Do you want a deliciously tangy and healthy sweet treat? Check out my new Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet recipe. Made with just four ingredients, this recipe is high in beneficial goodness while remaining low in sugar, and also dairy-free and refined sugar-free. It is, on the other hand, filled with nutrients that cleanse your body and boost your wellness. Traditionally sorbets are made up of fruits and sweeteners, but they aren’t all equal. My new Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet recipe is made up of fruits that are lower in sugar and sweeteners that are low in fructose. All to help you feel your best Beauty! 

The 411 on Fruit

Fruits are the most life-enhancing foods we can put into our bodies. So whenever I can think up how to fix my sweet tooth with fruit, I am all over it! Think of fruit as the cleansers for the body and your veggies as the builders. Fruit helps us dissolve toxic substances and cleanses our tissues. It also supplies us with tons of available energy since it breaks down the fastest in our systems. 

Before consuming loads and loads of fruits, it is best if you know what kind of state your body is in. Meaning, all of us don’t always react the same way when we eat fruit. So take a moment to check in with your body before you serve yourself up just any old bowl of fruit. 

Do you feel a little nauseous after you eat fruit? Do you notice that you burp or get bloated after enjoying these natural beauty foods? If so, you may have an acidic condition in the body. Or you might have some issues with sugar that prevents you from metabolizing fruit. If that is the case, I advise you to stay away from sweet fruits until you can rebalance your body. Stick to fruits that are lower in sugar, like kiwis, limes, and coconut. I created this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet with you in mind for satisfying your sweet tooth without overloading your body with sugars. 


Now kiwis are a very special fruit in my eyes, which is why it really is the star ingredient in this sorbet recipe. Its combination of slightly sweet and tangy flavor makes it a great choice for people needing to stay away from fruits with extra sugars. And it comes packed with tons of life force that works wonders in the body. 

Not only are kiwis lower in sugar as I mentioned above, but they are also a wonderful example of a fruit that bears its own seeds. As you are making this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet recipe, take a moment to really observe the inside of your kiwis. All of those black itty bitty seeds are so full of vibrancy! These seeds have the DNA programmed in them to become huge plants fruitful with life. 

If you are looking for a little boost in your fertility, jump on this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet, Beauty! Kiwis are naturally bursting with life force. As kiwis bear tons and tons of seeds, they are so rich with the potential to reproduce. Unlike other fruits that have been genetically modified to be seedless, kiwis are bursting with fertility. When eating some Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet, know that you are taking in the energy of the kiwis and increasing your own magnetism!


If you have been following my recipes and lifestyle for a while, then you know how much I love, love, love my lemons! They are a true staple in my life that I can not bear to live without. Just like those yellow-fellows, limes also have loads of vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C helps our bodies absorb iron. And for those of us who are plant-based, we always want to make sure that we are absorbing all the iron that we can get! 

Limes have a powerful tangy taste that makes this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet really pop with flavor! A little bit of lime goes a long way for both flavor and cleansing abilities. Bonus: do you know that limes can actually help reduce overall body odor? They sure can! As the saying goes, we are what we eat.  

Know that when you are enjoying this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet, you are treating your skin with a powerful layer of protection. This sorbet actually has antibiotic and disinfectant properties thanks to limes. Limes help rejuvenate the skin and protect it from infections. If you have extra on hand, you can even apply limes directly onto your skin. Its acids scrub out dead cells and cure dandruff, rashes, and bruises. Talk about being healthy from the inside out! ;)


If you have yet to adventure into the world of coconut, Beauties, let me tell you, it is time. Coconuts are commonly called the “tree of life” and for good reason, too! They have been used in Ayurvedic medicine and Hindu rituals for centuries. Ancient cultures believe that coconut has healing and youth-promoting qualities. It is by far one of the best natural hydrators out there. So you can feel good making yourself a serving of this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet. It will hydrate your entire body and even help restore elasticity and flexibility to your skin!

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Also, do you know what fruit has tons of potassium? If you are thinking bananas, you are halfway there. Yes, bananas are known for their amazing amounts of potassium, but coconut actually has two times more. Surprise! Potassium is an electrolyte that we can always use more of, Beauties. It helps to facilitate cellular cleansing on a powerful level. Plus it helps our bodies to regulate our fluid balance. So not only is coconut hydrating, but it also keeps our water retention in check. This tree of life is pretty phenomenal! 

Another way I like to incorporate coconut into my life is with coconut nectar. This is my favorite sweetener and it is what brings this Kimi Lime Coconut Sorbet to the next level. Like the shredded coconut used in this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet recipe, it is also rich in minerals and amino acids. Plus it has little impact on your blood sugar levels. In comparison to traditional sweeteners, coconut nectar is low in fructose. So you won’t need to worry about a crazy sugar crash after enjoying this Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet. 

My Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet recipe is so easy to make. You’ll be able to put this together in no time!  

Simply add your peeled kiwis, lime juice, and coconut nectar to a blender or food processor. Then pulse all your ingredients together until it is smooth to make your Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet. In order to make it nice and thick, you will next need to pour your ingredients into a pan and place it into your freezer for a few hours. Be sure to keep an eye on it as it gets close to thickening up. You don’t want to over freeze it so it’s too hard to eat. From there you can scoop your Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet into your favorite bowls and be proud of your masterpiece. I like to sprinkle shredded coconut flakes on top, but that is completely up to your liking. 

Kiwi Lime Coconut Sorbet
Serves: 2
  • 8 kiwis, peeled
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • ½ cup coconut nectar
  • ¼ cup, shredded coconut flakes
  1. Add your kiwis, lime juice, and coconut nectar to a blender or food processor.
  2. Blend ingredients until smooth and creamy.
  3. Pour ingredients into a pan and place it into your freezer for 2 hours. You want the sorbet to thicken up and harden but not freeze over completely.
  4. Scoop sorbet out into your favorite bowls.
  5. Sprinkle shredded coconut flakes on sorbet and enjoy!