What’s this? Drugs in the Water! Well, lately I’ve been thinking about water. Water is a gift of life and beauty…but unfortunately there are so many issues with water today. I was away from my own shower whilst being in LA, which is equipped with a fabulous shower filter to filter out all the chlorine and heavy metals from the shower water.

I always notice an incredible difference! Especially with my hair. My hair is so much softer showering with the filtered water, and it doesn’t get so weighed down. My skin also doesn’t dry out so much. From a health standpoint, when we take hot showers our pores open up and we can absorb lots of chlorine from the shower water!

We don’t want this toxin in our body. So yes please! We’ll take the shower filter- or maybe 2. :) I was in Home Depot recently and noticed that even they now carry chlorine-free shower filters.

We also have to be extra careful these days about the water we are ingesting! Among many issues, did you know that there are a TON of pharmaceuticals floating around in the water supply? Frightening! Metabolites are the chemicals that break down as the end result of our bodies’ drug metabolism after we ingest them, and they literally get flushed down the drain into the sewage system every time we pee.

These chemicals get into OUR bodies, even when we don’t even take these medications. They also pollute the ecosystem for decades. It is said they pass right through wastewater treatment systems.  In 2008 the Associated Press conducted an investigation and found that pharmaceuticals in the form of antibiotics, sex hormones, anti-depressants, anticonvulsants, and more were found in the drinking water of at least 24 major metropolitan areas tested. Don’t think there is enough to really affect us in a significant way? Guess again! In England one study attributed the huge rise of male infertility to the massive amount of estrogens from remnants of birth control pills in the water supply, so much so that they said that even the fish in certain areas were transmuting sexes from male to female!

Unfortunately, bottling companies do not test for the presence of these pharmaceuticals, so we can be sure that they are not going to remove them. There has been some information that bottled water can actually be more contaminated than tap water. Nasty! So what are we going to do about it?

1.    Get a shower filter– like this weekend! Get one for every shower in your house, so your guests and kids can revel in clean water…and have softer, shinier hair to boot!

2.    Leave nothing in the hands of Big Business water companies.
Get a really top notch home water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis system, that cleans your water to the nth degree. You can carry your own water in stainless steel water bottles to work and to the gym or yoga class, which is better for the environment anyway. You can rest assured you won’t be adding to the compiling issue of water bottles everywhere! Even when they are recycled there is lots of energy involved, so best to avoid plastic water bottles when possible anyway.

And BTW, hats off to the studio Warner Brothers!! They now have a no water-bottle policy for their movies, and give stainless steel water bottles to everyone working on each film, with fill up stations instead of individual bottles of water. :) I’ve started a collection of cool stainless steel water bottles I’ve gotten. Each step is progress! If you work at an office or group setting of sorts that hands out individual water bottles maybe you can suggest the same policy!

I know it is a hot topic and probably provides some headache relief but always do your research and think progressively!

I’ll write more soon.
I send my love! Kimberly