Weight Loss

Hope you had a great weekend! This is the first week for many of us going back to work after the holidays. It is exciting that it is a new year, brimming with possibilities that we can start implementing this week! :-)

It is a popular axiom that you should not eat all at once until you feel stuffed, because your brain only kicks in that you are full about 20 minutes later, and by then you will have eaten much more food that you really need.

There is a very practical digestive reason not to stuff yourself, besides the fact you feel horribly bloated and fat…

We do not want to stuff ourselves to the max because we want to maintain a percentage of SPACE in our stomach for the gastric, digestive juices to work and efficiently break down our food. If we are chock full, and have eaten to 100% capacity, the juices have little room to move and work in our stomach, and this greatly slows down digestion.
Slow digestion leads to weight gain or an inability to lose weight easily, as well as greater levels of toxicity in our bodies to be stored.

Therefore, only eat until you are about 3/4 of the way full.

If you have stuffed yourself full of bread for instance, until there is truly NO more room, then the partially digested bread will be trapped in your belly and will start to ferment. This can lead to lodged toxicity in the body, as UNfriendly bacteria and yeast wll  feed off the fermented matter and make even MORE unfriendly bacteria and yeast growths like candida.  Liver function will also slow down.

You’re heard it a million times and here’s another reminder going into the new year: Eat really slowly and chew your food really well. This will prevent you from “accidentally” loading up to 100% capacity before you’re realized that you’ve done so! The good news is that we can prevent the heavy feeling by making this simple yet crucial improvement in daily habits to support our beauty and health goals NOW!

Be conscious while you are eating and choose foods that increase metabolism. Sit at a table to eat. And I don’t mean your desk at work! You must get away to eat lunch, even if it is just for a few minutes. Eating while working is a sure recipe for unconscious eating and impaired digestion. Don’t read while you eat. Focus on your food and every bite. And let’s come into every meal with a conscious attitude of gratitude. All of us reading this are so fortunate and blessed to have access to good quality food. Let’s treat it with the respect it deserves and take our time to eat it consciously, so it transforms into an energy that works to support of body- not overload it!

So only eat to fill about 3/4 of your belly’s capacity, and allow the energy  and digestive juices to flow!!

In Love and Health,

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