Simplicity is key when it comes to making healthy meals every day. The next time you want to enjoy a deliciously easy salad, make my new Simple Cucumber Salad recipe. It is so effortless to put together. Simply combine some of the tastiest cucumbers, corn, and carrots with protein-rich edamame and quinoa. Whisk together a fresh dressing and you’re ready to go! What my Simple Cucumber Salad recipe lacks in complicated directions, it makes up for in dynamic flavor and beautifying benefits!

Sacred Quinoa

Have you jumped on the quinoa bandwagon yet? I sure hope so! Known as the “mother of all grains” this is a sacred food that has been used across the world for centuries. It is by far one of my favorite beauty grains that makes such an easy addition to hearty up this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe. Being a gluten-free grain, quinoa digests super easily, and adds more fiber to the mix, helping to keep you feeling full for longer. 

While most grains supply you with just carbohydrates, quinoa kicks it up a notch. This ancient grain is a great source of plant-based protein, fueling your body with a complete set of all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa is one of my go to protein sources and it should certainly be on your list too! It is especially abundant in the amino acid lysine, which our skin needs for tissue growth and repair.

If you or a loved one ever deals with migraines, quinoa may help. Riboflavin, found in quinoa, has been shown to reduce the frequency of attacks in migraine sufferers. This is most likely takes place as quinoa helps bolster the energy metabolism within the brain and muscle cells. It is such a humble grain, yet it provides such enormous amounts of healthy power! 

Before preparing your Simple Cucumber Salad recipe, I recommend you soak your quinoa overnight. This helps deactivate the enzyme inhibitors that coat the grains and will make it easier to digest. Simply throw some quinoa in a bowl with water the night before making this recipe, and make enough quinoa to last you a couple of days. You can even enjoy your leftover quinoa in this yummy coconut quinoa cereal recipe

Skin Supporting Cucumber

Do you want naturally thick hair, strong nails, and increased vitality? How about helping your skin appear more smooth and reducing your wrinkles? This Simple Cucumber Salad can do all that for you and even help strengthen the connective tissue in your bones. Thank you cucumbers, and your abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes!

Be sure not to peel your cucumbers. Leave the skin intact for this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe. Cucumber skin provides you with a full dose of the beautifying enzyme, silica. Enzymes are catalysts for hundred of different processes in the body. And we need living active enzymes to fully absorb and assimilate our beauty minerals. When you buy organic varieties of cucumbers, they are free of pesticides and can enjoy the entire veggie as nature intended.

Let me be sure to mention how this Simple Cucumber Salad offers a major detox boost too! These juicy cukes support the digestive tract in all the right ways. For starters, the naturally filtered enzyme-rich water in cucumbers makes them an excellent hydrator. Cucumbers can help flush out the kidneys and prevent bloating all around the body. By cleansing the liver, which is our main detoxifying organ, cucumbers can remove accumulated toxins and waste materials from the blood and gut. Who knew such a simple veggie could provide the body with so much goodness?!

Cleansing Carrot

Equally humble and another amazing veggie that must be highlighted in this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe is carrots. This root vegetable has long been believed to possess strong cleansing properties. In Chinese medicine, carrots are said to be good for the health of the spleen, stomach, and kidneys. It’s critical for our overall wellbeing to get these nasty toxins out of our bodies so we avoid looking dull and feeling lifeless.

Another one of my favorite ways to help flush out toxins from my body is with Feel Good Detoxy 2.0. Have you tried it yet? This natural detoxifier gently aids in the elimination of daily toxins in a safe and effective way with no harsh or irritating herbs that create discomfort or dependency. Unlike other colon cleanse pills or natural laxatives, Detoxy 2.0 works by delivering more oxygen to your colon and overall body, loosening toxins and acidic waste in your colon and helping to transport it out via elimination. Oxygen, delivered this way, improves detoxification and supports the growth of friendly bacteria which leads to better digestive and intestinal health and increased vitality. 

Adding this fibrous veggie to your Simple Cucumber Salad can help supercharge your beauty in even more ways! Packed with calcium, potassium, iron, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, K, and biotin, your skin will get the best dose of beautifying benefits any veggie can provide. Carrots also boost your immune system, improve digestion, detox the body, and boost oral health. No more skimping out on this bright orange veggie. It’s time to make eating carrots part of your normal beauty routine. 

Edible Edamame

To help boost the protein content in this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe you will also be including edamame to the mix. Edamame is a deliciously edible legume. Just one cup provides you with a whopping 17 grams of protein! Plus it is filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that helps provide the beauty building blocks your body needs to shine. 

I often hear of people being uncomfortable with the thought of edamame, as it relates to soy. Yes, edamame is basically a green immature soybean, so I do recommend that you only seek out organic edamame to consume. I personally don’t have a soy allergy and over the years I have found different times in my life that I gravitate towards soy more often. For instance, while I was pregnant I really craved the soft textures that organic tofu and soy offered. If you don’t have a soy allergy and want to incorporate it into your diet, this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe is a great way to do so. 

Bountiful Corn

To spruce up this salad don’t forget to add in your favorite variety of organic corn. When making this recipe, I like to use organic, raw, sweet, corn at it’s bounty. You can certainly enjoy it cooked if you prefer. But you may be surprised how delicious raw corn tastes when enjoyed at its freshest state. Seek out fresh organic corn from a local farmers market to really enjoy the rich taste of this veggie. Plus you will find that corn has a lot of fiber and natural enzymes in it’s the raw state.

When we enjoy veggies raw we actually preserve more of their vitamin, minerals and enzymes. In corn, for instance, this is especially true for vitamin C. And vitamin C is one that we all can benefit from these days. Immunity boost, anyone? Yes, please! Enjoy this Simple Cucumber Salad to help build your body’s natural resistance to disease and boost your inner glow!

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Okay Beauty, its time I let you get to making this Simple Cucumber Salad recipe.

I know you are going to love it! Be sure to tag me in your Instagram creations so I can see how your salad turns out. And if you are on Pinterest, use the picture above to pin to your boards and share it with all your friends. 

Sending you so much love Beauty!

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Simple Cucumber Salad
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 2 large cucumbers, thinly cut into half-moons
  • 1 large carrot, thinly cut into half-moons
  • ½ cup shelled edamame
  • ½ cup of corn
  • Dressing Ingredients
  • 2 Tbs. sesame oil
  • 1 Tbs. rice vinegar
  • 1 Tbs. liquid aminos
  • 1½ inch freshly grated ginger
  1. Toss quinoa, cucumber, carrot, edamame and corn into a large serving bowl.
  2. Place all dressing ingredients into a jar and shake until well blended.
  3. Pour dressing over salad ingredients and toss until combined. Serve and enjoy!