This phrase cracks me up! I actually borrowed it from Dr. Norman Walker, one of my favorite holistic doctors who wrote entire books about the colon, and lived to be I think 116!

But seriously, let’s keep in mind that you are not cleansing unless toxins and waste are actually leaving your body.

How you begin each and every day is important. It’s important to get in the habit of allowing yourself to have as complete an elimination as possible first thing in the morning. This means that right when you wake up, you really shouldn’t eat anything immediately.

If you do, part or the majority of your digestive fires will be directed at digesting the food you just put into your body, rather than focusing on your very important first (and maybe only) elimination of the day (!).

Here’s an excellent habit to get into: Turn on your tea kettle first thing, then make yourself a cup of: – Hot water** – Fresh juice of a quarter of a lemon squeezed in.

**Remember your water should be fairly hot but never boiling!!!

Let it cool down before you squeeze the lemon in. Don’t kill all the enzymes and vitamins of the lemon! This drink will help relax your bowels and promote elimination.

The warm lemon water will also dissolve mucus in the body, flush and support the liver, and help with the absorption of minerals.

So let this be the first thing that enters your lips in the morning- and don’t eat anything for at least one hour after you wake up, as your body can use this time to detox.

Also remember eat foods that help burn fats to maintain good health and well-being! Hope you are having a great week so far!


Happy Squeezing,


Kimberly :)