In my work as a nutritionist — working with people all over the world, including many numerous celebrities — I can say that the importance of digestive balance cannot be overstated.

You are not what you eat. Rather, you are what you digest. The power and efficiency of your body’s digestive process affects how much nutrition ultimately reaches your cells, your energy levels, aging, appearance, and pretty much everything in your body.

Knowing and experiencing this, I have always been researching and seeking out ways to naturally improve digestion at a core level.

Where My Search Lead Me

In researching digestive health, I kept coming across the importance of probiotics (the scientific word for friendly or beneficial bacteria).

But it got really interested as I began investigating all the different types of probiotics out there — and which are most helpful.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog or books, you know I’m a fan of cultured foods — which contain probiotics such as l. plantarum, that can aid your intestinal balance, among other things.

However, one thing I also discovered is that these types of probiotics — indeed nearly all the popular forms being marketed — are not actually the most important ones.

Getting Back to Nature

eating from the garden

Whenever I have a health question, I always ask myself, “How does this work in nature?” And I go from there…

In the case of probiotics, it turns out that nature has a perfect solution for probiotics — and it’s found in the soil.

(No, I don’t recommend you go out and eat dirt! More on this in a moment.)

Just imagine being alive 3,000 years ago. One of your food sources would be wild plant leaves and fruits grown natively in your area. You would pick them, and then eat.

And on the surface of those fruits and vegetables, there are natural, invisible probiotics — called Soil-Based Organisms.

Now, fast forward to today. If you had your own organic garden or fruit trees, you would walk out and perhaps pick and apple off the tree — or a piece of lettuce — and just eat. It’s what we were designed to do and have been doing for thousands of years.

Modern Food Sterilization, Processing And Additives Haven’t Helped

wild berriesUnfortunately, many of us no longer consume wild fruits and vegetables — nor do we typically have our own organic gardens.

And to make matters worse, we’ve often grown up being fed foods with additives, toxins, antibiotics and other unnatural substances that actually kill off beneficial bacteria inside us.

That has led to a situation where many people — even those who eat healthy — suffer some sort of digestive or health issue related to imbalance in intestinal flora.

Everyone reacts differently. For some, it may be acne — for others it could be bloating or indigestion after meals. Low energy, brittle hair, dry skin… the list of effects is extensive and depends on the person.

Seeing all this, and the fact that most probiotics being sold did not reflect what’s found in nature — I worked to create my own…


Of course, if you’re like most health-conscious individuals, you’ve likely heard of or tried probiotic supplements before.

Yet Probiotics is different in some very key ways:

As I mentioned earlier based on something called Soil-Based Organisms (SBO’s) that are organically cultured in optimal conditions to represent healthy, pristine soil…

organic garden

SBO’s are what we’d normally find in nature–when eating organic food from your garden, or a berry in the wild–they are mother nature’s first digestive and immune system aid…

No, there is no “soil” in Probiotics — instead, we’ve partnered with an organic, vegan, non-GMO manufacturer who has discovered a way to take specific SBO strains found in nature — and then culture/produce them in a pure way.

Our SBO’s are dried and “dormant” until they safely pass through the digestive process and then become activated in the presence of moisture.

Specifically, the SBO’s in Probiotics can aggressively work against pathogens–helping reduce or eliminate yeast, molds and other unfriendly bacteria (including candida issues!)…

While also paving the way for the proliferation of a variety of friendly flora, so that your digestion may become stronger, more robust and balanced.

This means that bloating and puffiness can go down, while your ability to digest and break down food into beautifying nutrition goes UP.

Probiotics has the most complete spectrum–29 different SBO strains, plus 2 other key probiotic strains that you’d find normally in cultured veggies…

Of course, you can read much more about it on this page:


labelI’ve researched this formula extensively… having it updated and developed especially for me and my readers. I see it as the perfect way to further enhance your digestion and all the beauty-benefits of this lifestyle.

As you probably know, I’m NOT a believer in magic creams or potions or even some specific miracle nutrient that is supposed to transform you.

Probiotics  is different in that it’s a powerful way to further balance one of the most foundational processes in your body–DIGESTION–so that everything else in your body works better.

Because when you re-balance your digestion–your skin begins to glow more.. your hair thickens and shines… your eyes brighten… your tummy flattens… you have more energy… even your brain works better.

***WE are currently only accepting orders within the United States. ***

A Quick Note About Value and Price

Probiotics retails for $49 per bottle.

That may seem a tad pricey, but I assure you, when compared to other products or supplements — it’s actually quite reasonable. Here’s why:

1) While there are a few other products with some Soil-Based Micro-Organisms (SBO’s)–no other product has 29 strains in this precise ratio, designed to reflect what’s found in pristine natural conditions. Many of these probiotic strains and the overall composition of this formula have never existed before in any product. Perfecting Probiotics not only took a tremendous amount of R&D by myself and our manufacturing partners, but going forward, it’s also extremely challenging to produce in such a pure way that meets my exacting standards. This leads to the next point…

2) To maintain its incredible purity, Probiotics  can only produced in very small batches. It’s not ever a product that will be inexpensively massed produced, as that would lessen the quality and benefit. Which is something I would never accept.

3) The right digestive probiotic, with the right compositional balance, is arguably more “foundational” and crucial than any other nutritional supplement. That’s because, by enhancing digestion and aiding in nutrient assimilation–you’re able to extract much more from every dollar you spend on healthy/organic food. I personally believe taking a probiotic supplement comes before other isolated nutrients, “superfoods” or even a quality multi-vitamin. And with the growing connection between gut health and things like brain function and immunity–the importance of probiotics cannot possibly be overstated.

4) While developing this product, I spent quite a bit of time researching how probiotics are made, the costs, and what those products actually deliver. What I discovered was eye-opening. For now, let me just say that there are other brands that cost upwards of $60+ and still don’t deliver all the benefits that are possible with the unique SBO strains found in Probiotics.


In Total Alignment With My Books, Blog and Beauty Detox Principles

Even though it goes without saying, I want to clarify a few more very important things about Probiotics.

– The formula is vegan/vegetarian, non-GMO and 100% natural. I would never produce a product that included animal products or impurities of any kind — I will always stand by the beliefs I teach and live according to. Probiotics contains NO milk, egg, fish, shellfish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn or preservatives.

– It’s very easy to take. Just two capsules in the morning before breakfast or lunch, and that’s it. Some people choose to take one capsule in the am and pm, but either way, just take two capsules daily (each bottle contains 60 caps — which is a month supply).

– There is no “soil” in the product. Our manufacturing partner found a way to obtain strains of these critical SBO’s from nature, and then grow/dry them using a natural process that retains their purity. The end result is a product that gives you one of the big benefit of eating pure, wild, unwashed fruits and vegetables every day.

– Other products may have a few SBO’s, but no others we know of have this extensive composition, in this potency. This is why there is such potential to improve your digestion, look better, feel better and truly accelerate your health transformation with Probiotics.

Again, there’s much more I could say — but that’s why we created this detailed information page for you:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post — and if you do try out the product, I’m confident you’ll find it to be well worth the wait.

Thanks so much for listening and being part of this community.

From my heart,