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Hey Beauties,

Our topic today is How Probiotics Can Help Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth. Hair is one of those topics that I get lots of questions about. And it’s no wonder, we all want to have great hair. And I can say, from personal experience, that I used to have a lot of hair problems. My hair didn’t grow, it was super coarse. I used to have to wear it in a bun. It just was a mess.

When I started really overhauling my lifestyle, including my diet and really focusing on my digestion, that was the huge turning point for me in being able to grow healthy hair.

The Link Between Hair and Gut Health

When we think about hair, a lot of people ask me about certain specific supplements, like biotin, and also protein, which is really important because our hair is largely made up of protein.

But beauty really does start from the inside out. And this is true for your hair. If we don’t have proper digestion and circulation, nutrients aren’t going to get to your hair follicles, which your hair does not consider a vital organ, even though we very much do want to have great hair.

How Probiotics Can Stop Hair Loss

Here is some research and statistics I want to bring up to you. By 50, 85% of people are experiencing some form of hair loss. And 40% of those people are women. Here is how probiotics may be your secret weapon for helping to prevent hair loss and stimulate better growth.

#1: Probiotics fight inflammation

Number one, probiotics is a huge powerhouse way to fight inflammation. A study published in Experimental Dermatology found that probiotics can promote hair growth by reducing stress induced skin inflammation.

Well, we all know that inflammation is rampant in our modern stress rampant society. So, probiotics can be a really powerful way to help rebalance that. Probiotics have the ability to counteract hair loss by supporting the body to enable the hair follicles to sustain growth.

And probiotic bacteria stimulates the anti inflammatory compound of the immune system to release hormones that can disrupt the damaging inflammatory cycle according to different research.

#2: Probiotics help reduce stress

Probiotics can also help with stress. And remember that stress is something that starts in the mind, but it has such a physical impact on our bodies. It can make us hold and gain weight. It can make us break out. And guess what? It can actually contribute to hair loss.

Research shows that a traumatic event can cause a shock to hair follicles, pushing them out of growth phase and into a shedding phase. As we all know, we’re going through a very stressful time right now, a challenging time that is unprecedented with everything that’s going on in the world.

Probiotics have that ability, according to research in scientific reports, probiotic bacteria can actually help reduce stress and anxiety levels, combating hair loss. And I would say this has a lot to do with the gut brain connection, and the neurotransmitters in the gut that are related to our moods and our ability to really sustain and maintain mental health.

#3: Probiotics help balance hormones

Probiotics also help balance hormones. Stress hormones have a major impact on hair loss, and those that don’t have enough beneficial probiotic lining, a bacterial lining in their intestinal walls, are more prone to hormonal problems. Thus thinning hair, losing hair. These can be related to our hormones. So, probiotics are powerful aid in that way.

Ways that Probiotics Promote Hair Health

#1: Probiotics Stimulate Hair Growth

Again, probiotics stimulate hair growth. A study conducted by MIT found an astounding rate of hair growth among subjects who took probiotics, calling it a robust rate of growth. Their word, not mine. They trace it back to probiotics’ ability to support hormonal balance, as I just mentioned, which is really important for better hair growth.

#2: Probiotics = Thicker Hair

Two, probiotics equals thicker hair. There’s another study found that the different phases of hair growth were actually started in the skin, and probiotics were helping to strengthen and thicken the skin cells, which resulted in thicker hair. Very interesting.

#3: Probiotics Make Hair Shinier 

Probiotics also can make your hair shiny hair. We all like a nice shine. 2013 study found that mice who were fed probiotics displayed shinier hair in as little as seven days.

In Closing

There you have it, Beauties. If you really want to benefit your locks, if you want to have healthy hair, if you want to keep your hair full and thick and growing in, take your SBO Probiotics every single day. It has made a huge difference in my life, and I hope the same is for you.

We have some links and information here. SBO Probiotics are the kind that I really stand behind. And we offer them here in a form that is going to get through stomach acid. It’s going to get into your gut. It’s going to benefit your health, and your hair as well.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I send you lots of love. I will be back here next week. Til then, take care. See you on Instagram, and social, and over in our site as well.