One of my favorite cuisines in the world is Indian food. Unfortunately, not much Indian food is raw, so it is not something I get to eat very much… Occasionally if I eat it I’ll get yellow dahl with rice or some vegetable curry. Too bad the korma and masala sauces have cream! I won’t eat those dishes, however there as a substitute when craving curry I like my cauliflower soup recipe.

However, there are some great raw substitutes for some Indian Flava with a capital F! One thing I used to love is chutney. I just think it is a nice accompaniment to have at dinner. Here is a recipe for a raw version of chutney. My camera “yellowed” out and I took an extremely ugly picture of it as I made it tonight (top picture). :( Sorry guys! I definitely am by no means a photographer. I can’t figure out why it does that sometimes.

But to give you an idea of more of what it should look like (though this recipe will come out a lighter tan color), I posted the second picture, which isn’t this recipe! I just wanted to not have my ugly picture up there all by its lonely self. Who would want to try the recipe then?? But I assure you if you like a little sweet condiment with dinner, or with a green salad, it has quite an interesting, yummy taste.

Sweet Walnut Chutney
Makes about one cup
  • 1 cup chopped organic raw walnuts
  • 1 Tbs. raw organic honey
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • ½ tsp. turmeric
  • 4 Tbs. pure filtered water
  1. Blend the water, honey, cinnamon and turmeric until smooth. Then throw the walnuts in and blend again, but leave it a bit chunky so don't blend too much. I like to stick it in the oven (without turning it on) for an hour or so before dinner so it gets a little warm, like how I like it. Just like regular chutney, eat as a condiment in small quantities, like 1-2 Tbs.

Turmeric is an amazing antioxidant and beauty food. It helps cleanse our systems and is great for the skin.