: So what I love about this is when we detox, it’s not that we’re trying to be better than who we are, or we’re trying to morph into something completely different in that we need to get skinny or we need to be something else. Detox is about removing the dust, the layers, the mucus, the obstructions, the matter in our bodies, the matter in our minds, in our lives that cover up us stepping into our true beauty, which is when we can own our uniqueness and feel really confident and really connected to who we are. So as this quote talks about, it’s loving and honoring our unique spirit, our true beauty. So detoxing is just removing anything that is not compatible with that, anything that’s disharmonious, anything that’s not who we really are.

Kimberly: So I wanted to end with that quote, I’ll leave that with you guys. I think it’s really powerful. I think that’s a really big concept, but on this show, as you see we talked about very small practical steps to get you there, like picking something in each of the four cornerstones, drinking more ginger water, hot water with lemon, tongue scraping. So even though it’s a big concept, if you break it down into small, doable daily steps, you will definitely be able to get there and feel great and elevate your energy. So I send you so much love and I am so grateful for you and our community and I am really excited about spring, particularly this spring. I just feel like 2020 is an amazing year for all of us, and it’s a time to really step into higher consciousness and to take care of ourselves, to be more mindful, to think about what true beauty really means to you and your expression and how you can shine your light, which no one else can shine to the world. So yeah. So thank you Kay, so much for gathering the questions.

Katelyn: Yes, and as always, Beauties, if anything has come to mind, make sure to head over to our website,, make sure to submit your questions like we remind you every week so that we can keep the show fresh and with what you want to hear about.

Kimberly: Amazing. Amazing, Beauties. Happy spring. We love you so much. Keep everything coming. Stay in touch, and we will be back here Monday for our next interview podcast. Lots of love.