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Hot water with Lemon

This is a simple yet powerful practice to help cleanse and detoxify your system. Lemons supply vitamin C, as well as liver-regenerating enzymes.

Heat some water, pour into a mug, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lemon, and have an awesome day!

SBO+ Probiotics

Create harmony in your gut & body for ultimate wellbeing, immunity, and beautiful skin.

We offer a powerful formula featuring clinically researched soil-based organism (SBO) strains in the proper ratios, as well as prebiotics and post-biotics.

The Glowing Green Smoothie

This is my signature elixir (that I’ve made everywhere from Dr. Oz to Good Morning America and beyond!), which gives you an incredible amount of energy and nutrition as it detoxifies toxins.

The Beauty Detox Solution

My first book baby , this is our classic community read that lays out our foundational dietary principles, including food combining and eating Light to Heavy.

We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way!

Feel Good Circle

Feeling Good is about feeling comfortable just being ourselves in our messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

The FEEL GOOD Circle is our community offering dedicated to nourishing the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of ourselves, in order to live truly happy, healthy lives.


Matcha Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Fudge has one of the best textures in the world! It is soft and chewy and happy. Who doesn’t want […]

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Matcha Chocolate Fudge

Fudge has one of the best textures in the world! It is soft and chewy and happy. Who doesn’t want some fudge in their life? The key is finding better options that have the best possible ingredients, digest well (ie no dairy!) and keep that creamy deliciousness. Don’t worry Beauty, it IS possible! (As are all things :) ).

My Matcha Chocolate Fudge Recipe is just perfect for all of these reasons.

Let’s see why I chose matcha as one of its star ingredients…

Beauty Adaptogen: Matcha

Yes, matcha powder is considered an adaptogen, which really means, it’s among one of the adaptogenic herbs that has stress-fighting properties. And who of us can’t benefit by reducing our stress levels?!

There are so many things around us that cause or escalate our levels of stress, and explains why we sometimes gravitate towards sugary treats.

From meditation to pranayama breathing exercises (working with our breath is how we work with our life force, which is vital for our overall well-being), we are always looking for ways to combat the negativity and live a more happy and fulfilled life. Let’s not negate how we can do the same with the foods we eat.

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Antioxidants protect us all around from wear and tear. A variety of fruits and vegetables are of course lauded for their antioxidant properties, however, matcha is unparalleled in comparison.

Matcha is actually packed with exponentially more antioxidants according to the latest innovation in antioxidant research. Just check out the results below:

The testing method known as ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity), found that matcha possesses twenty times more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries. In fact, matchas ORAC rating is a 1573 units per gram, compared to pomegranates 105 units per gram or blueberries 93 units.

Here are some of matcha’s other stand out qualities:

  • Matcha boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Help you concentrate and focus
  • Safely cleanses and purges the body of harmful elements
  • Is substantially richer in chlorophyll, making it a superior daily detox

As you can see, how could I not add this adaptogen into this heavenly beauty fudge. Mixed with coconut cream, maple syrup and dark vegan chocolate (among other ingredients) — this healthy dessert will have you stress-free in no time!

And be careful my Beauties — all of your senses just might explode! 😜

Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Prepare ingredients.
Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Combine coconut cream, coconut butter, and coconut oil in saucepan and heat to simmer.
Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Add in matcha green tea, vanilla, and maple syrup stirring frequently.
Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Pour dark chocolate chips onto lined pan.
Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Then, pour coconut mixture on top of dark chocolate chips in pan. Let cool and firm.
Matcha Chocolate Fudge
Once firm, slice and enjoy!


How to Make this Fudge below…

Matcha Chocolate Fudge Recipe
Serves: 12 bars
  • ⅓ cup coconut cream
  • 1 cup coconut butter
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp matcha green tea powder
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup maple syrup
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips
  1. Combine coconut cream, coconut butter, and coconut oil in saucepan and heat to simmer.
  2. Add in matcha green tea, vanilla, and maple syrup stirring frequently.
  3. Pour dark chocolate chips onto lined pan
  4. Then Pour coconut mixture on top of dark chocolate chips in pan. Let cool and firm.
  5. Once firm, slice and enjoy!
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All my love,

Making our beloved GGS and more on KTLA recently. The more we can get share about our wellness rituals, the more we can support each other on our journeys and spread the love! xoxo

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  • I love this recipe, I tried it tonight. I am wondering if you have a favourite protien bar to purchase as i dont always find the time to make them or things like these

    • Hi Burkely Belorose and thanks for your great question. I know it can be hard to find a bar that will provide the best nutrients when you’re in a hurry. I personally have not bought one in a long time and choose to either make my own or take raw, organic almonds, with me as a quick healthy snack that will provide energy to get me through till the next meal. Try to find a brand that isn’t high in fat and calories, that doesn’t have a lot of sugar and chemical ingredients, and just do the best you can when choosing. Progress not perfection, right?! ;)

    • Hi Marianna and thanks for your great question. When it comes to coconut oil, this is simply the oil that’s been extracted from the coconut meat. On the other hand, coconut butter is made from coconut flesh that is grounded into a spreadable paste. Hope this helps and let us know if you give this recipe a try. Lots of love! ;)

    • Hi Jennifer and thanks for checking out my matcha fudge! This recipe makes 12 bars and I would say 1-2 bars is a good serving size. We of course don’t want to over-indulge but this treat is still healthier than other desserts on the market. Lots of love and support! ;)

    • Hi Krista S and thanks for taking a look at this recipe. These matcha bars are best when fresh and last about a week but if you’d like to freeze them, I would individually wrap them with parchment paper and then securely in a container – that way you can grab one and let it come to room temperature for when you’re ready to eat it. In the freezer these should last up to three weeks for best results. Thanks again for your question and sending you lots of love! ;)

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