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Hi Beauties,

Today our topic is How to Remove Stretch Marks and Cellulite from Pregnancy. Whether you are a new mom, you are expecting, or this is a topic that may affect you in the future, information is always important.

We are so excited to have our little ones. I’m actually pregnant myself right now. But of course we don’t want the long term effects physically of feeling like our bodies have gotten beat up. And of course finding natural solutions for helping our bodies bounce back.

Cellulite and stretchmarks are things I get asked about all the time. We are such powerful beings as mamas to be able to hold and carry and grow the life. And of course we want to restore our health and our vibrancy, our wellbeing, and our skin, postpartum. So this is a very valid topic, of course.

Understanding Postpartum Cellulite and Stretch Marks

First it’s important to understand what’s going on in your body. Obviously I’m always amazed at how big my belly can stretch. Our skin is expanding, the collagen is, and the elastin, the proteins in our skin are expanding so much, and rapidly. Of course that’s one of the primary reasons for stretch marks.

Cellulite happens because our bodies are nourishing this new life, so our bodies are holding onto more fat and more water. Cellulite is fat that is protruding through the collagen and creates a wrinkling effect, which may not be our favorite thing. But again, we can go back to first of all appreciating that our bodies can even hold this amazing life. But it doesn’t mean we have to deal with cellulite forever.

Tip #1: Eliminate junk foods, additives, sugars, and overly processed foods from your diet.

I have some tips that I want to leave you with. First is to eliminate junk foods, additives, sugars and overly processed foods from your diet. These foods are actually very inflammatory and cause our bodies to hold on to excess water and waste.

They are not doing us any favors in terms of rebuilding our collagen. So the more we can start to clean up our diet, if you had a lot of different, interesting, shall we say, cravings during your pregnancy time.

Postpartum, as you get into the flow, it’s a great time to just go back to our Beauty Detox Solluna basics with clean whole foods, mostly gluten free, mostly are all plant-based, lots of fibrous veggies and fruit.

Drinking your Glowing Green Smoothie®, your hot water with lemon. Try to clean up your diet as much as possible and that will definitely benefit your skin.

Tip #2: Consume foods that specifically help you detoxify to reduce postpartum cellulite

Second is to consume foods that are designed to help reduce and detoxify cellulite. Now this is great research that I’ve been talking about for years. There is a reason that cilantro always seems to make its way into our GGS. It helps chelate or remove heavy metals, which can contribute to the appearance of cellulite being more pronounced.

Add that cilantro into your GGS, put it in your wraps, top it on your soups and stews. Just keep it in your fridge and use it whenever you can.

And then just keep having all those beautiful alkaline foods which have a flushing effect in your body. From lemons, dark leafy greens, fruit, fibrous foods, which are going to keep cleansing your body. And the more cleansed our body, the more flow in our body, it has an effect of helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Tip #3: Heal the skin from the inside with food. 

We want to heal our skin thoroughly. We want to heal our skin from the inside with food. Avocados have a mix of folic acid and omega-3’s, which can help soften the skin. I’m a huge fan of the right fats and getting them from whole foods. Avocados are wonderful.

Walnuts are really great for repairing the skin. They also have omega-3 fats. L-arginine, which is an amino acid in walnuts, also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The sulfur found in cabbage and radishes also assist with wound healing.

You want to add some cabbage to your stews, to your soups. And also anything with vitamin C in cabbage, especially if you’re making a raw slaw, mangoes, any sort of fruit is also going to help your collagen repair as well.

Pumpkin seeds are an amazing food because of their zinc content and vitamin C. Zinc is an important mineral to add in at this time because it can decrease your chances of developing more stretch marks as well.

Tip #4: Exercise, especially forms that help with cleansing, such as yoga

Exercise that’s going to help with cleansing and flow and circulation is also going to be great for helping your skin repair, getting the cellulite to reduce in appearance.

Yoga, any sort of twisting, heart opening, walking, just moving your lymph, moving your whole body, anything that’s not too aggravating on your system is going to be really, really wonderful.

Tip #5: Try dry brushing or exfoliating the skin

Dry brushing, exfoliating your skin is also great. Also moves the lymph. You can get a dry brush at the drug store for like $6-$10 and that’s something I do and keep in my bathroom. I can’t say I do it every day, but goals.

Tip #6: Self massage with coconut or almond oil

And lastly, it’s really important to do a self-massage on your belly. I’ve been using Shea butter on my belly to prevent stretch marks.

There is research from the Journal of Clinical Nursing showing that the combination of almond oil and massage reduces stretchmark development in pregnant women. So that’s another ingredient you want to try as well.

In Closing

I want to end by saying you are an amazing, powerful, strong mama and just being able to carry life is such a gift and so amazing. You are incredible. You probably focus more on the cellulite and stretch marks more than anybody else. So give yourself a break. Use some of these tips. Do your best.

Remember how strong and amazing your body is. No matter how little, these little imperfections on the surface are what make us unique. And remember from the inside out is how we really build our beauty and connect with our true confidence and our true expression from here. No one can take away, and a stretch mark will never take away.

Let me know how you do with some of these tips. Thank you so much for tuning in. I send you lots and lots of love, Mama, and I will be back here next week.