In today’s VLOG I wanted to share with you 5 Essential Vitamins For Overall Wellness! These are really important for our vitality, our energy, and our beauty.

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Hi Beauties,

I want to talk about some essential vitamins today that are really important for our wellness overall, our vitality, our energy, our beauty. Sometimes, we hear about these vitamins but we’re not really sure what they do or how to get them, the proper sources, so I want to cover that today in our VLOG.

#1 Betacarotene

The first one I wanna talk about is betacarotene, which converts into vitamin A in our bodies. Now, what’s great about this process is that if we are eating betacarotene and it’s converting, we can’t really overeat. We can’t get toxic dosages of vitamin A if we take a ton of this supplement because our bodies will only convert what we need.

And what’s so great about betacarotene is it helps with healthy cell overturn. It helps to keep our skin really, really healthy. It helps our tissues, all the cells in our body regenerate. It’s a very important vitamin. And we can look for vitamin A through betacarotene from really bright foods.

Bright orange foods, which are already part of Beauty Detox. Things like sweet potatoes, carrots, papaya, cantaloupe — all are bright and a great indicator for a good source of betacarotene.

#2 Vitamin D

Now, the next vitamin that I want to talk about is vitamin D. Vitamin D is also actually a hormone but we call it a vitamin. People think of vitamin D, and they think, “Oh my gosh. I’m gonna get that fortified milk.”

But I’ve spoken time and time again about the detriments of dairy because dairy isn’t designed for absorption and digestion by humans. I really recommend that you cut dairy out of your life. Just give yourself a test.

Notice if you give up dairy for two weeks what happens to your energy. What happens to your clarity, your moods, and your skin. It can just make a world of difference and there are so many amazing milk alternatives now like almond milk and hemp milk.

I want to say vitamin D is really important for the absorption of calcium to make sure that we have strong healthy bones. It’s also important for us dealing with stress, with hormonal balance.

There’s a lot of important functions that vitamin D plays. We can get vitamin D just from walking outside. We don’t have to rely on the fortified dairy. We can walk outside and just get a couple minutes of sunshine on our limbs. We can protect our delicate facial skin with a hat and non-chemical sunscreen.

But we can get it right from the sun. We need to protect adequately and if we live in a place where there just isn’t sun for long periods or we tend to burn really easily, we can of course supplement with vitamin D.

It’s an important vitamin to get in. There are some plant food sources like mushrooms, but just to make sure we’re getting adequate levels. If we’re not getting enough sunshine, I do recommend supplementing with vitamin D.

#3 Vitamin K

The next vitamin I want to cover is vitamin K, which can be produced in our intestines. However, there are amazing food sources of Vitamin K as well, and Vitamin K helps when we’re injured.

It helps for the blood to clot. It helps with calcium absorption and prevents calcification in the soft tissues as well. It is an important vitamin all around.

Food sources of Vitamin K include avocados, lots of dark leafy greens, cabbage, kale and chard. All these different greens are very important to get Vitamin K.

#4 Vitamin C

The next vitamin we’re going to cover is my favorite vitamin if I had to pick one, and that’s Vitamin C. Vitamin C is so amazing for so many different reasons. It’s a protective antioxidant vitamin. This vitamin helps to protect us, keeping us really healthy and our vitality high. It helps protective our collagen from being degraded.

It’s such an amazing vitamin, and what’s great is when we’re having this Glowing Green Smoothie®, we’re getting Vitamin C in spades. Dark leafy greens, romaine lettuce, parsley, all these amazing vegetables have Vitamin C naturally. It is heat sensitive, so having it raw in the Glowing Green Smoothie® is going to help.

Lemon juice has it, so having that in your Glowing Green Smoothie®, as well as all these beautiful fruits will benefit you. I always encourage rotating everything from pear, to apple, berries, mangoes and pineapple. There are so many amazing sources of Vitamin C.

Stick to your veggies. Have your raw salads and you will get tons of Vitamin C, which is an amazing anti-aging and vitality boosting vitamin.

#5 Vitamin B-12

And finally, I want to talk about vitamin B-12. This is important for really protecting and nourishing our central nervous system and for fighting against fatigue. When we’re lacking in B-12, we can have vision issues. There’s a lot of different issues that crop up with the lack of B-12.

If you are vegan, fully plant based, you do want to make sure that you are supplementing your B-12 as an insurance policy. Now I also want to say that just because you’re eating meat doesn’t mean you’re not deficient in B-12. There’s different reasons that we don’t necessarily absorb it.

So food sources of B-12 include nutritional yeast, spirulina and different forms of algae. I do have nutritional yeast very often, almost on a daily basis.

Again, for insurance, especially if you’re fully plant based, it can be a good idea to supplement with B-12 and just to make sure that you’re getting it in your diet. If you are pregnant or nursing, make sure that you take a prenatal with B-12.

In Closing

I hope this was really helpful. We did a little bit of a class here on some different vitamins. The overall gist is just by following Beauty Detox, having your Glowing Green Smoothie® every day. Having lots of different veggies and eating a variety of plant foods, you’re going to naturally get these vitamins in your system.

It’s important to be outside. Go grounding, go earthing, play outside, move outside, get some Vitamin D. If not, supplement with Vitamin D, and the other one we need to think about supplementing with is B-12.

Otherwise, just live the life. Take great care of yourself. Take deep breaths. Meditate and eat health foods. Remember, you are so deserving. You are so amazing to give yourself this amazing nutrition, and to support your unique, amazing energy in the world.

Thank you so much for tuning in and for being part of the community. It means the world to me. I’m so happy for us to connect and to support each other. I send you lots of love!

Be well, and I’ll see you back here very soon.