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Hey Beauties,

Welcome back to our weekly blog where our topic this week is Boosting Your Immunity with these Probiotic Foods. Immunity, immunity, immunity, everybody’s talking about immunity right now, and with good reason.

We are all extra interested in strengthening our bodies, protecting our health and our wellness for ourselves and our loved ones. This is a really heightened topic right now. And I wanted to give a little bit about our perspective, which is so rooted on immunity and wellness from the inside out.

When we really protect our systems and fortify, especially our microbiome and our gut health, we know we can really work to protect ourselves in the best ways that we can. This is where so much of our immunity resides and the health of our microbiome is directly related to the strength of our immunity.

The Link Between Probiotics and Immunity

There is a strong connection between probiotics and immunity. We know that lifestyle factors such as stress, chemicals, pollutants in the environment and even eating too much red meat and animal products can really alter our microbiome.

This can change this very delicate, powerful configuration of the billions, trillions of bacteria that are in our guts and in our microbiome, which is actually throughout our body and it can create inflammation, weakening our immunity and our overall system.

It’s really important, on a daily basis, that we’re taking steps to strengthen and rebalance our gut health. And that is really perhaps the most important thing that we can do for our immunity when we strengthen our overall system. And of course, gut health is very great for energy and digestion, skin health, a host of whole other things. Everything is very interrelated in this way.

SBO Probiotics

Now, before I get into the foods, I want to reinforce how very important it is to take your SBO probiotics every day. I stand by this a million percent. I never ever skip a day – I take two every single day. These are probiotics that are soil born organisms or soil-based organisms. They’re hearty, they’re based in the soil and based in how our ancestors used to eat a little bit of earth every day.

They go in, they get past the stomach acid and they implant in your gut and they have the ability to really help strengthen your overall system. Besides healthy eating and besides reducing stress, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take these. You don’t need a lot of supplements, but to take these probiotics every day to just really strengthen your body and your overall wellness.

One study from the National Institute of Health, mentions how probiotics have been shown to enhance innate immunity and stimulate immune response to help us ward off viruses and disease. Again, there’s one thing you’re going to take right now, it’s to go take your probiotics. 

Let’s get into the foods as well.

Probiotics in Supplements and Food

#1 Probiotic and Enzyme Salad 

Now, another way to get probiotics is Probiotic and Enzyme Salad. And this is something I’ve been talking about since the Beauty Detox Solution. It’s basically my own term for raw sauerkraut or fermented veggies.

What’s really great about this is that when you culture veggies, the natural sugars on the veggies start to ferment and starts to create really healthy bacteria, as well as enzymes that you put into your body. Just a great thing to have some raw sauerkraut when you’re eating meals, it also helps the food digest. It can be very inexpensive.

Now, I’ve gotten this question a lot. Just because you have raw veggies with certain strains, it doesn’t replace taking a good probiotic and it’s not as resident forming. I think it’s a great add-on, but again, just like with these foods, you also want to make sure that you’re doing the supplement on top.

#2: Apple Cider Vinegar

Second top key food is apple cider vinegar. I’m prefacing this by saying it has to be raw apple cider vinegar with mother, with the natural enzymes occurring in it as well. And that way, you are able to get that nice healthy base.

There was a 2018 scientific study showing that raw apple cider vinegar was able to help boost immunity and to help fight harmful bacteria. It’s just a really great food ingredient to keep around. I use it in my salad dressings.

I work it into different dishes. It definitely has a kick. I’m not someone that likes to put it in smoothies. Although some people do. For me, it’s more about utilizing it and cooking and replacing other vinegar’s with it.

#3: Kombucha

Third is kombucha, and kombucha does contain some probiotics. I also think if you want some kind of fizzy drink, it’s obviously a lot better than any sort of soda or diet soda. Although again, same thing, it’s transient. It’s not resident forming. So it has some temporary benefits, but you still want to take your supplements, your SBO probiotics.

But that being said, if you are going to drink something, you’re definitely going to get some B vitamins and some probiotics from the kombucha. So that’s also a really great choice.

In Closing

I hope you try these tips (and foods) and start incorporating them into your lifestyle. I wish you all the best and I hope you stay really healthy and strong right now.

Stay connected to our community. We have lots of tips for you guys, weekly recipes, all sorts of things. Sending you lots and lots of love, and we will be back here next week.