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Solluna is dedicated to empowering you to live your true beauty. We offer products, information, and the Solluna Circle, an online and in-person modern tribal community, all based in our Four Cornerstones of True Beauty: Food, Body, Emotional Well-being, Spiritual Growth




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The Four Cornerstones of True Beauty Learn a powerful, holistic approach to wellness and tapping into your unique beauty that will make you feel confident, energized and look your most beautiful.

founder, new york times best selling author, holistic wellness and spiritual teacher

Kimberly Snyder is the founder of Solluna, a lifestyle brand empowering you to live your best life with offerings in each of its 4 Cornerstones: Food, Body, Emotional Well-being and Spiritual Growth. She is the multi-time New York Times bestselling author of 5 books. She is also a nutritionist, certified yoga teacher, and a spiritual and meditation teacher. Kimberly has worked with dozens of top celebrities and also hosts the top-rated Feel Good with Kimberly Snyder podcast.

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Kimberly’s gritty, real and information-packed new book is out now! Tips, tools and over 100% plant-based recipes to feel good, get past bloating and inflammation from a holistic standpoint (hint: this could actually be the reason for your bloat!) and boost your confidence.



Creating the Life You Want with Danica Patrick [Episode #509]

Creating the Life You Want with Danica Patrick [Episode #509]

Have you been wanting to create a life that you want and that is fulfilling? Listen in as Danica shares how she stays true to herself while not compromising her identity, her non-negotiable practices to push the boundaries, and her take on…


Brain Boosting Seaweed Salad

Brain Boosting Seaweed Salad

Are you in need for a little brain food? It’s your lucky day! My new Brain Boosting Seaweed Salad recipe is packed with all the right nutrients for your brain. Rich with sea vegetable minerals, easy to digest protein, healthy fats, and omega-3s, this is one dish that...

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