This week’s topic is: Best Tips To Reduce Inflammation

Immunity is obviously on everyone’s mind. We want to keep our bodies, ourselves, our loved ones as strong and resilient and safe as possible in the world right now. We’re all still in quarantine and there’s a lot of uncertainty out there.

We know that we can’t control everything that’s going on in the world. However, we do have a lot of control in our self-care practices and how we take care of our bodies and strengthen ourselves.

I am so excited for this topic. I think this is one of the ways we can really support you, Beauty. We want to give you lots of tangible tools, tips and a deeper understanding of your immune system, which is our goal over today’s show.

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Charlotte – New Jersey 

I’ve really been stressing over everything and haven’t been regular in the bathroom. How much can not going to the bathroom affect my immune system?

Taylor – Nebraska 

Is there a simple 1-2 ingredient snack that can give me a boost, rather than turning to a candy bar or something I know is not healthy for me?

Joanna – Idaho

Beside food, what supplements can I take to help support my immunity, especially before venturing out for groceries?

Melanie – Chicago

Is there a tea or elixir I can make that will give me a boost?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

The more you take the time to deeply connect with yourself, the more you like yourself and the more you appreciate yourself.


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Kimberly: Hey Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday Q&A podcast where our topic today is support around boosting your immunity. And immunity is obviously on everyone’s mind. We want to keep our bodies, ourselves, our loved ones as strong and resilient and safe as possible in the world right now where we are still in quarantine and there’s a lot of uncertainty out there.

Kimberly: We know that we can’t control everything that’s going on in the world obviously, but we do have a lot of control in our self care practices and how we take care of ourselves and our bodies and strengthen ourselves. So I am so excited for this topic. I think this is one of the ways we can really support you, beauty and give you lots of tangible tools and tips and a deeper understanding of your immune system, which is our goal over today’s show.

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Kimberly: We have our amazing general manager of Solluna, Katelyn on the line who has been with me since the inception of this podcast. She is holding tight over there in Virginia. How are you doing Kay?

Katelyn: Doing well today. Great to be back for today’s show. I have been trying to focus on my immunity. I was really sick like December, January, February and I have to say COVID-19 aside, I was really trying to get on the bandwagon of getting well because I just really had been run down.

Katelyn: So since moving I’ve gotten some really good protocols in place like back on my GGS. I’ve been having ginger tea, just the basics that you don’t even realize if you’re not doing it, how much it can really affect you. So I’m sure we’ll talk about more today.

Kimberly: Yeah, I think that’s a really great point to get things kicked off is that so much in our society it is about wanting a quick fix or a magic pill or some magic solution. And really it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as that. It’s these small, simple steps that we do day in and day out, week in and week out that really have such a huge impact on how we look and how we feel.

Kimberly: So I want to remind you guys the things that are really simple. The hot water with lemon, taking probiotics, these little things really do add up in a major way. So as we get into this, I just want you to keep that in mind. Simple is powerful, consistency is powerful. And that’s what ultimately is going to make a really big difference in your immunity long term and in your life.

Katelyn: Yes. All around consistency is key. I was doing things for like a week and I’m like, why is it not working? It’s like okay it takes more than a week Katelyn, calm down.

Kimberly: Exactly. But in that same vein, when you get off track with these little habits, when you stop making GGS for a little while or you don’t order your probiotics and you let them run out, that’s when things start to get off track little by little. So just the way … it’s like we’re building the foundation of a very strong house.

Kimberly: We’re building a beautiful house on stone, not on sand and just like any home, you want to keep the uptake of the home up. You need to pull the weeds out, you need to wash the windows, you need to do these little things. Otherwise it starts to erode and sometimes you don’t notice that erosion until something bigger happens.

Kimberly: But that’s why we just want to consistently devote some of our time every day, some of our resources to this self care. And that is how we build our deepest beauty. That’s how we stay strong. That’s how we have amazing immunity. I mean I will share too, I don’t take many supplements. I take SBO Probiotics, Detoxy and Digestive Enzymes. Of course, I don’t recommend to you guys anything I don’t take.

Kimberly: I also take prenatals right now because I’m pregnant, but I don’t spend money a lot of money on all these different tinctures and super foods and all the things out there because I know that the simple everyday things are really what’s powerful. Dan Buettner was talking about this as well on our podcast, which we can link to K on the blue zones.

Kimberly: He said, “Hey, here are the strongest longest living people on the planet.” They have the least amount of disease. They live the longest lives. They’re not having all these crazy supplements and bio hacking stuff and all this, like they’re just eating simple whole foods. They’re at least 90% plant based and they just have these simple practices they do every day. And so just our theme here is simple and consistent.

Question 1: I’ve been really stressing over everything and I haven’t been regular in the bathroom. How much cannot go into the bathroom affect my immune system.

Katelyn: Yes. That’s a great way to dive into this topics. We’ll go into a little bit more detail as we run through the questions. We’re going to kick it off with Charlotte. Living in New Jersey, I’ve been really stressing over everything and I haven’t been regular in the bathroom. How much cannot go into the bathroom affect my immune system.

Kimberly: Charlotte, thank you so much for your question. Talking about consistency. So it has a huge effect on your immune system. If you do not go to the bathroom, if you are constipated and backed up, there’s a higher level of toxicity and stagnation in your body. And we know that stagnation in the body is a breeding ground for bacteria, foreign pathogens, viruses.

Kimberly: A body that isn’t clean, will tend to get sick a lot more. So I say this to keep it real. I’m not trying to scare you Charlotte, I’m coming from experience because I used to be very constipated and I used to be a lot more prone to colds and little things I would pick up.

Kimberly: Now I never get sick, I keep my body really clean. That as a top priority for me. So I would say Charlotte going in the bathroom every day is absolutely key. I want you to focus on that as one of your body goals. I highly recommend that you start taking Detoxy every day or every other day.

Kimberly: You can find your flow, you can find your amount of capsules. For me, it’s always four, I take every second or third day and that oxygen is very anti-aging and it’s also just going to keep you going to the bathroom in a non laxative non habit forming way. But other than that, I also recommend gut health, probiotics, fiber fibrous foods, GGS, staving off dairy, congestive foods, refined sugars.

Kimberly: We have a lot of articles around gut health and going to the bathroom, but absolutely going to the bathroom is key for top immunity. It is key guys, I want to be clear, I’m so glad this is our first question. Just remember that a stagnant pond, a pond or a part of a stream that kind of gets blocked off by a bunch of leaves. You start to see the flies laying eggs there and the bugs coming around.

Kimberly: But the part where it’s flowing and it’s moving is always clean. That’s always if you were in the wild, that would be the clean water that you would want to drink. It’s the same thing in our body. If it’s stuck, if we’re not pooping, if things just kind of roast in our bodies and our hot mammalian body temperature of almost 100 degrees, you can be sure that’s a much more fertile breeding ground for sickness to take colt.

Katelyn: And when you’re constipated you just don’t feel good.

Kimberly: Exactly.

Question 2: Is there a simple one to two ingredients snack that can give me a boost rather than turning to a candy bar or something I know is not healthy for me?

Katelyn: You can’t be as bright and as light as you want to be. And so I’ve struggled with constipation for so long and just staying on that regular routine really helps. Beauty. So we will go to Taylor’s question. Who’s living in Nebraska? Is there a simple one to two ingredients snack that can give me a boost rather than turning to a candy bar or something I know is not healthy for me?

Kimberly: So thank you Taylor for your question. Thank you for being part of our community. I will say there’s two snacks that immediately come to mind for me that I make for myself. One of them is almond butter on celery sticks. It’s a nice crunch. It’s a nice boost of satiating fat and protein from the almond butter. It feels really nice. It’s properly food combined and it’s very quick to make.

Kimberly: The second one is a dinosaur kale, which I love. It’s like a thick, hearty, waxy kale and I just spread the Kite Hill cream cheese on it and I eat it like a little wrap. And that’s really … both of these are really great for energy. They’re great for your body. Refined sugar is something that depletes and your energy depletes and creates imbalance in your microbiome. So ultimately it would deplete your immunity.

Kimberly: Whereas these snacks are fortifying, they’re filling, they’ve got lots of fiber, they’re just all around great snacks and you can make them in under 10 seconds. So I urge you to try it yourself. It’s so funny because Tal Ronnen is this amazing chef. He has this great restaurant here in LA, K, which I don’t think I’ve taken you to. It’s called Crossroads.

Kimberly: It’s kind of far away. It’s in West Hollywood, so we don’t go there that much, but he is one of the founders of Kite Hill, which is all in milk-based. And I said to him on our show, we’ll link to this podcast so you can hear it. I said, “Hey, I just love that your cream cheese with kale.” And he’s like, wow.

Kimberly: He’s like I never thought of that. That might be amazing. That sounds great. And it is so creamy and delicious and we know that green veggies are very wonderful for our immunity because of the antioxidants, because of the vitamins including vitamin C and vitamin K. Just wonderful, wonderful plant foods like this are going to keep us strong and resilient. So simple, easy snacks like that are definitely going to give your body a boost.


Katelyn: And creamy snacks are some of the best. I always turn to creamy snacks too. So we’ll link to that in the show notes, beauties, so you can check it out. That podcast and more about the products that Kim’s talking about, but right now we are going to take a short break and then we’ll be back to have the last two questions.

Kimberly: All right, Beauties. We are back from our break and we have two last questions for you guys on this very timely topic right now about supporting yourself, boosting your immunity, keeping yourself and your loved ones and your family as strong and resilient as possible.

Question 3: Besides food, what supplements can I take to support my immunity, especially before venturing out for groceries?

Katelyn: So we have another question coming from Joanna living in Idaho. Besides food, what supplements can I take to support my immunity, especially before venturing out for groceries?

Kimberly: Yeah, Joanna, thanks for your question. It’s a scary world out there. Going to the grocery store is … who knew this would be anxiety provoking, but it’s the reality of the world that we’re in right now. So I would say, again Joanna, I want you to think about immunity and resilience as a long term game.

Kimberly: It’s not just all in it to take this in the morning and I’m going to the grocery store in the afternoon. So I’m going to get a little boost now. I want you to think every day, every week you’re strengthening yourself more and more, so you become more fortified long term instead of just little pockets here and there, if that makes sense.

Kimberly: So I will say, I want to make sure that you have a lot … you said besides food, but supplementing with elixirs. I just want to say first of all, something as simple as hot water with lemon, which you can bump up now to twice a day at least is giving your body a boost of vitamin C which is highly correlated with immunity and that’s a really great thing to do.

Kimberly: We also have a vlog that we will link to in the show notes about foods for immunity, which I know is not your question, but I would just encourage you to have vitamin C rich foods, to have zinc rich foods. And that way you’re getting the supplements so to speak of these extra vitamins through food, which is always really great thing to do.

Kimberly: Besides that, as I was mentioning to Charlotte, our first question, it’s really important to keep your GI track in check. So, so much of your immunity, we could ask maybe 80% or so is connected … of immunity is connected to your gut. So as SBO Probiotics, number one, take them every day without fail. I’ve been mailing them to elderly relatives that I am concerned with their health and wellbeing. You definitely want to take them day in and day out.

Kimberly: Two a day. It’s going to keep you really fortified Detoxy. If you need to go to the bathroom, keep your body clean like we already spoke about at length. Thirdly I would say vitamin D is also a key vitamin which is really a hormone that will help you with your immunity.

Kimberly: Now we are coming into spraying. Some of us are able to get outside in the sunshine more, some are not but definitely vitamin D three is something that could really help and it’s been shown in clinical research to be of assistance in immunity.

Kimberly: So that’s something that we can definitely also take. Supplement wise, I don’t think you need to go crazy with the supplements. There is some research around elderberry if you want to try that. There’s liquid elderberry, there’s some supplements. That’s another one that there’s been a lot of talk around that.

Kimberly: Otherwise, just good old lemon water and the ones I spoke about I think are really, really top choices and you don’t want to overload with supplements right now, but those are a few really good ones.

Katelyn: And I was just thinking, Kay as you were talking and linking it back into our four cornerstones. Do you feel like if somebody is stressed or like emotionally off or not digging into their spiritual self that it could impact your immunity too?

Kimberly: Oh yes. Thank you Kay. Because I’ve been so focused on the questions that I have myself forgotten about really taking it back to the cornerstones, which is of course our anchor.

Kimberly: Absolutely. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re stressed, you’re worried about your job, you’re worried about your family, you’re worried about the news, so you feel anxiety in the pit of your stomach for a lot of the day and you take that into nighttime and then you don’t sleep as well.

Kimberly: A couple of ways that’s impacting you, that anxiety throws your hormones off. It can increase stress hormones, like cortisol, throws off your nervous system, your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive. And we know that our there’s fields of science now like neuroendocrinology that really show the connection between your brain and your endocrine system, your nervous system, your endocrine system.

Kimberly: And guess what that is also tied to your immune system. So stress is going to wear down your immunity and if you’re not sleeping well, sleep is so highly correlated with immunity as well.

Kimberly: So thank you, Kay. It’s like we were so quick to focus on what we can see and what we can hold and what we eat and the things we pick up, which is important. Now our first Cornerstone’s food, our second one’s body, but to your point Kay, the third is emotional wellbeing. Mental health. Fourth is spiritual growth.

Kimberly: And so we want to find the time to connect with ourselves. We want to meditate, we want to find stillness, we want to find digital boundaries. So we’re not on the news right before bed. We want to find ways to connect with community like this one, to get that mental support, to journal, to really have space.

Kimberly: Because if we don’t pay attention to those parts of our lives is so impactful on our immunity and we can take all these supplements and we could do all this stuff, but we’re still going to get worn down. So thank you so much for pointing that out Kay. It’s very key to this whole thing.

Katelyn: Because I was just thinking of me personally, like I’ve been having trouble sleeping and then just today actually I got into journaling again. I’d been … my mind’s been all over and I have this cute little journal and it has avocados on it. So this morning I was sitting at my table journaling again and just thinking all of this stress I’ve been harboring, is that affecting my immunity also?

Katelyn: So that was just great for you to point out. Also bringing it back to the four cornerstones and if anybody doesn’t know what we’re talking about, head over to and you can just enter your email and we’ll send you our comprehensive guide for free that you can dig into.

Katelyn: You may have not had time before or you may have not known about it. If this is maybe even your first time listening to our show, so be sure to just head over to our website, for those free resources.

Kimberly: Thank you Kay, I was talking about that today on our Solluna Circle time on our life, how we put good time into that ebook. It’s just a great thing to take advantage of. It’s beautiful, it’s colorful, it’s got tips and solutions and recipes. So go check it out. There’s no reason not to.

Katelyn: Yeah. Because actually if you’re looking … I know for me, I’ve been looking for a new book or I picked up a craft project, so some people-

Kimberly: Yeah which one?

Katelyn: I picked up like a little like a picture and instead of painting it like you press in these little gems to make the picture. So it’s kind of like paint by number, but with these press on gems, it’s totally mindless but it just kind of like lets me zone out because I’m very-

Kimberly: Crafty.

Katelyn: I’m too on sometimes. So I need a way to turn my brain off. So by doing kind of like a mindless task helps.

Kimberly: I love that. And then you get a pretty piece of art afterwards.

Katelyn: And you can like hang it up or give it as a gift. So I’ve been working on that.

Question 4: Is there a tea or elixir I can make that will give my immunity a boost?

Katelyn: All right guys. So let’s go into Melanie’s question. Who’s living in Chicago? Is there a tea or elixir I can make that will give my immunity a boost?

Kimberly: Yes. So again, back to basics here I would say hot water with lemon and ginger and raw manuka honey is my go-to. Now I am plant-based, but I guess there’s this funny term beegan instead of vegan. So I’m okay with bee products so long as they are ethically sourced and organic. There’s been periods in my life where I’ve really gotten to know my beekeeper and he’s so loving with the bees and there was a farm out in New York I used to source from, and then there was one here in California. I source from when I can as well.

Kimberly: And I am good with bee products. I think it’s a personal preference. I think bees are … their natural nature is to work and to produce. And so you’re ethically sourcing bee pollen and honey. I’m okay with that. And manuka honey in particular is a type of honey, the kind that I get is from New Zealand, which is why I say I source the other honey sometimes, but in this case it is high potency honey that is correlated with being really great for your immunity.

Kimberly: You want to make sure that it’s raw, it’s got the enzymes and it balances the sourness of the lemon and the earthiness of the ginger. So I add all three. I had it last night. It feels really great to me, I like to do it at bedtime when I’m reading and sometimes I’ll do it in the day.

Kimberly: So it’s very simple and it’s, it’s accessible when you go to the grocery store, buy a pretty big chunk of ginger so you don’t have to go to the store that much. Buy a couple bags of lemons, store them in your fridge, not your countertop. Because we know that vitamin C does degrade quite quickly because it’s a water soluble vitamin.

Kimberly: So even though it looks pretty to put it on the countertop, I definitely recommend storing it in the fridge and get your honey. And that’s a really great booster.

Katelyn: That’s something I didn’t realize. I always store my lemons on the counter, so that’s smart to put in the fridge and save them quite a while longer because most people are trying to cut back on their grocery store trips at this time. Minimize it. Cut that down. All right, great. Well, we’re wondering here Kay, if there’s anything that’s top of mind with everything that’s going on to finish up here for our inspirational quote of the week.

Thought of the Week

Kimberly: So my inspirational quote of the week is something that I am sort of, I’m going to ad lib for you guys and it was directly inspired by our community. You guys may or may not know, but I’m doing an Instagram live every day at noon Pacific standard time. It’s about half an hour. I answer questions, we talk about our four cornerstones, different topics, and then we end with a short meditation.

Kimberly: So please come join us if you’re free. We love the community, we love the connection. It’s a really warm fuzzy time, isn’t it? But [inaudible 00:24:33] interesting about jealousy and someone was saying quarantine time is a really hard time for me with jealousy.

Kimberly: And we talked about it a lot in the community and I think this Beauty had just … with a lot of us just online a lot and feeling more isolated and more lonely. So it was just, it was an interesting aspect. I think a lot of emotions, a lot of things come up in stillness and when we start to peel away distraction and while we’re quarantining.

Kimberly: So my quote is the more you take the time to deeply connect with yourself, the more you like yourself and the more you appreciate yourself. And so why is this related to jealousy? I think that when I say taking the time to deeply connect is to have time alone, to have time in stillness, walking in nature, meditating.

Kimberly: If we don’t really spend time with ourselves, for a lot of people we feel every moment, we go to dinner, we go to happy hour, we go to yoga class, we go to work, we get together with friends. We don’t really have that time to get to know ourselves. And when we get to know ourselves, that is really the root of self love and appreciation and where we feel confident.

Kimberly: Confidence is such a huge boost to our life. It makes us feel good just in being ourselves and makes us feel like we don’t have to try to look like everyone else. And be like everyone else. And then it also extends into us not being envious and jealous and so into what other people are doing. We’re happy when people are doing whatever they’re doing out there and we’re doing what we’re doing.

Kimberly: So there’s a level of peacefulness and joy that increases with that along with the confidence. So I would encourage you Beauty, I’ll say it again. The more you take the time to deeply connect with yourself, the more you like yourself and the more you appreciate yourself.

Kimberly: So carve out some time in your daily schedule and your routines to meditate, to breathe. Like hey just you doing your crafts. Me with my walks in nature and get to know yourself. I mean it sounds like such a basic thing, but it’s actually not for a lot of people that are so busy and into that flow of distraction.

Kimberly: So I think that’s one of the guests that can come out of this quarantine hopefully, is that we have more time to connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

Katelyn: Beautifully said and a great way to round out the show where a lot of emotions can come up and just how to combat maybe those feelings of jealousy. So that’s a great reminder. Oftentimes when we’re quarantined, even my family is like you can still go outside or like even just people who can do what and there’s all these things going on.

Katelyn: So I think it just is a good reminder if everybody, not like stay in your lane, but when we focus on ourselves, like you said Kay it’s like there’s always going to be somebody that has more than you are that could do. It doesn’t mean that what we have isn’t enough. So I couldn’t agree more that just bringing it back to ourselves as such a positive way to round out our show.

Katelyn: And before we go Beauties, as always, I just want to remind you that it’s really important that you keep submitting your questions and your topics that you want us to talk about. We want to be here for you. That’s what the show is developed around. So please continue to do that. Go over to there’s the podcast tab and click ask Kimberly, submit your question on the form and I will continue to look at them and make sure we keep the show relevant for you.

Kimberly: Thank you so much, Kay. We appreciate you so much for holding space for us and running the podcast. I appreciate you and appreciate you as well Beauty. Thank you so much for being part of our community. We love you. We wish you great strength and resilience. Please check out the show notes where we’ll link to a lot of the stuff we talked about, the shows, the products, the free ebook resources that we think will really support you as well at this time.

Kimberly: As Kay said, please keep your questions coming. We love to hear and connect with you on a deeper level. We love you. We will be back here Monday for our next interview podcast. Until then, take care and so much love.