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Hey Beauties,

I hope you’re doing and feeling great. Today, I want to give you 5 Easy Tips for Improved Health and Immunity. As you know and are well aware, immunity is on everyone’s mind right now. We want to keep our bodies healthy and strong and also support our loved ones.

The tips I give you today are pretty accessible and easy to incorporate, which I think is really important. Small, simple things that we can start to do in our everyday lives to give us a boost. In addition, it will give our overall wellbeing and our energy a boost as well.

Tip #1: Utilize Herbs and Spices

The first has to do with our first cornerstone here at Solluna, which is food. Our cornerstones are food, body, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth. Food is a great way to support your immunity. And specifically, my first tip has to do with the spices that you use.

There’s some amazing research around echinacea, which boosts our immune system and helps us fight off colds and bacteria. Sage breaks up mucus and acts as an antiseptic.

Studies find that when you combine echinacea and sage together, they can work to reduce inflammation and irritation making them a great sore throat remedy. Another herb and spice combination that you can use is ginger and cayenne pepper.

I’ve been putting this together a lot in tea for years along with lemon juice because the ginger is earthy and feels like this openness, and the cayenne gives a little bit of a punch. You can easily add this to an elixir with hot water. It said to help protect our body against viruses and illnesses. Here’s my to link to my Immunity Tea.

What’s great about this is you can get a whole bunch of ginger for a few dollars and you can get a whole shaker of cayenne pepper. It’s just a great thing to add that’s super accessible and super inexpensive long term.

#2: Eat and Drink Your Vitamins

Next is eating and drinking your vitamins. We’ve all heard of vitamin C, but I just want to remind you how important Vitamin C is helping to prevent illness. So much research, and one of the best ways to get Vitamin C is through getting your daily GGS.

Vitamin C is in all sorts of fruits, greens, vegetables and lemon juice. When you’re having your GGS every day, it’s great insurance that you’re getting in your Vitamin C.

If you’re having a difficult time right now sourcing fruit, I highly recommend getting frozen fruit. That’s fresh frozen at the moment of peak ripeness, so there’s still a pretty good amount of Vitamin C content in it. I personally have been using frozen pineapple and frozen peaches in my GGS, and my freezer is loaded with frozen fruit right now as well.

Zinc is a mineral, but that’s been proven to give your immune system a boost. Pumpkin seeds, grapefruit, cucumbers, and fennel are all great sources of Zinc.

#3: Hydrate and Detox

My third tip is to hydrate and detox. This is the season for cleansing. This is when it’s a great time to allow your body to flush out more waste and more toxins. One of the ways that we can do that is by incorporating a lot more water.

There’s many different ways to eliminate toxins out. We can also try to sweat. If you have access to an infrared sauna at home, that’d be a great thing to do to help your body release toxins. You can also do some dry skin brushing through your skin. If you have access to getting outside, going for a brisk walk, anything you can do to promote more sweating is also going to be really wonderful right now.

#4: Support Cleansing with Supplements

From our body cornerstone perspective, you do want to incorporate proper supplements. I’m a huge fan of eating the right way and living a lifestyle, but there are a few supplements that really will give your body a boost at this time.

Feel Good SBO Probiotics

The first is our SBO Probiotic, which is key. If there’s one supplement you’re going to take day in and day out and not skip, it is our probiotic. It gets into your gut where most of your immunity is based and helps to boost your mood, your energy and your digestion.

It’s great for hair health, for balancing your hormones and for your skin. It’s number one in my opinion.

Feel Good Detoxy

The next supplement I suggest is our Feel Good Detoxy. The cleaner your body is the less hold foreign pathogens, viruses and bacteria can take hold. It just helps to increase the elimination of waste. I highly recommend taking that regularly.

Also, I suggest our Feel Good Digestive Enzymes to make sure you’re absorbing the most nutrition from your food and getting the most immunity that you can out of what you eat.

#5: Sleep

Next is sleep. Sleep affects us in so many different ways. It has been linked to boosting our immune system. When we sleep, we are in a better mood, which means we are less reactive to outside events, which means we have less stress in our lives.

We can feel more peaceful, we are more apt to meditate, and to set to process our emotions in a healthier way. Sleep is super important as well.

In Closing

I hope that you incorporate one or a few of these tips into your life. I want you to stay healthy and strong and to feel great. Thank you so much for tuning in. I will be back here next week with more tips and information. I’ll also see you over on social at @_kimberlysnyder. Until then, take care and sending you lots of love.