In the midst of a very busy fall, you might find yourself, perhaps more than usual, grasping for different foods to feel soothed. Whether your kids just started back into school, your job is picking up with intense deadlines, or you just feel like you are juggling a million things.

I’m in the same boat as you. I’m really excited about so many things I’m working on, including launching the new podcast ☺, working on some Glow Bio expansion projects, writing stuff, and more… I’ll keep sharing with you as it all gets fleshed out!

I am pretty body and mind aware of what is going on, but it most certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t get cravings and desires for certain foods, even as I know exactly what the root cause behind it often is, as I write about myself in The Beauty Detox Power!

But just “knowing” doesn’t mean that I am perfect. I am not. And the tagline I always say, “Progress, not Perfection”, most certainly applies to me. In fact, maybe I say it so much because I am talking to myself?!


Best Food Options (including on the Go) for Your Food Cravings

I know when I am craving something sweet, which has been the case more lately, I need to be soothed. I’m aware of it, but I still need to be soothed! I just try to look for better options. Here’s my favorite treat lately:

If I’m on the go, I get a Passion or sometimes Emperor’s Green tea from Starbucks, made with half hot water and half steamed coconut milk. It’s hot and pretty satisfying!

Best Food Options (including on the Go) for Your Food Cravings

I love the vanilla flavored coconut yogurt by So Delicious. It’s not just pure coconut- it has some additives for sure, but it’s a yummy little bowl when I add sliced bananas and some crumbled up raw cacao truffles or acai granola, (which I often get from Glow Bio and store in my freezer!). Try keeping some little coconut yogurt containers and “bowl” fixins’ at your desk or fridge!

SpicyBest Food Options (including on the Go) for Your Food Cravings

I never knew about Chipotle until a few weeks ago. Sounds super lame but I’m being serious. I think I shunned it all these years because of the rumors it was owned by McDonald’s at one point.

But now, I love that it is non-GMO, albeit not organic. I think it’s a great option floating around that may not be perfect, but pretty darn decent.

Running around between meetings, and looking for something hearty, spicy and fast, here’s what I order:

A salad bowl with black beans, (if I’m super hungry), brown rice, the various salsas, guacamole, and roasted vegetables. It’s big and filling!


Best Food Options (including on the Go) for Your Food Cravings

If you are sick of the usual carrots and celery, but are a huge crunchy person like me, (and yes, per what I myself wrote in The Beauty Detox Power, it does indicate pent up tension held in the jaw. As much as I try to meditate, I need to work it in more during the day, apparently!), then it’s time to switch up your crunchy vegetables.

My favorite crunchy veg of late?

Endives! They are the perfect “boat” to any kind of dip or salsa you love. Unlike veggie sticks, they feel like you are eating- dare I compare- little flat breads. Sometimes they seem like so much more fun than sticks!

I make big batches of the Raw Red Pepper Spread from BDPower or even Raw Muhummara Dip, and add it to my endive boats for divine snacks or part of lunch!


I’m been in a huge brown rice kick lately. I go in phases. I’m not in a quinoa phase right now.

So what I do is cook some brown rice while I’m answering emails, then just stir fry some sliced mushrooms in coconut oil, throw in the brown rice and some Liquid Braggs and cayenne, and then at the last minute wilt in some greens.

Best Food Options (including on the Go) for Your Food Cravings

It’s delicious and hot and feels oh so carb-soothing, while being unrefined and gluten-free.

Or I bake a spaghetti squash, (at 375 for about an hour), scrape it out and slather it with marinara. Yum!


Cravings will have nothing on you with these delicious ideas! Try them for yourself as weapons for healthiness while getting through busy and stressful times.

What other healthy ways do you get past your fall food cravings?

Have an amazing day!

Sending love and see you soon,