founder, new york times best selling author, holistic wellness and meditation teacher

Kimberly Snyder is the founder of Solluna. She is also the 3-time New York Times bestselling author of five books, including The Beauty Detox book series and Radical Beauty, co-written with Deepak Chopra. She is also a nutritionist, certified yoga teacher, and a spiritual and meditation teacher.

An in-demand worldwide speaker, Kimberly also hosts the top-rated Feel Good with Kimberly Snyder podcast, which airs on the Podcast One network. The Solluna organic juice and smoothie bar is located at the iconic Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Kimberly has worked with dozens of the entertainment industries’ top celebrities to help them feel their best, including Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and Channing Tatum, among many others. She has been featured in media outlets, including Ellen, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, and InStyle. She is a member of the Wellness Council for Well + Good.

After graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown University, Kimberly didn’t choose an ordinary path. Instead, she embarked on a three-year solo journey spanning over 50 countries. This exposed her to a wide range of health and beauty modalities, conventional and unconventional teachers and world views from different cultures. This experience inspired her life’s purpose, which is helping as many others as possible tap into the love, wholeness and unique beauty within them.

She continued her studies at various other locations, including the American University of Complementary Medicine, where she completed a 4-year Ayurvedic practitioner program.

Kimberly lives in the mountains outside Los Angeles with her husband Jon and her two young sons.