This week’s topic is: Creating the Life You Want with Danica Patrick

I am so excited to have my very special guest, Danica Patrick, who is a bestselling author, an American former professional racing driver, entrepreneur and business owner, and host of the Pretty Intense podcast. Listen in as Danica shares how she stays true to herself while not compromising her identity, her non-negotiable practices to push the boundaries, and her take on the concept of beauty.


  • Preparing and cooking our foods visually…
  • How Danica stays true to herself while not putting her identity into what she’s doing in other areas of her life…
  • The idea of ‘knowing’ and having confidence, and where that stems from…
  • Finding the confidence to go into the male-dominated field of race car driving and where she found her support…
  • Non-negotiable practices and pushing the boundaries…
  • Our perspective on the concept of beauty…
  • How Danica is creating space for doing what she loves…


About Danica Patrick

As a racecar driver, Danica Patrick broke barriers and set records with her on-track performance. With her racing career behind her, Danica looks to her next chapter as she focuses on her passions: good food, great wine, fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

Danica joined the mainstream ranks by succeeding in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports and was named to TIME’s “100 Most Influential People” list. She has appeared in a record-setting 14 Super Bowl commercials, 13 of which were for longtime partner, GoDaddy!

Moving into her next chapter, retired from racing, Danica’s focus has shifted to her role as an entrepreneur and business owner. She has authored a book called Pretty Intense and has a well-established podcast under the same name. Danica also serves as the sole proprietor of Somnium, a vineyard in Napa Valley, California. In addition to these passion projects, Danica also continues to do inspirational speaking engagements and she plans to build upon these initiatives in the coming years.


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Danica’s Interview

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Kimberly : (00:01) Hey, Beauties. Welcome back to our Monday interview podcast. I could not be more thrilled for our guest today, who is the one and only Danica Patrick. That’s right. Bad-ass female race car driver, the best one ever, no big deal. And she’s also an entrepreneur, business owner, host of the Pretty Intense podcast. And she’s just an amazing woman. I first connected with Danica a few years ago when she did a bunch of cleanses at Glow Bio, my first juice shop, and she’d read some of the Beauty Detox books. And I just, you know, we started corresponding virtually and then I was recently on her podcast and she’s amazing. She’s so strong and has such a clear sense of herself and her gut instinct in her voice. So this is an amazing interview, you guys.

Fan of the Week

Kimberly : (00:54) But before we jump in, I just want to give a quick shout out to our fan of the week. His or her name is Avers5342 and he or she writes, “I have enjoyed your podcast for years now. This past year’s interviews and topics have been spot on. Thank you for all the work you do.” Avers5342, thank you so much for being our fan of the week. I send you a huge virtual hug, so much gratitude, so much thanks. And I hope we get to meet in person one day. And, beauties, for your chance to also be shouted out as the fan of the week, please be sure to leave us a review on iTunes, which is free and easy and only takes a moment to do. And while you’re over there, please be sure to subscribe to our show and that way you don’t miss out on any of these interviews or our community shows on Thursday.

Kimberly :(01:43) All right. All that being said, let’s get into our amazing interview with the spectacular, incredible, strong, loving, wonderful Danica Patrick.

Interview with Danica Patrick

Kimberly : 00:04:14 Danica, I am so excited to talk to you again. We’ve actually been connected for a few years. You’ve been doing some of our cleanses. Beauties, Danica is a GGS drinker, which is amazing. She’s had it. She’s one of us. Look at this skin and look at this hair and looking at this energy. And we know that you’re taking great care of yourself, Danica, and I love it. I love that you embrace the greens and the wellness. There’s so much, I want to ask you. But first of all, I want to say from one GGS lover to another, it makes me very happy.

Best practices and tips when drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie®

Danica: 00:04:48 Thank you for birthing the GGS. I mean, it’s a really, truly satisfying and delicious drink and it really helps you transition into not having to have things as sweet, right? Because there’s kind of just enough and then there’s like enough lemon to cut it. But the one thing I do add, and I don’t know, maybe you’ll tell me that I totally ruin it by adding this, but avocado makes it like so creamy. Is that a bad thing to add?

Kimberly : 00:05:17 So are you also doing the banana with it too?

Danica: 00:05:21 Yeah.

Kimberly : 00:05:22 I would say probably the avocado is just really dense fat. So I would say the fat for a little bit later, if you can. I mean, it does make it a little bit more filling and so you won’t have to have anything else. It’s not terrible to do, but I’m kind of a purist. I like just the fruit and the greens and the lemon and the water, but there’s far worse things you could do.

Danica: 00:05:44 Yeah. And I know that there’s certain sort of combinations for absorption or digestion and that’s kind of the world that I don’t know. I just sort of go with what sounds good or feels good on my body.

Preparing and cooking our foods visually

Kimberly : 00:05:57 Yeah, exactly. I think as long as we stick to 70% green, some fruits, some lemon, it’s very, very simple. It just becomes this formula. I honestly don’t think about it anymore. People are like measuring and recipes. I just grab things now. I’m very visual in how I cook and how I make stuff. And it’s never measured. It’s kind of like the messy hair thing, it just is what it is.

Danica: 00:06:20 Don’t you find that to be the hardest thing when you’re trying to write a recipe for your books? Because, there’s recipes in your books. And so do you find that… When I did that for my book, I was like, “I have to measure salt and pepper. This is ridiculous and I don’t ever do it.” Did you find that?

How Danica stays true to herself while not putting her identity into what she’s doing in other areas of her life

Kimberly : 00:06:39 I found it very unnatural actually, because it’s not how I live, but again, we want to replicate it for other people obviously to be able to follow it. So, Danica when we were talking to your podcast, your amazing podcast about this idea of transition, when we met virtually, I was working so much in food and I had the juice bar and now I’m just focusing a lot on Four Cornerstones and this holistic approach, which fills my heart. It feels true. It feels a little bit scary because it’s like, “Oh, people know me for one thing, but I’m sort of shifting and transitioning.” I’ve been following you actually for a long time, not sound like a creepy stalker, but my dad is really into cars and racing and all this stuff. So I had known about you for a while, and there’s so much I want to ask you. So this is going to be in some sort of random order, but just this idea of transition.

Kimberly : 00:07:39 Now I look at you and just the way you were talking about the bullies on social media, all these ideas, there’s strength that’s coming out of you and you’ve transitioned different parts of your life. Now you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve written a book, you have this amazing podcast. You’re out speaking all the time. I guess my question is how do you stay true to Danica and not put your identity in what you’re doing? So yes, you’re Danica, the race car driver, but you’re also Danica the woman, Danica the soul, Danica the podcaster, Danica, the writer, Danica, all these other things. So how has it been for you when you’re really known for one thing not to get so wrapped up in that’s who you are?

Danica: 00:08:29 I mean, I guess if I’m being honest, it’s been easy because I’ve always just followed my gut, my heart, my interests. And I also understand that you can’t do an excellent job at something if you’re not truly invested in passionate. So if I just let that be my guide, I tend to… It leads me in good directions. I would say that I do a pretty good job of not being attached too much to outcomes when it comes to work. I set goals, but now relationships is a whole other thing. But in work, I really-

Kimberly : 00:09:09 Complicated part.

Danica: 00:09:12 Complicated part. That’s the childhood stuff. But in work, I really just… I have a real trust that if I’m doing something that I really love doing that everything else takes care of itself. It will resonate, it will get traction. People will enjoy it or like it, or watch it or buy it or use it. And so I just yeah, I just feel like when I feel it, deep in my soul, that it’s for me and it makes me happy then at a bare minimum, I’m just doing something that I love doing. So, transition for me, transition for me has always been fairly easy. I guess maybe the simplest way to say it is that I’m so much more excited about whatever it is that I’m going into than I am scared to leave something behind.

We discuss the idea of ‘knowing’ and having confidence, and where that stems from

Kimberly : 00:10:09 Amazing. Where did you learn that Danica? Is this something that was taught in your childhood or did you have an experience? Did you read books? You have such conviction. Like I said, I just felt goosebumps when you said, “If it’s in my heart, I know it’s going to get traction.” That knowing this, where does that come from?

Danica: 00:10:31 I don’t know exactly how to answer. So the first thing that comes to mind is, is that I’m still kind of developing this and understanding this, but this ability to know truth and I really, you’re helping me understand it a little bit better, because it’s something I’m going through. I’ve sensed it for other people, but also I’m learning that it’s also, by just you asking that, that it’s also a sense of trust in myself and knowing truth in myself. And so connecting with that and understanding, because there’s this difference between like coming up with a story that is about a trigger or a wound or a judgment or an opinion versus what you know, because a knowing is just something that is there and you don’t even really know where it came from. Right? It’s just a new knowing. And so that’s hard to know the difference between something that you observe and have a thought about versus a knowing about.

Danica: 00:11:33 I think it’s fairly nuanced. And so I need to cultivate that in a way that’s like drinking wine where when you first drink wine, it all tastes the same. Right? All red wine tastes when you first start drinking it. But then when you get good at it, you start noticing the nuance differences between a Cabernet and a Pinot or then you get better. And you’re like, you understand the difference between a Cabernet and a Merlot. And so you get better at being able to identify kind of more of what is exactly going on. So yeah, I guess, I have deep resonance with truth for myself that I’m sort of really starting to cultivate now, although I’ve always followed it.

Kimberly : 00:12:21 Those things you’ve accomplished it’s… Yeah I mean we’re always in journey, aren’t we?

Danica: 00:12:25 Yeah, it is. And so I guess I’ve been sort of, I guess, in touch and intuitive enough to know what it is that’s my truth. But you can always get better at that, right? Like you said, it’s a journey.

Finding the confidence to go into the male-dominated field of race car driving and where she found her support

Kimberly : 00:12:41 Oh, totally. And I think as, especially for women, there’s a big journey into what I call true confidence, which isn’t just what we paint on and how we look out here, but being really connected to ourselves. When I read all your amazing accomplishments and I think about your journey, forging a new path, not following a bunch of female race car drivers, but going into this male-dominated field to have that strength, that knowing-ness to go through all those challenges, this is something that was with you from when you were a teenager, I imagine, which is pretty tough. It’s tough being a female or any teenager, but I think a girl teenager. So how did you find your confidence back then, do you think? When you were starting to even say, “Hey, I’m going to do this and there’s no other girls, but I’m going to be the one.”

Danica: 00:13:36 Well I think that my family didn’t point that out. It wasn’t like, okay, “You’re a girl. Just do my best.” It was just like, “Go drive.” So that perception, I think was important. To just have the perception that I’m another driver. And so it wasn’t until I was really 14 when I started getting more attention and media that I started thinking about it more. So I think that understand, I mean, sports especially teaches you confidence. I mean, you’ve got to have it, you got to have conviction and you’ve got to have… You really have to be able to dig deeper. Yeah. So I think that there’s part of it that… Part of it, I think you just come into this life with, I think you’re either someone that can kind of cope with it or not, and then there’s also a learning. There’s nature versus nurture all the time.

Kimberly : 00:14:35 What were your parents like? Your mom freaked out about the driving? Was your dad the pusher or was it both of them? What were they like?

Danica: 00:14:47 My mom is a little bit more quiet, a little bit reserved, a little bit more accommodating. My dad is the pusher. My dad is like… But I mean, I remember growing up and it was like, “Your dad pushes you so hard.” And I’d be like, “Well, he always tells me that I could quit if I don’t want to do it, but if I want to do it, we’re going to do it right.” And so I used the word pull as a way to describe it more, he’s not a pusher, he’s a puller. Like, “If you want to come, let’s go.” But he was really hard on me. So he was tough.

Kimberly : 00:15:24 Were you an only child?

Danica: 00:15:25 No, I have a younger sister and her name is Brooke and she’s two years younger and she was actually the one who wanted to start racing. Not me.

Kimberly : 00:15:34 Wow.

Danica: 00:15:35 Yeah.

Kimberly : 00:15:35 Did she race too.

Danica: 00:15:37 For a little bit, for a little bit. I’ve always been someone who’s kind of just up for anything. I am really good at sort of sinking into myself or my place or my practices or my hobbies. I’m pretty good at that. But if somebody asks me to do something, I’m always up for that. So I feel like Brooke wanted to race and I was like, “Okay.”

Kimberly : 00:16:03 Wow.

Danica: 00:16:04 Yeah.

Danica shares some of her practices…

Non-negotiable practices and pushing the boundaries

Kimberly : 00:16:06 What are some of your practices now, Danica. I love this word. We talk about practice a lot. I think it’s like one offs here and there and tried the other things, but it’s the practices that we keep, which really does shape our life and our experience and our happiness. So can you share with us some of the things that are your non-negotiable practices?

Danica: 00:16:26 Sure. I guess I’ll start with what maybe… Because non-negotiable kind of evolves too, but I’d say foundationally, I’ll go with the things that I’ve done for the longest. One of them is fitness, for sure almost every day, working out, I really enjoy like difficult fitness, so CrossFit or something that is a little bit more intense. It really helps me be more present because I don’t think about a lot of other things. I can’t, I’m counting, I’m dying. And it also is me-

Kimberly : 00:17:07 [crosstalk 00:17:07].

Danica: 00:17:08 Yeah, exactly. But it’s also me pushing my boundaries, right? Of the comfort of like, whatever it is that I’m doing in fitness. So fitness is one, I would say food is another, as far as the practice goes to take care of myself. So I mean, I’m probably a little more regimented than I should be, but it’s because I really like feeling good.

Kimberly : 00:17:37 Yeah.

Danica: 00:17:41 I don’t like to feel bad. So some people are like, “Oh man, don’t you just ever eat a pizza?” And I’m like, “Not the one you’re talking about. I can make one with like almond flour and an egg and some apple cider vinegar and some Italian seasoning and roll it out and make a paleo version or something. But I don’t like crave the idea of crap. Just to eat crap to treat myself for me.” For me I can still treat myself while taking care of myself, but in general, taking care of myself as best as possible. So, again like GGS or chia pudding or a big salad or something like that. Those things, that’s me taking care of myself. That’s a practice. And that’s something that I really I do a pretty good job of.

Danica: 00:18:37 I would say some of the other… Those are the steadfast that I’ve done for so, so long. But the other things I would say the most right now, in the last couple of months, I’ve started waking up and putting on either a guided meditation or doing my own meditation. Then depending on the day, sometimes I’ll journal after that too. Journaling is very, very productive for me. I’m not as good at quieting the mind, but I’m pretty good at connecting with, I would say my higher self, my soul, the inner child. I can have dialogue, soul dialoguing. I can talk to other people too. I can feel like I talk to angels. I feel like I’m very driven by dialogue. And so I get a lot of very good information from that. So sometimes it’s a little bit of dialoguing, like meditating in meditative state and then other-

Kimberly : 00:19:47 Are you writing some of it too in your journal, Danica?

Danica: 00:19:50 Sometimes after, so it depends on what comes through, right? So, it varies from day-to-day if it’s both, if it’s one or the other. But if it’s enough, if it’s information that’s really meaty, then I for sure will write that in the journal afterwards. So meditating, journaling is very productive. I started doing something called The Class, which is-

Kimberly : 00:20:15 Oh, yes. Tara-

Danica: 00:20:16 Taryn Toomey‘s class, which I-

Kimberly : 00:20:18 Been on the podcast too.

Danica: 00:20:21 I’ve DMd with her a little bit. She seems amazing and-

Kimberly : 00:20:25 Amazing. Her voice is so deep.

Danica: 00:20:28 Yeah. I feel like she’s a very interesting person. But I really love that because that’s sort of… I feel like for me, it’s like serious fitness, The Class and then yoga. I feel like in The Class you get this marriage between like a little bit more physical movement, a little bit more burn, a little bit more something like that. But when you pair it up with the mind body connection of the guided sort of words that come through and then pairing that with breathing and movement, stuff comes through. It’s really, really nice. Some of the other practices would be… I mean, those are probably the most consistent. So yeah. Taking care of myself, mind, body, and soul, as best as I can.

One cornerstone Danica feels she could nurture more right now

Kimberly : 00:21:22 We’re all doing our best. What I love about the ones you naturally listed too, Danica were that they were really varied. So here and I talked about it on your podcast as well, we have Four Cornerstones, food, body, emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth. And I created this after working with so many hundreds and thousands of readers and clients and people. I always find that there’s one or two that we probably need to pay a little bit more attention to and nurture. And if we ignore one, some people really ignore their emotional wellbeing or their mental health and we tend to obsess over the food or the body one. But you listed journaling, which I would call the emotional wellbeing category, meditation, spiritual, your food, your body practices. So it already seems like you’re coming at this from a really balanced place. But if you could say Danica one cornerstone that you feel you could really nurture more right now, which one do you think it would be?

Danica: 00:22:21 Probably the emotional one. So connecting with my body and understanding things, as I said at the beginning, learning how to feel it in my body, the difference between sort of an opinion or something like that and versus a knowing or a truth. So getting more into that is something that I should do more of. I would say that I have started a little bit of a shift from… Because, I’d say something that I probably get a little bit more compulsive about. I mean, it’s tough between fitness and food, but I would say that fitness is super, super important to me. I have pulled away from the intensity to doing more of something like The Class where it’s not as hard for me, but I still get a little bit from it, but I get a little bit of something else from it. So for me, that’s been the shifting balance to shifting it towards a little bit more of that emotional sort of body as opposed to just the body.

Pushing the limits of comfort whether physically or emotionally

Kimberly : 00:23:24 So Danica, I’ve noticed that you’ve used the word intense at least five times. And it’s your natural, it’s such a powerful word. I think I get goosebumps again, just this energy. There’s so much Shakti energy coming through. It’s the name of your podcast, Pretty Intense. And your book. So what is it, do you think you’re drawn to, with intensity? Does it make you feel, does it make you present? Because some people are more drawn to soft things or quiet or gentle, but you seem really drawn to this intensity.

Danica: 00:23:57 I guess that’s… Actually, one’s even no one’s ever asked me that. It’s a great question. I would say that it’s probably because I can feel truth or that I can sense it and then I want it more and I want the depths of everything and pushing, pushing limits, pushing limits of comfort, whether it be physically, emotionally vulnerability. I just don’t swim in the deep end. It’s so boring to me. And so I think that therefore there lies in intensity.

Kimberly : 00:24:39 Yes.

Danica: 00:24:44 There’s no soft veil over it or thick veil. It’s just kind of like, “Oh, I’m mad.” Or, “I’m so happy.” Or, “Tell me what you’re thinking.” It’s like there’s no… It’s like I don’t have much of a filter, so things are more raw. So I’m more intensely sort of driven to your vulnerability. I’m more intensely driven to a deep, emotional practice or a more intensely driven to having an ideal meal that’s so perfectly balanced and nutritious or driven to the intensity of a workout. Yeah. I think-

Kimberly : 00:25:22 It sounds like you like playing with the edges, right? Like you say, edge of your comfort level and pushing boundaries. So you’re there. You’re right on the edge.

Danica: 00:25:32 That’s it. You’ve just named it.

Kimberly : 00:25:34 Well, I think of course race car driving is perfect for you. I can’t imagine you being drawn to I don’t know… Figure skating is intense too, but something that’s a little bit more-

Danica: 00:25:49 That’s right. One of the other things that pops up all the time, that is just… Obviously I was a race car driver, I think about that, is that I do everything fast. Everything from like, I looked at this house, I wanted it. So I’m like, “I want to move in in two weeks.”

Kimberly : 00:26:11 What about eating? Are you a fast eater?

Danica: 00:26:13 I am a fast eater.

Kimberly : 00:26:15 Okay.

Danica: 00:26:15 Yeah. I get put my food on my plate and I’m like, “This is what I’m going to eat.” And I just eat it all and then I’m done. Then I go, “Oh, okay.” So when people are like, “Do you want some water with dinner?” I’m like, “No, I don’t really drink while I’m eating.” So I’m a fast eater. I’m a fast processor. So, whether it’s emotional information or whatever, connecting to higher self. I’m pretty fast at accessing that sort of stuff and processing. Yeah. I just kind of do everything fast too. Intensity and speed. I mean, dude, how could I be anything but a race car driver.

Kimberly : 00:26:52 Do you miss it? Do you miss being in that car and racing around those turns?

Danica: 00:26:57 No, I don’t. I mean, I miss sort of the very, very focused precision of it. I think that was a part of it that I really loved that discipline, but there’s a lot that I don’t miss.

Kimberly : 00:27:11 Yeah. I’m sure, it played itself out. You did it for a long time.

Danica: 00:27:15 I have to say that. I mean, this probably fits in with kind of the vibe of all this, is that what ended up happening at the end is I was sort of doing a lot of more spiritual work and raising my vibration and-

Kimberly : 00:27:37 We say all that here.

Danica: 00:27:39 Yeah. I don’t have to joke about it. I’m good.

Kimberly : 00:27:42 It’s all frequency, we know. I think it’s a joke that everybody, the people that laugh at this that think, “Oh, everything’s solid.” It’s been shown beyond a sliver of a doubt that everything is vibrating, its frequency, it’s subatomic particles moving. So of course we’re talking about the language of quantum physics and how it actually really is.

Danica: 00:28:04 I love that. I mean, I read a book called Frequency, read a book called Holographic Universe.

Kimberly : 00:28:08 Yeah. I love Holographic Universe.

Danica: 00:28:10 It was a great book, mind-blowing. But anyway, so I felt like I was transitioning frequency-wise, to when I go to the track, I really felt discomfort. I felt like the purpose wasn’t so good, like the people weren’t so happy. Like it was… Not a lot about it was joyful.

Kimberly : 00:28:40 It was dense, I felt heavy.

Danica: 00:28:42 Yeah. Dense, heavy, negative. It just didn’t feel good anymore. There was a lot of people that I was really… Couldn’t even be around. There’s a few people, I remember just feeling like, “I can’t even be around that person.” And so I think I just was shifting frequency-wise and getting more sensitive to energies of other people. So I just wasn’t as happy. And so at the end I really allowed it to just flow. And so I was like, “You know what, if a sponsor comes along, then I will just take it as a sign and move ahead. But if one doesn’t then I really learned what it was to quit versus let go.” Because letting go just means I’m open to it still working, but I’m not grasping. So I let go and it just didn’t come together and that was okay. I was ready for that. I was ready for either.

Kimberly : 00:29:42 That’s beautiful. Yeah. It just didn’t match anymore. And sometimes that happens in a career or it happens in relationships. It happens and if we try to hold on and it’s not a matching frequency, it has anyway, but it just gets a lot messier, I think it. It just is a lot more stressful.

Danica: 00:30:02 I love the saying that your new life is going to cost your old one.

Kimberly : 00:30:06 Yeah.

Danica: 00:30:07 That’s true.

What goes on in the body and mind when driving at top speeds of 200mph or more

Kimberly : 00:30:09 It’s so true, Danica. What about fear? I mean, it doesn’t sound like you have a lot, we’re talking about intensity, but whenever I think about what you did, what you do, just how you live, I get a little bit like, “Oh my gosh! How can you drive that fast? How could you do that?” I think some people are wired differently. I had Laird Hamilton on here too. If you know Lair, he does those crazy waves. And he’s like, “I just become one with the wave.” So just for a moment, Danica, I know you’re not racing anymore, but already you’re painting a picture of your mind for me, the way you look at things and I’m starting to see it. It’s very raw. It’s very real. It just… Take me through though, when you’re going, how fast is it? How fast are you actually going?

Danica: 00:31:00 I mean, the top speed I probably ever went was like 240-ish. And then I didn’t lift and I turned left. So 200, let’s just call it 200.

Kimberly : 00:31:11 So let’s say you’re going 200 miles an hour. Does it ever, does this dissonance or disharmony ever come in between your body and your mind where you’re like, “You can’t do this, you’re going to kill yourself. This is crazy. What are you doing?” Or do you flow through? Just take me into the mind or Danica, race car Danica.

Danica: 00:31:32 No, that does not happen. I mean, you can think of that. The car doesn’t feel good, but you don’t ever, you’re not allowing those thoughts to come in. I believe that and I’m sure that if we had Laird on, he might agree with this too. Especially knowing him and Gabby and the way that they think. I do think that as an athlete, especially, or anything that you do at a really elite level, I feel that there’s a transcendence of consciousness to do it. And so time is not the same anymore. Things slow down. There’s an integration. So again, I just… You’re shifting your frequency to a different state. And so yeah, here’s my funny example.

Danica: 00:32:22 So it was years ago when I was racing at Martinsville Speedway and this is a tiny little half mile track, flat, lot of accelerating braking, and I was sick. And so I took some DayQuil in the morning when I first woke up. Because look, you just need the real drugs when you got to do a job. So I chug some DayQuil. Then I had breakfast. Then as I’m leaving to go down to the garage area, I’m like, “Whoa, I feel drunk. I feel truly drunk right now.”

Kimberly : 00:32:55 Oh, no.

Danica: 00:32:56 Yeah. I know. And I was like, “Great. I got to go drive a car and it’s not just any track, it’s Martinsville.” I didn’t say anything to anyone and I got in the car and I never felt it for a second and I was like top tens quickest of the session. I didn’t feel anything. It didn’t feel any different at all. And that was kind of like that little example of like, you’re just shifting, you’re shifting frequency. You’re not in the same consciousness in your waking state as you are in your elite performing state. And so I’m betting that that Laird would agree. I’m betting a lot of athletes would agree. It’s kind of where they go… Maybe there’s an expression for someone listening that, you go beast mode, right? Or something like that, or you’re in the zone or whatever, where you’re able to access or embracing and be like you could just like… You had another gear. And so that sort of layman’s way of saying you’ve really shifted.

Danica: 00:33:59 So I’ve always described that if someone can access that, because I think there’s a shift in consciousness, but I think there’s still a higher level access point too, that can happen for sure. And so whoever can access that higher space beyond just the focus that it takes to do the job and go to the next level, they tend to be very good at what they do.

Kimberly : 00:34:22 Would you describe it as the deep presence focus? It’s more than just hard work, isn’t it? Like you said, it’s a different state of being.

Danica: 00:34:34 I’ve also wondered too, if as we shift, if this is true, then do we access the quantum realm in a way where we don’t actually… Where we have access to more timelines? Maybe you kind of know what’s going to happen with the wave. Maybe you know what’s going on with the car, without it doing it. Maybe you can see something unfolding before it happens. Maybe you’re accessing this sort of… Another timeline to show you or opening up the timeline to show you what’s going on beyond. Because like, I’ll go out on the track and it’ll be like, “Oh, it feels really loose.” And they’re like, “Yeah. Well, your steering trace looks okay and XYZ.”

Danica: 00:35:25 I’m like, if you need me to spin out to show you it’s loose, I will. It’s like, I know it’s already loose and some of it is forced, it has to do is sort of the way that the steering feels, the handling, the way the back feels, just all those things. But how much of it is just getting into the nuance of the feeling of the fast, maybe the energy of something or like being able to kind of feel it coming like an intuition really.

Kimberly : 00:35:50 Yeah. It’s so much more than the conscious brain, isn’t it? It’s dropping way, way, way down where quantum says there isn’t this… The way we look at time and space is actually not the way it is. Then I read something about this, I forget who the author is who wrote this book about eight dimensions and your quantum is five, but then he found this mathematical model where in eight dimensions, there is no actual time or space between anything, everything is… It kind of does blow your brain. Quantum physics talks about the idea that the center of the galactic universe is everywhere at the same time. So we’re just kind of in it and this idea of the spiraling of time. So to your point, past, present and future isn’t so hard and fast linear as we might think it is.

Danica: 00:36:40 So I guess in an end cap to sort of performing at that level is it just feels very attainable and easy and almost slower, right? If you watch it. I watch a car go around the track and I’m like, “Whoa, that looks hard.” Then you get in the car and it all seems doable.

Kimberly : 00:36:59 Wow. Eckhart totally talked about this. Once I heard a lecture from him and he was talking about people with near-death experiences. And he said, when they were getting in a car crash or something and something was coming right at them, time just really slow it down. And they felt so present. So it sounds like you’re just bringing this super intense and then you go down, down, down, down and that’s very quantum.

Danica: 00:37:22 You just said intense too.

Kimberly : 00:37:27 I’m starting to absorb your energy, Danica.

Danica: 00:37:30 We’re entangling right here.

Kimberly : 00:37:33 Really entangling.

Danica: 00:37:33 Quantum entanglement.

Kimberly : 00:37:35 It’s true. I mean, it’s… I mean, don’t even get me started. This is one of my greatest passions, Danica. I think you’re going to love my next book too. It’s all about quantum.

Danica: 00:37:43 Oh God. I mean, I just think that it’s the next frontier. I really feel that for us to access the sort of that quantum field, that quantum realm is really… I think there’s just so much information for us out there, but it’s so subtle and there’s been so much stimulation in the world more and more all the time. On top of just something simple, like more frequencies, right? You’ve got wifi and Bluetooth and 5G, whatever, that thickens things and dampens you as well. Then you’ve got food as a frequency. So there’s just, there’s a lot of things I think that have dulled it, but if we can get to a place where we can do a better job at creating the space, to be able to feel a little bit more of that subtlety of energy and then work with it and feel into it.

Creating space to live the life you want

Kimberly : 00:38:48 How do you create space being as busy as you are? I mean, you talked about some of your practices, but I mean, now we’re in quarantine, so I don’t know how much that shifted life for you, but do you carve out time in your calendar? You’re like, “No one’s interrupting Danica now.” Or yeah. Just, how do you set up this, this time and this space? Because I feel because the world is so busy, because there is so much noise, the world isn’t going to give it to you. You really have to consciously tune into those subtleties.

Danica: 00:39:17 Well, I think from my immediate space around me, I try and make sure that the ambiance is really like nurturing and aesthetically pleasing and feels good. I think some people have a little bit more of a need for that than others, but just the general vibe. It’d be like a restaurant, the same food at a restaurant that’s no windows and no art on the wall and people are… Nobody’s being nice to you versus like one where it’s open and it’s like beautiful. You’re overlooking a beautiful view and the tables and there’s a flower on the table and everybody’s sweet. You can eat the same meal and feel completely different. So it’s really about your sort of environment and how you feel. And so I try and make sure that wherever I’m at, I really create that space for myself that sort of like this nurturing soft, loving, comfortable, cozy, feel good space. I also make sure that, of course the food is organic or local or as high vibe as possible.

Kimberly : 00:40:31 Sorry. I’m laughing. Because I was like soft, nurturing space so Danica could be intense.

Danica: 00:40:37 Yeah. It’s-

Kimberly : 00:40:39 [crosstalk 00:40:39] holding this for you.

Danica: 00:40:41 It is. And it’s like, “But I intensely need that.”

Kimberly : 00:40:45 Yeah.

Danica: 00:40:49 There’s a lot of duality in me.

Kimberly : 00:40:50 Are you a home buddy? Do you like home, being home?

Danica: 00:40:55 I do.

Kimberly : 00:40:56 Yeah, me too.

Danica: 00:40:58 I really I’m good at being alone. I’m good at knowing how to do my whole day and feel good without even much of an agenda sometimes. I have no problem filling my day with things, hobbies and activities and tasks and whatnot.

Hobbies that bring us joy on our off time

Kimberly : 00:41:14 What are some of your hobbies? I mean, I like to read. I like to get out in nature. I make dream catchers or I like to sometimes paint a little bit or so-

Danica: 00:41:33 I love it. I love it. Do you have like a craft room in your house?

Kimberly : 00:41:38 I do. Well, actually I don’t have… I’ve got a bunch of crafts in drawers right now because I just moved into this new house. But I’ve got a ton of tons of… What do I have in here? Let’s see if I have anything fun. Oh, look, my, I got this for my birthday earlier this year. Then I’ve got things like yarn to make like dream catchers.

Danica: 00:42:03 I love it. I love dream catchers. Yeah. So, I still need to get the space going, but I have it all just shoved in the drawers right now.

Kimberly : 00:42:14 Let’s say Danica, you have a totally free day. What are you going to do? No podcasts, no writing, no work.

Danica: 00:42:27 So I probably wake up whenever obviously, but I get up fairly early, anyway. I tend to wake up with the sun. So depending on the time of year, could be five something, it could be seven something.

Kimberly : 00:42:39 Is that really? You leave the windows open or your body is that tuned in with solar rhythms.

Danica: 00:42:44 Oh my God. I have to put tape on things, because light bothers me. So, once the sun’s… I’m in blackout. I remember when… I bought a place in Chicago a long time ago and though the windows were facing East. And so when the sun comes up, it comes blaring in. And so when I first bought it, I had someone come out from a store to figure out how to channel set blackout blinds, because if they weren’t channel set inside, then the sun just comes around it, so glaringly to me. Yeah. So I’m crazy about light and it needs to be off.

Danica: 00:43:27 So whenever natural light comes up in the sky, it finds its way into the room. And I feel it. So, I wake up naturally, which probably ended up being around 7:00 -ish. I would let the dogs out, got to do that. And then meditate, journal, drink some coffee, have breakfast, do a workout, shower or maybe lay out for a little while in the sun, get a little sun. Maybe read a little bit, cook, an afternoon. Yeah. Maybe like an afternoon walk or hike with the dogs. I’d love that. Some get out for maybe an hour or two with them. Come back, always have music on, by the way.

Kimberly : 00:44:27 What kind of music?

Danica: 00:44:30 I tend to like zen kind of music. I put like an Amos Lee station on, or somebody like that, that’s really calm, chill. I really like that. I’ve been listening to a little bit more upbeat music. But I mean, I don’t mind pop and chart music. Like play a little… Play some Lizzo that’s fine. But I generally like chill music and then I would probably have a glass of wine and then I start… Yeah. And then I start cooking and make a beautiful meal and then relax and I don’t know, maybe, I don’t know if I… I don’t love TV, so maybe if I was by myself, maybe I would or maybe I would FaceTime or talk to somebody, a friend or somebody like that in the evening.

Kimberly : 00:45:26 Yeah.

Danica: 00:45:28 Yeah. I mean, that’s it. That’d be kind of my day, like an easy-

Kimberly : 00:45:31 I love it. There’s so many parts and it just feels like you, you’re just doing your thing, flowing around, connecting with your energy. It just feels beautiful.

Danica: 00:45:43 I’m also pretty intuitive eater too. I know that. I mean, again, like I said, I’m fairly regimented, but I don’t like to overcook and have a lot of leftovers because I’m like, I just kind of want to eat what I want at that moment. So I choose either sweet or savory, usually. I’m like, “Is it chia pudding or is it a salad?”

Kimberly : 00:46:06 And will you, if it’s just… If you’re cooking for one person, will you actually cook? Because I know if I’m cooking for myself, I’m just like, “Here’s a bowl of a couple of things in there.”

Danica: 00:46:16 Sometimes I do that but a lot of times I make… I make my food look good, even if no one sees it. I was thinking the other night, I had a really late… I’d say for me, I feel best when I eat four times a day, three times is a pretty long span for me, especially with the workouts that I do and stuff it’s just four times works best for me. So I had had my third meal that was like, I feel like it was like maybe tacos with jicama shells and sprouts on it and it was like this delicious savory meal. And so for dinner, I was like, I’m thinking, I’m going to sort of marry dinner with dessert and so I made a pancake. So I use like banana and I can’t find my… I cannot get a substitute for egg. Sorry. When it comes to pancakes, it doesn’t work. I can’t get it to work and I’m pretty decent at cooking. I can’t get it to work.

Danica: 00:47:15 So I made pancakes. Anyway, so I took and I drizzled things and it looked really beautiful. And I was like, “I mean, do I really need to post a picture of how pretty my dinner is.” And I just stuck my fork in it and started eating it, but I make it look pretty no matter what. And then I usually go, “Oh, that looks pretty. I’ll show people how pretty.”

Kimberly : 00:47:32 Yeah.

Danica: 00:47:33 But it always looks pretty because we eat with our eyes too.

Kimberly : 00:47:35 Yeah.

Danica: 00:47:36 It’s so full of care. Honestly, it’s kind of like when you live in your house and you have flowers for the table or you have a really soft, lovely blanket. They’re for you. It’s true. No one sees that. It’s just for you. So making my food look good is the same thing to me.

Kimberly : 00:47:58 Yeah. I’m with you. When I put together a bowl, I still, for me it’s has to be really fresh. It’s more about the ingredients. I mean, for me, I don’t follow complicated recipes. I don’t make my own complicated recipes too much. I’m too busy. But to your point, the freshness and the appearance is doing something to your energy that is affecting your energy, digesting it too. You do eat before you eat.

Danica: 00:48:23 Yeah. Well, I’m sure you do a very good job of colors.

Kimberly : 00:48:27 I do.

Danica: 00:48:28 Colors absolutely make a plate look different.

Kimberly : 00:48:32 It’s true. We have a lot of colors around here and my fledging veggie garden, which I need to replant.

Danica: 00:48:42 I love gardening.

Kimberly : 00:48:43 Do you have a garden there?

Danica: 00:48:45 When I lived in North Carolina, I had a garden and I loved it. I had four beds and I had pots because things like mint need their own pot. You cannot put mint-

Kimberly : 00:48:55 Yeah, [crosstalk 00:48:56].

Danica: 00:48:56 Yeah. So I had tons of stuff and I was able to pluck from the garden and make things. And so I could grab it… I have rainbow chard. So that was so good to put in GGS. Right? You just grab it out of the garden. But then I haven’t had a garden since, so I had just… I had just… There was just a greenhouse built in Green Bay, but then that all ended. So the greenhouse is no longer something I’ll go visit. But I was getting ready because I love gardening. I just love taking… There’s something about too, taking care of something, right?

Our perspective on the concept of beauty

Kimberly : 00:49:33 Yes. And seeing it get bigger and bigger, it’s very satisfying. Nothing tastes better to me than a tomato that we’ve grown here, even if it’s wispy. So Danica, I want to talk to you about beauty for a moment, which is something that I’ve talked about a lot. I think in five of my books for them have beauty in the title.

Danica: 00:49:54 Drink a lot of water.

Kimberly : 00:49:56 Well, just the concept of it, right? Because as someone that I’ve struggled with weight, eating disorders, acne, just obsession without here. And then as time goes on and the more I read and the more I go deeper spiritually, you started hearing Rumi talk about beauty and Paramahansa Yogananda, the yogis would talk about beauty like this formless, wordless state almost. So I started to really think about what really is beauty? Because there’s the modern version of beauty and then ancient ways that people were talking about beauty.

Kimberly : 00:50:32 So for me, I think beauty and I think the most beautiful people that I come across are people that are really connected to themselves. So there’s this relaxed, almost this comfort. They’re not trying to be like someone else, they’re not trying to look like someone else, they’re just being themselves. Right? So to me, I define beauty as this state where you’re really connected to your mind, your body, your spirit and you’re just relaxed into that. And the most beautiful people just have that magnetism about them. Again, it’s not painted on, but it’s something that’s coming out. And of course we like makeup, I wear makeup too. We like the surface stuff too. But to me, there’s layers to beauty. This is a big topic, but can you tell us a little bit about your journey beauty and I think that someone in the public eye and someone that has been… People emphasize your looks, people emphasize your sexuality, but there’s so much more to you. There’s so much more to your being-ness. I’d love to hear your perspective of it.

Danica: 00:51:35 Yeah. I mean, it’s definitely a big, big topic to unpack and there’s so many different directions I could go with with this. But, I guess first in describing what I think true beauty is. It’s an essence, right? It’s an energy.

Kimberly : 00:51:52 Yes.

Danica: 00:51:53 It’s a confidence. I mean, if you took two people that… A beautiful person that you could just kind of like this, just like fidget, just kind of like not feeling it. And then you see this other woman who is perhaps not as beautiful, if it was a static picture, maybe she has some flaws, maybe there’s some things about her that are a little less sort of balanced aesthetically or something like that. But this person is confident and engaging and like open and funny. And you’re like, “Whoa, I want to be around you.” That is beautiful. Right? So when you say that… When you really know yourself, yeah, because you’re being you and when you try and be like someone else, the simple truth is, you never will.

Kimberly : 00:52:49 I love it.

Danica: 00:52:51 You’ll always fail.

Kimberly : 00:52:54 And you’re always going to feel not enough or lacking.

Danica: 00:52:57 Yeah. So the best, best, best thing you can do is be you. But we live in a culture where there’s a lot of subliminal and direct advertising and playing on insecurities and idealizing certain sort of perspectives of beauty and so we get confused. And so we, again, this kind of goes into that emotional state, right? It’s so beautiful that you have this four cornerstones because how do you feel, right? How does it feel? You have to really be able to get into the feeling of the things. So one way is to do something that you love to do, right? Be around people that make you feel good, because all of those things kind of raise your frequency and make you feel better.

Danica: 00:53:48 When you feel better, you look better. I don’t know, this is like a crazy way off idea, but I kind of flubbed to do this is that I wonder if there’s some kind of connection to that. Because if our cells are all listening to us at all times of the way that we speak to ourselves, do we then start to actually become that? Are we influencing the cellular expression of our body when we speak well enough to it and when we treat it well and care for it? I don’t know. It’s a quantum idea, but-

Kimberly : 00:54:25 Well, to me it’s 100% yes. And then you look at these new fields like epigenetics, which have shown that the DNA isn’t influenced from internal signals, but the external environment. So love and gratitude and taking care and just connecting with your body, I think do influence the expression. I wrote about this in my third book, Danica, I’ve done this amazing research. I used to look in the mirror all the time and say, “Oh my God, your thighs are so fat. Your arms are flabby.” And it was really hard for me to lose weight and I would just focus on it. Then at a certain point, you know, and different things started happening. I got into my yoga practice, I started feeling strong. I stopped weighing myself. I have a numbers free philosophy. So never talk about numbers. I don’t look at-

Danica: 00:55:09 That is so funny. I just went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get stuff. Because like I said, I had a new house and I was like, “Do I get a scale?” And I was like, “I don’t give a shit.”

Kimberly : 00:55:16 I love it. Yes, yes. All numbers don’t matter, because it’s the opposite of quantum. It’s just this man made, very finite way of looking at things. So hold on, Danica. I lost the plot. What was I just talking about? I just got so excited.

Danica: 00:55:32 I’m sorry. It had to with my scale example.

Kimberly : 00:55:35 Numbers.

Danica: 00:55:36 Just talking about beauty and how it’s so much more quantum.

Kimberly : 00:55:42 That’s right. And I was saying that, at a certain point when I was looking in the mirror and I was focusing on my arms and my legs being fat, it was almost impossible. No matter how many little calories I eat to lose weight. And when I let it go and I started appreciating the strength of my body and I was like, “Wow, look, I can do a handstand. I could do a Batman. I can do these things.” My body just slimmed down and became more toned. I was like, “This is crazy.” I started finding research about, for instance, this group of people that were obese and they put them into a facility and they fed them the bare minimum to maintain their basal thermometer, their temperature, rather it was about 500 calories and these people continued to gain weight and there was no-

Danica: 00:56:24 No way.

Kimberly : 00:56:25 Linear Newtonian physics explanation for this, other than if you look at the constitution of fat, it’s protective, right? It lines the myelin sheath. It’s part of your nervous system. So it’s protective. It creates a layer between you and the outside world. So there’s a lot to fat and holding onto fat and holding onto weight. So energetically, I know it’s like, we’re not trained to think this way, but when we go more into the realm of energy, you see, Oh, that makes sense. Because fear and trying to create space, it can create a physicality.

Danica: 00:56:57 Wow. That’s mind-blowing.

Kimberly : 00:56:59 Yeah. It’s amazing. You and me sister are on the exactly same page of this whole energy and this whole frequency thing. And to your point about the example of the two women, who do you want to be around? If we are looking at, we take away the physicality, the surface, and you’re just looking at frequency, someone that’s embodied them in themselves is going to have such an off-the-charts frequency, because it feels aligned versus trying to be something that you’re not is always going to deplete you, I think.

Danica: 00:57:31 That’s right. That’s totally right.

Kimberly : 00:57:33 Well, love. It was so amazing amazing to be with you today. I could literally talk to you forever. I think you’re so inspiring and strong and a wonderful force in the world.

Danica: 00:57:44 Thank you. So are you. Thank you for leading the way on again, you’re pushing the edges too.

Kimberly : 00:57:53 Drawing my path.

Danica: 00:57:54 Maybe I’d come in this little bit more intense package, I don’t know. But I think that we all have… People that are truly making a difference in the world are always going to be on the edges.

How Danica is creating space for doing what she loves

Kimberly : 00:58:07 Yes, it’s true. Well, um, last question, Danica, love. What are you most passionate about? What’s next for you? What’s one thing? I guess there’s a lot of things you’re passionate about. Well, what’s one thing you can’t wait to create or to work on or put your energy into right now?

Danica: 00:58:24 Wow. I mean something specific is difficult because I have so many various different projects, but I think with my purpose purpose that I feel is it just feels like I’m here to inspire, is like the simple word that everyone can relate to. Because that’s what I wanted to do with racing. I thought, “I have this unique platform to inspire and I don’t want to waste that.” But then I was like, “Okay, there are a lot of inspiring people and they aren’t race car drivers. So to inspire, but really to, I guess it would be maybe in more of our language, would be to wake people up, wake up to the fact that not everything we hear is true. The fact that what feels good in our body, connecting with that quantum realm more to their own pure potential, how powerful their mind is and how thoughts become things.

Danica: 00:59:29 So waking people up to a little bit more of the sort of unseen world, feels like my purpose in life. So doing that through the podcast and being able to plant seeds with people, that are so… Again like yourself, who is talking about things that maybe not everyone is familiar with. Then also telling their story about how to affect their life to inspire someone to want to do it too. Even my wine that I make, I have two different labels. I have Somnium which means dream in Latin. And that started back in 2009, but then Danica Rosé just launched this year. But for me it’s all about connecting, right?

Danica: 01:00:16 When we get a rid of social media and phones technologies, and we just kind of sit and be present with each other and connect through the wine and tell stories, we stay connected in that human way that I think is fading a little bit. Communication, being able to accurately do that and be vulnerable face-to-face with somebody versus behind a computer or something, or maybe not at all. So yeah, everything that I do tends to be about connecting, going deeper and inspiring to go there, inspiring to go deeper.

Kimberly : 01:00:58 Love it. I love to see where this intensity is going to channel next.

Danica: 01:01:03 Thank you. Thank you. There’s a couple of projects in the works, but to not overload the ability, to do that through seemingly less direct means means is still possible.

Kimberly : 01:01:19 Yes. Wow. Well, thank you so much, Danica. I really love talking to you. I think you’re amazing. And I think you are a true Beauty for sure.

Kimberly :  All right, Beauties. I hope that you enjoyed our interview. You may have a girl crush on Danica now the way that I do. So thank you so much for listening in. We will be back here Thursday for our next Q and A community podcast. Till then, be sure to head over to the show notes to get more information and also just check out our current beauty inside out course, which we have collabed with Commune on. It is free for the next few days, so you want to check it out today and get going on it. I think it’s a really amazing course. My heart is in it, so I’m really excited to share it with you guys. I’ll see you over on Instagram… My voice. I’ll see you over on Instagram as well, which is @_KimberlySnyder. Sending you lots and lots of love and see you back here soon.