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“Kimberly’s food program has had such an impact not only on my body but my health in general. She’s brilliant.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution is a must-read that intelligently highlights the importance of incorporating large amounts of greens and plant foods in our diet.”

Reese Witherspoon

“Kimberly’s philosophies about nutrition have really helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while managing a very busy life. Her program isn’t focused on just losing weight, it’s more about a complete mind, body and health experience. I start every day with a Glowing Green Smoothie™ and so does my whole family!”

Deepak Chopra, M.D

“The Beauty Detox Power teaches you how to get to the root of weight issues and let go of blocks to create sustained success in many areas of your life. Kimberly’s philosophy reveals that the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you, your diet and health are one.”

Kerry Washington

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“I love Kimberly’s food and recipes. I feel my best when I am following her program as it energizes me so much.”

Ben Stiller

“I have learned so much about nutrition from Kimberly. Her philosophies and food have really had a tremendous impact in all aspects of my life.”

Hilary Duff

“Kimberly’s outlook on nutrition stresses lifestyle changes, not fad diets, which was a big awakening for me. I have never felt better since I’ve been on her program!”

Chris Hemsworth

“I was introduced to Kimberly’s Glowing Green Smoothie™ on the set of The Avengers and was impressed with her knowledge and used her nutritional philosophies to help me prepare for my next role. I felt great and energized from getting so many greens in my diet!”

Rooney Mara

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Marc Ruffalo

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Josh Duhamel

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Dita Von Teese

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Tom Hiddleston

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Vince Vaughn

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